Amiaya Icon
It’s been a while since we’ve heard any new music from professional fashionistas turned occasional singers AMIAYA — 9 months, to be exact. That’s when their last single, the amazing double A-side “Star Line/DIO,” dropped — and presumably flopped since the sister act still don’t even have their own Generasia page yet. Now they need a new song to play when they’re making celebrity DJ appearances in clubs across Japan, so they finally came out with a new digital single called “Icon (#Youricon Version)” earlier this month.

To my knowledge, there isn’t a regular version of “Icon (#Youricon Version),” but I must admit that adding the whole hashtag and brackets bit is just as cool as it is superfluous.

Anyway, I imagine that if I were a hip gay Japanese twink heading out for a night on the town, “Icon” is the kind of song I’d want to hear on the dance floor. Heavy electro beats, squeaky commands to “keep on moving,” and fag-friendly phrases about shopping, credit cards, and selfies make up the meat of “Icon.” What more could one want?

While the music is a match for the gays, AMIAYA have also made sure to cater to the pedos and creepy otakus too by pairing “Icon” with a behind-the-scenes video of their almost-incestuous new photobook, Twins. AMIAYA truly have something for everyone.

There’s a second song featured in the video, which is probably their next single, “FAIRY SONG,” which drops May 21.

Check ’em out below.