Avril Lavigne Hello Kitty Music Video
With over 172,000 copies sold in Japan so far, Avril Lavigne’s self-titled album has sold more in The Land Of The AKB48 than it has in America. This is just further proof of Japan’s exquisite taste in music, which was also demonstrated by the strong reception to the flawless hot ass fucking mess that is ARTFLOP.

To repay the Japanese people for their loyalty, Avril has released a music video for that strange Catwoman-quoting song about her pussy, “Hello Kitty.”

Looking like the sexy lovechild of Barbie and Skrillex that grew up to become a Japanese hooker, Avril basically spends the whole video trotting around Tokyo and getting drunk on sake.

It’s so fucking great. The low budget, stop motion-y whatever effects, and complete lack of plot are perfection. The only thing that could possibly make this any better is if it was an official remix starring and featuring Miley Cyrus.

You can watch “Hello Kitty” in HQ over at Avrilegend’s official website, because clearly she’s too cool for VEVO premieres. Otherwise, there’s a shitty illegal Youtube rip below.

Update: “Hello Kitty” has finally made its way to VEVO.

  • byoing~byoing.

    First of all #DEAD for her swaggerjacking Dida Ritz’s horrid runway look from episode 5 of RPDR:

    It’s like Hollaback girl meets Harajuku explosions of glittery vomit and I fuckin’ love it. 10/10 – all bow to the new kween of diplomatic relations!

    • Josh Chinnery

      “It’s like Hollaback girl meets Harajuku explosions of glittery vomit and I fuckin’ love it.”

      90000% this

  • Memo Memz

    Avril, stop making American-targeted music and go J/K-Pop

    • Johnnyyy

      That’d be so fucking awesome! She could become the next Ayumi, Kumi or Namie *_*

  • Josh Chinnery

    “The only thing that could possibly make this any better is if it was an official remix starring and featuring Miley Cyrus.”



    *ahem* Avril’s new look is growing on me, though. To me, she looks like a cross in-between Tommy February6 and Kerli… And now that I think about it, an Avril x Tommy collab (in either of her crazy personas) would serve me such life.

    • BadB*tch

      I think she looks like one of those pretentious hipster lesbians you wanna punch in the vagine

      • Josh Chinnery

        Yeah… By the third watching of this M/V, le me realized that this shit should have never been released XD

  • Vanderwaal

    That “Dara” hair though. xD But it’s the first single from her that I enjoyed ever since her Girlfriend days (that was the first song I loved from her, specially that ghetto remix with Lil Mama because everybody thought she was racist back then ._.), even if I would have preferred a remix with 2NE1 (wasn’t it already recorded?) to be released instead. Shame on them for flopping in Japan, or else it would have been released for sure.

  • SunnySoo

    Avril jumps on the racism train …

    • No_No_Nope

      There’s no racism here. Cultural appropriation, yes. But really, the amount of people hating on her and calling her a “whore” and a “disgusting old bitch” is just gross.

    • heart2heart

      Because it was ok when gwen stefani did it with her Harajuku girls but Avril can’t? Orange Caramel ate sushi in their video too, was that racist?
      Jesus christ. Pulling the racism card on everyone just for using stereotypes. Stereotypes seem to exist for a reason. I’ve never seen K-Pop stars get ANY shit for using Classic Americana in their videos (such as Secret with their 1950s Shy Boy concept, or even 9Muses with their surfer 60s Gun concept) – that’s ok! But God forbid anyone (read: any white person) use any other items of any other culture then that’s so horrible!!!

      • SunnySoo

        Yes the Gwen Stefani thing was really racist

  • Adriaan Hoekman

    What the….Just……Can’t….What?

  • UncleFan

    I love the song, but the video… What on earth is Avril *looking* at the whole time? Did the director tell her to stare at a point above his head like a friggin’ middle school yearbook photographer?

  • niyahhill

    Something must be wrong with y’all ears because that was horrible.

