Crystal Kay Rule Your World
Tired of tanking in Japan, Crystal Kay has been trying to make her career happen in the States since last year. I haven’t been following her every move but I have been casually observing her American exploits from a distance. I know that she dropped that “Dum Ditty Dumb” song, followed it up with the corny “Busy Doing Nothing” that sounded like something a Nickelodeon kid would release, and showed up to a Grammy after party in an amazing dress.

Her latest single, “Rule Your World,” hit iTunes and Spotify today, and it’s surprisingly better than I expected. A lush pre-chorus and outro along with a Japanese rap break that belongs in an Avril Lavigne “Hello Kitty” remix makes “Rule Your World” a little more than just your standard by-the-numbers hip-hop jam. An electric guitar riff aims for Miguel and Prince level sensuality but fails, but I still appreciate that she tried.

Not a bad effort, but I just wish she’d re-do “Konya wa No.1” in English with a little touch up to the production instead. You know it’d slay.