Jiyeon Hyosung
The Korean entertainment industry has come to a halt since the tragic ferry disaster, and all the comebacks and solo debuts I was looking forward to have understandably been pushed back. That means that the scheduled promotional plans for countless K-pop artists have gone to hell, and over the past week Hyosung, Jiyeon, and G.NA have all had sexy photoshoots that were supposed to coincide with their respective comebacks released through various magazines.

Since G.NA’s an irrelevant try-hard that nobody cares about (I actually secretly STAN for her but pretend to hate her publicly because she’s so embarrassing), I’m just gonna post Jiyeon’s and Hyosung’s hot spreads.

As you can see, Hyosung is the world’s most stunning/beautiful/majestic/god-like beauty, while Jiyeon is an icy bad bitch that surpasses almost every other non-Hyosung idol in the industry.

While we’re on the subject of Jiyeon, I have something kind of awkward to tell y’all. You know her upcoming “1 min, 1 sec” music video? Yeah, well, it contained scenes of her soaking wet, dancing in the rain, and surrounded by WATER. Considering how it may be seen as insensitive to release something like this after hundreds of people just drowned to death in one of the saddest and most horrific ways possible, the watery scenes have now been removed from the music video.

Jiyeon’s album is rumoured to have been pushed back two months to June 30, but I’m sure the ferry disaster will still be fresh in the public’s minds at that point, so MV deletion was the only way to go. Plus, you just know netizens and the media will be waiting to hate on a member of T-ara for anything they can possibly find, and a big watery music video would certainly provide some major fuel for the fire. Come to think of it, Jiyeon should just re-shoot the entire video in the middle of the desert as far away from any kind of liquid as possible — just to be safe.

Funny enough, Jiyeon recently revealed in her Arena Homme interview that it was her agency’s idea to do the “dancing in the rain with minimal clothes” concept, and that she wanted to go for a cool, gender-neutral like Kahi’s “It’s Me,” which she mentioned was her favourite comeback of 2013.

And here I was thinking I was the only one that stanned the fuck out of Kahi’s underrated masterpiece.  

As much as I was looking forward to Jiyeon getting wet ‘n’ wild, I wouldn’t say no to her serving Kahi unnie realness.

Also, I bet CCM is really wishing they had listened to her about the solo concept now.

You can check out Hyosung’s full photoshoots here and here, and Jiyeon’s over here.

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