Tokyo Girls' Style Jujika
I have to admit that I was a little pissed when BABYMETAL blew up online and everybody suddenly jumped on the BABYMETAL bandwagon. I’ve been listening to those rockin’ brats for years, but refrained from posting them because I figured that whoever reads my site just wouldn’t get it (you know, back when I somewhat gave a fuck about this blog). Now they’re huge and I missed out on doing that whole I TOLD YOU SO thing that I totally live for. I consoled myself by thinking that at least I’ll get bragging rights if Tokyo Girls’ Style ever becomes a Buzzfeed meme, but after pondering it further I thought fuck that — I want to keep them all to myself!

I’ll open the doors to the official TGS stan club to a few of you heathens, but that’s it. For the time being, Japan’s best girl group can remain J-pop’s best kept secret (at least to international J-pop listeners, who ignorantly dragged the flawlesss fivesome in the comment section of Asian Junkie).

As Japan’s most talented adolescents, it’s no surprise that TGS are coming for Teen Choice Awards by making their acting debut in some low budget horror movie sequel. The teaser trailer alone surpasses The Ring, The Grudge, Dark Water, and Audition combined, but it’s the film’s tie-in single, “Jujika,” that’s really captured my beating heart.

It didn’t grab me at first, but then when I realized that it sounds almost exactly like DiVA’s dramatic anime-pop flops, I was hooked. I couldn’t find out who the producer of “Jujika” is, but I’m quite sure it’s one of the DiVA hitmakers considering how similar it sounds to songs like “Tsuki no Uragawa,” and if memory serves me correctly, both groups have shared the same producer in the past.

There’s a dark melodrama at play in “Jujika” that stops the generally formulaic production from feeling lazy. The sinister strings at the start add a creepy edge of horror-pop to the whole affair, but they should’ve been used more than just briefly in the intro and the bridge. (I’ve searched high and low on YouTube trying to identify exactly what instrument it is, but couldn’t pick it.) It’s obviously not the greatest TGS single ever released, but it’s FAR from being anywhere near the worst.

Keeping in line with the scary movie feel, the girls have gone all Lolita Goth for the music video, with a whole lotta Christian crap heaped on top. Perhaps if I understood the lyrics I’d know what the scenes of TGS being crucified, chained up, and chased by some kind of masked Minotaur mean, but since I don’t, I’ll just say that I like the cool dancing. Like hello, they’re doing choreography in black lace gowns with giant crosses on the back — Lady Gaga in “Judas” could never.

In other news, TGS will release their fourth studio album, the fantastically-titled Killing Me Softly, in June. I think it’ll be a bit hit and miss since the group’s had a few weak singles this era, but I’m still excited and keeping my fingers crossed for another “Fate,” “Partition Love,” or just anything Royal Mirrorball-ish.

On a completely unrelated note, I now love, but not as much as Tokyo Girls’ Style.

Tokyo Girls' Style Juujika