GRL iHeartRadio
When I saw that Robin Antin’s girl group G.R.L. looked like THIS at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, I was all like, “Really, girl?

This is some Girlicious-level trash. And where’s the fierce chocolate sister at? She was the prettiest and most talented member, and the only one that looked even remotely like an actual star. I hope she quit to pursue a solo career and wasn’t ‘let go’ by Robin for being too ‘urban’ like Tiffanie was.

To make up for soiling your eyes with this ghastly image of G.R.L., I’ve got some photos of Korea’s finest to remind you what true class is.

Looking pretty doesn’t mean you have to dress like a burned-out 40-year-old Vegas stripper turning tricks to support your drug habit. Cute and casual works just fine sometimes.


Let’s find these yankee bitches something tasteful to wear.

Secret 02

Chic c’est la viec’est bonc’est bon.”


Seohyun girl, look at those ahjummas working the red carpet like a strip club… LMAO!

Tiffany Seohyun 01

Sooyoung hunty, Tiffany just showed me these American whores and they were straight NASTY.


All-white ensembles to reflect our virginity, purity, and innocence.

Secret Zinger 01

Oh hai.

Nine Muses 01

Erryday, Girl’s Day! Not G.R.L.’s day.

Girl`s Day in Shanghai

I won’t let that abhorrent G.R.L. rain on my parade, hehe.

Sulli 01

Go away.

Nana 01

I told you to leave me alone! Stop comparing me to those hoes!

Nana 02