Hyomin Jiyeon Solo
Fuck T-ara N4 — 2014 is all about T-ara SOLO!

Core Contents Media has just announced that both Jiyeon and Hyomin will be dropping solo projects in April. Not only that, but they’re being produced by frickin’ Duble Sidekick and Brave Brothers!

Please take a moment to attach your oxygen masks before reading any further.

According to their agency, Jiyeon will work with Double Sidekick to promote as an artist with a style similar to Sunmi. Brave Brothers will help Hyomin debut as a singer with an opposite image from T-ara. The two distinct personalities will be exposed as different from the original and traditional image of T-ara.

The agency is putting in full work to prepare each member for a solo debut. After T-ara, both members are interested in being active as solo singers again. [Via Tiara Diadem]

Oh god. Jiyeon serving us Sunmi realness with Duble Sidekick, producer of such classics as “Countryside Life” and SISTAR’s “Give It To Me,” and style icon Hyomin coming to obliterate the charts with Brave Bros, producer of AOA’s “Miniskirt,” Sunmi’s “Full Moon,” and every other SISTAR song ever made.


Despite the fact that I stan for both Sunmi and HyunA like you wouldn’t believe, these raggedy future flops better glue their weaves in tight because Jiyeon and Hyomin are about to lay the smack down on the girl group solo scene in a way that hasn’t been seen since Lee Hyori murdered Fin.K.L. with “10 Minutes.”

A few years ago when T-ara were on top I would’ve said that Eunjung and Soyeon were the ideal candidates for solo debuts, but not any more. Jiyeon is the youngest and still most popular member of the group, so her solo is a given, while Hyomin has kind of snatched the title of T-ara’s most well-rounded and charismatic member from Eunjung ever since reinventing herself as a professional fashionista. Sorry Jungie, you’re still my bias, but we both know that Minnie kind of stole your thunder.

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