Hyosung Solo Feature

My No. 2 female bias in all of K-pop after Narsha –the one and only sex symbol, actress, singer, dancer, model, cheerleader, princess, angel, icon, Beyonce slayer, ullzang, motorcycle, yo-yo dieter, Kikwang jump-off, gummy smiler, Dazzling Red diva, Korean Kate Upton, and ilbe goddess known as HYOSUNG– is going solo!

I can’t believe this unworthy unholy nation of soulless sinners is about to be blessed with this beautiful gift from SECRET!

Hyosung Gif

Hyosung’s solo will be produced by Duble Sidekick, who did Girl’s Day’s “Something,” SISTAR’s “Give It To Me,” and is behind Jiyeon’s upcoming album.

Back when I listened to lots of Western pop I absolutely despised folk like RedOne recycling all their beats, but when it comes to K-pop I just can’t get enough of it. I want to BATHE in identical-sounding Brave Brothers and Duble Sidekick songs until the day I die. (Which will be as soon as Jiyeon and Hyosung’s singles drop and slay me to death.)

I know some people are concerned about Hyosung’s move to finally snatch her crown as the Beyonce/Diana Ross of K-pop, but I know that this solo debut will be utterly perfect for three reasons:

1) Hyosung is amazing and everything she does is flawless.

2) SECRET’s amazing and everything they do is flawless.

3) Song Jieun already went solo and it was flawless.

There’s no release date forĀ Her Name Is Hyosung… just yet, but it probably won’t be out until mid-May at the very earliest. Hopefully it won’t overlap with Jiyeon too much, because I really don’t want to be forced to choose between my faves like that one time in late 2011 when Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, SECRET, and T-ara all made comebacks at once.

I’ve been a bit bored of K-pop the past month or two but things are about to get real slayworthy. K-diva madness with Jiyeon, Hyosung, IU, and Hyomin, and then G.NA’s next desperate flop comeback to laugh at… yass!

  • talinekae

    I’d be more excited if hyosung looked more like she used to and less like she does now. Still pressed she got her eyes done.

  • Dhruv Angrup

    full moon was produced by brave brothers but at the same time i can understand why you made that mistake :D :D

    • Lmao of course, IDK why I wrote that because even the start is JYP AND BRAVE COLLABORATION.

      They all sound so similar now it’s so hard to distinguish between songs and producers

  • Db


    YESSS!!!! Please let this be a sexy concept and none of that Yoo Hoo, I Do I Do drivel.

    • Nicole Naeun

      Flawless boobs, Flop.Na & NS Flop-G wish they could have them!

      • Db

        You know that jiggle is all natural!

  • JammySmoochie

    Jiyeon better stitch that wig properly. Because Hyosung, without a doubt, will deliver the goods. I just hope she goes full-on sexy-fierce because only a Secret member can do that best.

  • T-ara the best

    secret is great . like their music

  • Chlyde

    Jacques, get ready for the slayage. Hyosung’s solo album will come on May 12th. ;D

    “also, new commenter here. I love your blog so much because it has so much sass that I appreciate. Thanks again for introducing me to TinaSLAY aka Tinashe. Her mixtapes were amazing.”

  • KingBeaArthur

    “3) Song Jieun already went solo and it was flawless.” … *coughs*

    I’m more excited for Hyosung & Hyomin than I am for Jiyeon!

  • IU’s making a comeback?! *___*

    now that i think about it, i’m pretty excited to see what TS ent. will cook up for hyosung… you mentioned diana ross and i had this vision of her on a HUGE full ross wig posing all sexy and tense under the discolights and i already have my lesbian feels popping out!

  • Nicole Naeun


    All these solo comebacks are so exciting! Hyomin needs to announce her’s asap, Starship needs to push back Sistar’s comeback and make another Hyorin solo, put Ailee’s and Sunmi’s too and bam! it’s world war 3. I wish I could control all agencies and play with them!

  • Vanderwaal

    Let’s pray to her boobs that this becomes a big hit and help Secret stay relevant there. :D Also their next comeback better be a hit, and I wouldn’t mind at all if it was a sexy concept again, though I don’t think they’ll release a sexy comeback until 2015. -.-