Jiyeon Coming of Age Ceremony
After single-handedly reinventing ballet with her leg-warmers-and-ribbons solo teaser, Park Ji-yeon continued her quest to snatch Park Ji-yoon’s wig today by revealing some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from her music video or album shoot or whatever the hell she was doing.

What’s most clear from the photos is that Jiyeon wasn’t fucking kidding when she said she was basically doing “Coming of Age Ceremony” with a “modern 2014-esque twist.” It appears that she may have jacked Ji Yoon’s ceremonial black dress, and if you squint closely at the smaller photos, she’s putting her own spin on Ji Yoon’s turn-of-the-millennium moussed-and-twisted hairstyle.

Girl’s Day could never.

Jiyeon Coming of Age Ceremony 01

Jiyeon Coming of Age Ceremony 02

  • Steve

    She is just excellent. My body is ready!

  • JustJam

    I hope she gets appointed as T-ARA’s new leader when they make a comeback later this year.

    • Daehyun_fag

      They already announced Q-ri as this year’s leader

  • Nicole Naeun

    At the end of the day, it’s the song that determines the success. Jiyeon (and by Jiyeon I mean CCM) badly needs a killer public-friendly song right now. The PJY homage thing will surely give her lots of publicity, but I will not assure her chart perfomance. We can see Crayon Pop case here, lots of publicity for Uh-ee yet it’s underperforming. I really want the song to be original, but if it isn’t, please let it be at least as good as Something.

    And I hope Jiyeon and Hyomin’s debuts are success, cause I feel like this is the turning point of CCM (whether they will quit or stay in the industry). They invested so much on these two projects, esp compared to SPEED’s low-budgeted recent comebacks. So I really hope they both find success and we can have another T-ara comeback!

    • I agree.

      But “Uh-Ee” isn’t under-performing that much. Crayon Pop’s songs actually always start out slow but they get longevity. That’s what happened to Dancing Queen, Bar Bar Bar, and Lonely Christmas (all to varying degrees).

    • justpassingby

      I don’t see any reason to bring Crayon Pop into this, cos Chrome’s marketing strategy is totally different from CCM.

  • ByronZ

    I simply love her!!! <3

  • 7amdowh

    Beautiful <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love her !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fighting babe <3 <3

  • t-errorist

    The white top pics…


    • Riley Biers

      Omfg lmfaooooo!!!!

  • CaoNiMa

    i want her !! she looks so sexy