T-ara Gossip Girls
Before Jiyeon redefines K-pop as we know it with her solo debut on May 20, T-ara –aka the third most successful and No. 1 most beautiful and talented Korean girl group in Japan– will release their latest J-pop album, Gossip Girls, on May 16.

Unlike their past Japanese releases, which were mostly filled with previously-released material and poorly translated versions of their Korean hits, Gossip Girls actually contains FIVE brand new never-been-heard-before songs.

Two of them have already been revealed in some super cheap behind-the-scenes videos on Youtube, and they both sound AMAZING. And by amazing I mean amazing if you’re into outdated low budget electro-pop sung by Asia’s most talked about girl group, which I’m assuming all of you are.

When T-ara namedrop themselves in my new personal anthem “Lucky Wannabeee!,” it’s like I finally understand my purpose in life, and hearing Eunjung sing in her aegyo voice for “Just Now!” is like crack for my ears.

Bless yourself below.