  • Johnnyyy

    Avril giving me dat Gee vibe <3

  • Superman

    Why do people call this racist? I’m completely confused. Isnt this like showing respect? Someone help my lost soul

    • bluesatellite

      People throw around the term “cultural appropriation” A LOT and I don’t get it – I’m Asian of Chinese/Japanese descendants and if a white pop star wants to appropriate MY culture(s) in a non-offensive way, I’m actually flattered. It’s not like people outside of America don’t appropriate the American culture (whatever that is), right? It’s always annoyed me to no end tbh

    • JustJam

      They are treating it like an “Alison Gold – Chinese Food” situation. They have no idea that she wrote this song for her Japanese fans because she’s big in Japan & Asia.

  • PowerWave

    I know Avril has good intentions and this is meant to be for the Japanese fans, but holy hell, this is terrible. This music video encompasses all of the Americanized ideals about Japan. And that’s not a good thing. It just further pushes the stereotype that the only things Japan has going for it, is it’s KAWAII SUPER CUTIE COLORFUL ASIAN GIRLS SUSHI stuff.

    Just because you use the word KAWAII and make a colorful video, doesn’t mean you understand Japan or the JPop scene. I’m not mad at Avril but it just aggravates me that a small piece of JPop culture leaks into the american mainstream and everything ends up something like this video: Using the word Kawaii, colorful backgrounds and emotionless asian backup dancers; basically the way the majority of america understands JPop culture. (Which isn’t even close to everything JPop has to offer)

    I think my ramblings stem from a deep desire to actually have a westernized popstar that actually ‘gets’ JPop culture and brings it over to a new audience and shows people that JPop is so much more than what most think it is. Someone who knows more about Japan than the Kawaii culture and is actually a JPop fan themselves. And I mean a REAL JPop fan, not “I listened to PONPONPON and it’s such a cute song! Japanese people are so cute!” type of fan. *dramatic eyeroll*


    • The thing is that this video isn’t even for the Western market. It was FOR Japan. It was Avril’s way of thanking her Japanese fans by tributing the most obvious and tacky parts of the culture (the song is called ‘Hello Kitty’ after all) in a fun and irreverent way. It’s not even for the Western market.

      Also, with people taking offence to the backup dancers, that’s what ALL backup dancers are like pretty much! Many all wear the same outfit are uniform. It’s not about them, it’s about the star.

      • PowerWave

        I understand what you’re saying but even if this was intended for Japan that won’t stop westerners from watching it. And even aside from all the westerner stuff, it looks tacky in a bad way. Whether this is satire or not this video is a misguided mess. I’m sorry but some people keep defending her as if she was ‘in’ on this joke of a video, but in actuality I don’t think she has a clue.

        • ST165

          From a western perspective, sure. But in reality, the Japanese managers and directors weren’t thinking about how westerners would perceive it, but rather as a video for Japan. Really, its a Japanese video with a white star made by Japanese people.

          • PowerWave

            I understand. I’m just upset because a lot of idiotic westerners are gonna watch it and this video will validate their stereotypical views of japan :(

  • iAmAwesome

    What a fucking Weeaboo! Lmao

  • LizzyG

    Ok, I’m having a hard time filing through my feelings on this song/video. I almost love it. I love the verses, I love the I guess it would be the pre-chorus. Then she says kawaii and it goes into that skrillex-like sound. Since when was Avril a raver? Sounds like something you’d need a molly to enjoy. I feel like it could have been a Kesha song very easily? Idk, 10 years ago that skrillex part would have been left out and this would be a top 10 hit everywhere. I hate everything about the 2010s trends, music included. Well, except southern gothic, yes I’m enjoying the rise of southern gothic (hey something had to fill the Evanescence void).

    As for the racism, idk I think you’d have to be real dumb to think that this video is all that Japan is. Anybody getting their education from an Avril video.. just get the fck back to school.

    Now, shall we discuss the hair? Yes, Cassie pulled it off.. and then dragged it on and on. Avril, you’re not pulling it off and it’s played. I’ll leave it at that.

    As for Miley, I’m sorry Proph, I usually support and agree with you but no.. just no. She is so damn corny. I’m sick of every one thinking otherwise. Her cornball flat ass does not deserve to be in the presence of Avril. Avril is simply too cool for that bird. So no it would not improve this.. this.. idk I still haven’t decided what this mess is yet. I love Avril but this is some kind of mess. Maybe a good one, like I said, I just don’t know yet. May forever be an unsolved mystery.