Eunjung Jiyeon 2014
If you’re a dickless T-ara hater that’s been rooting for their disbandment since July 2012, then please exit this post right now. It’s just a friendly warning from me to y’all, as I suspect that any T-antis will become suicidal upon reading about T-ara’s latest career achievements, and since I’m such a kind-hearted person who feels sympathy for even the lowest forms of life (i.e. T-antis), I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to anyone.

First of all, Eunjung –aka the Meryl Streep of Korea– is considering blessing us all with her acting talents by returning to the silver screen. The lesbonic beauty has been approached by some director to star in a new movie alongside her We Got Married babe of a husband Lee Jang-woo and trending hottie Son Ho-jun, who most people either know from his role on Reply 1994, his feature in T-ara’s legendary “Do You Know Me?” MV, or for his friendship with my baby daddy Yunho.

Should Eunjung choose to accept this role if she deems it worthy of her time and talent, then there’s no doubt that the film will become the biggest Korean box office sensation since The Thieves and Architecture 101. If you remember correctly, Eunjungie and Lee Jang-woo oppa were one of We Got Married’s most beloved couples until Hwayoung was a cry baby bitch, and then hatin’ ass Koreans suddenly split them up and pretended like the country’s golden couple never even existed.

Woojung kiss

Meanwhile, Cycloptic diva Jiyeon has just dropped the official tracklisting for her upcoming solo mini-album, NEVER EVER. It’s only three tracks, which is a good sign; Song Jieun’s Hope Torture single had three songs, and they were all fucking amazing.

Here are the tracks and translated descriptions:

  • “1MIN 1SEC” – Medium-tempo song with the rain sounds and lyrical melody and lyrics. With lyrics that express her feelings that she can never give up on towards her beloved man, she’s come to express her desperate feelings of not being able to live without him even if for 1min 1sec, as the song is titled.
  • “Yeuido Cherry Blossom” – A warm and bright song that suits for a spring with a warm weather. With cute lyrics and a melody that’s relaxing to listen to, you may look forward to the vocals that are different from the mood of the title track.
  • “Puppet” – It might have tempo to it but it’s also chic with sad lyrics and a minor melody.

I see Jiyeon is coming for Sunmi’s “24 Hours” crown with “1MIN 1MSEC,” preparing to surpass Busker Busker’s “Cherry Blossom Ending” with “Yeuido Cherry Blossom,” and will continue down the path of STELLAR’s “Marionette” with “Puppet.”

NEVER EVER drops on the 30th, which will give it an almost two week head-start on Hyosung’s Duble Sidekick-produced solo album. Thank god the two new princesses of pop won’t be overlapping too much so I can stan properly for both of them.

Jiyeon Tom Tom's Coffee

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