Hyosung GNA Secret
After a month of tragedy and mourning, the K-pop industry is finally back in action as of this week. We already saw EXO aka EXCREMENT aka EXZzzzzzz release “Overdose (On Valium),” as well as the return of plastic vocal goddess Baek Ji Young to remind us all that she’s the only K-diva in the game that can make a by-the-numbers K-drama ballad sound amazing. Things are about to get even better on May 12 when two junior K-divas, SECRET’s Hyosung and nothing’s Flop.NA, go head-to-head on the charts with their new singles.

Both ladies dropped their official music video teasers today, and they’re fucking flawless. Well, one of them is — the other one, not so much.

Flop.NA’s teaser looks like Cube couldn’t be fucked putting any effort into her after the stunning “Oops!” tanked, so they just went and reused A Pink’s “My My” set and called it a day. I should also mention that the song’s title seems to have been changed from “Pretty Lingerie” to the boring “G.NA’s Secret,” which is clearly a calculated move from Cube to get Flop.NA’s song in the search rankings since come May 12 every man in Korea will be punching “secret hyosung” into Nate and Naver.

While Flop.NA’s teaser is a bust, Hyosung’s teaser takes you on an erotic journey through a mysterious land of sensuality and hedonism where all your innermost desires will be unleashed. Hyo also flashes her big boobs and kisses somebody with a gigantic diamond in her mouth, which alone is enough to guarantee her the No. 1 slot on next year’s FHM top 100.

Hyosung 02Hyosung 01

Having G.NA and Hyosung release new songs on the same day is even more fun when you remember that they both started off in the same group together. As we know, the legendary Five Girls disbanded before debut, leaving Flop.NA to go on as a guilty pleasure pop star that you only stan for in secret and publicly like ironically, while Hyosung went on to join one of the greatest Korean girl groups of all time and become the nation’s No. 1 sexy icon.

It is what it is.