Tokyo Girls' Style Maltine Girls Wave
Perfume has long been considered Japan’s coolest girl group, but Tokyo Girls’ Style’s been nipping at their heels for a few years now. The underage quintet’s avant-garde approach to Japanese idol pop has been consistently fascinating to watch, with their arsty pedo-bait visuals and disco-funk-meets-Tokyo-video-game-arcade sound (courtesy of the talented Royal Mirrorball) making a match that’s every bit as potent as Perfume’s razor-sharp choreography and Yasutaka Nakata-produced techno-pop.

In an effort to market them even more to the indie crowd, Avex Trax had TGS team up with trendy internet label Maltine Records in January for a special collaboration album, Maltine Girls Wave. The 12-track set consists of seven epic Maltine Records remixes of old TGS hits, and five new singles produced by Maltine artists, with each one featuring a different member of TGS on vocals.

I have no idea who any of these Maltine artists are, but I’ll be looking them all up soon thanks to the sweet love making my ears just received from the huge musical penis that is Maltine Girls Wave.

Like this Hi-NRG 8-bit-heart-attack lullaby from hell…

Or this anime OST R&B ballad…

Or this downbeat trappy frenchtronica that just snatched Yelle’s Parisian wig…

Or whatever the fuck this delicious mindfuck is supposed to be… SOOOO, MANNNNNY MEN!

And don’t forget the life-changing remixes!


Tokyo Girls Style Kiss