Jiyeon Coming of Age Ceremony
After single-handedly reinventing ballet with her leg-warmers-and-ribbons solo teaser, Park Ji-yeon continued her quest to snatch Park Ji-yoon’s wig today by revealing some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from her music video or album shoot or whatever the hell she was doing.

What’s most clear from the photos is that Jiyeon wasn’t fucking kidding when she said she was basically doing “Coming of Age Ceremony” with a “modern 2014-esque twist.” It appears that she may have jacked Ji Yoon’s ceremonial black dress, and if you squint closely at the smaller photos, she’s putting her own spin on Ji Yoon’s turn-of-the-millennium moussed-and-twisted hairstyle.

Girl’s Day could never.

Jiyeon Coming of Age Ceremony 01

Jiyeon Coming of Age Ceremony 02