Jiyeon 7
While Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon savagely beats her friends to death and Hyuna disrespects her esteemed sunbaes on national television, T-ara goddess Jiyeon has been diligently preparing to make her official solo debut on April 30.

The 20-year-old beauty –who was recently named the most beloved idol by young children— shows a unique never-been-done-before concept in the teaser image for her upcoming Duble Sidekick-produced solo single.

Rather than simply going barefoot like street beggar Sunmi, Jiyeon has brought pure elegance and sophistication to the barefoot style first made famous by Ga-In by wearing soft pink ankle warmers secured by mandarin ribbons.

Speaking about Jiyeon’s classy and alluring solo debut, Core Contents Media revealed, “Jiyeon’s solo concept is sexy and will be similar to Park Jiyoon’s “Coming of Age Ceremony”, but with a modern 2014-esque twist. As she prepares for her first solo promotions, she has been putting her all into preparing and ended up losing 5kg (11lbs).

As we all know, Girl’s Day actually did Park Ji Yoon’s “Coming of Age Ceremony” with a modern 2014-esque twist for their smash single, “Something,” but I’m sure Jiyeon will twist it even further into something so spectacular that it will cement her as the Lee Hyori of our generation.

However, let us not forget who really owns the throne.

[Via Tiara Diadem]