Hyosung Good Night Kiss Feature
Living angel Hyosung has made the brave and courageous decision to give the Korean public something else to focus on besides the Sewol ferry disaster (as they’ve repeatedly requested for weeks now) by making her solo debut on May 12, as originally scheduled.

The world’s most beautiful and adorable woman shows off the unique sides of her personality in the official teaser photos for her 3-track solo single, Top Secret. In one photo, she reveals a weird and damaged version of her bright and innocent charm from SECRET classics like “I Do I Do” and “Shy Boy,” while the other photo showcases a dark and mysterious style that captures the spirit of “Talk That.”

Since Duble Sidekick is behind Hyosung’s album, should we just assume that Hyo is doing another generic sad ‘n’ sexy K-pop concept? Please god, YES.

By the way, Hyo’s lead single is called “Goodnight Kiss,” which is such an Amazinger title that it already confirms that it’s going to be the best song of May (or possibly all of 2014, as long as SECRET doesn’t make a comeback before Christmas).

  1. 여자를 몰라 {You Don’t Know Women} (Feat.제이켠 J’Kyun)
  2. Good-night Kiss
  3. 밤이 싫어요 {I Hate The Night}

That’s the tracklist. Ji Eun’s 3-track solo single was all kinds of perfect, so I’m confident that Top Secret will do its thing and heal the nation.

Hyo’s coming for a mutizen since she’ll be one of the first idols to make a comeback post-Sewol. She’s gonna rob an empty house and snatch up more success than she’d get if she came back normally… QUEEN.

Top Secret

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  • JammySmoochie

    Yes! Only Hyosung could pull off this bipolar concept of innocent and sexy. I hope she’ll make bigger waves than Ji Eun (because her latest solo was undeservedly snubbed).

  • Nicole Naeun

    Is her album title trying to say that she’s the “TOP/No.1/First” in SECRET? Well, she needs to prove it first because Jieun’s music is flawless and definitely something hard to top. But I’m feeling these teasers, can’t wait for May 12!

    • Haha nah, “top secret” just means something is really secret. If you made a plan you didn’t want anybody else to know you’d say it’s top secret.

      • Nicole Naeun

        LMAO I know what “Top Secret” literally means, but there’s always two sides to a story, same with the meanings to this title…

  • ZeeHang

    I’m excited! But Idk… Wheesung will release his mini-album on May 12th too. So Hyosung should really come with a very well-received song by the public.

  • KingBeaArthur

    All ya’ll hyping up Jieun & Hyosung! We all know Hana Burger is the one and only true star of Secret!!!!

    Can’t wait for the 12th ^-^