T-ara Lead The Way
T-ara’s latest J-pop classic, “Lead The Way / LA’booN,” just debuted at No. 8 on Oricon’s weekly singles chart with 12,688 copies sold.

Not the best numbers for Asia’s Angels considering that it was released in about nine or ten different editions, but it still managed higher first-week sales than “Number Nine” and it’s T-ara’s first top ten hit since “Bunny Style!,” so it’s not all bad news.

It also beat out BoA’s “Shout It Out,” which debuted at No. 12 with a measly 6,660 copies — the worst numbers of BoA’s entire J-pop career. BoA’s seriously the hugest flop in Japan right now and it’s really sad. The single’s already out of the top thirty of the daily chart while T-ara’s still in the top ten, and she even got to perform it live on TV — a promotional luxury that T-ara wasn’t afforded.

Poor BoA, but at least TVXQ’s iconic Tree topped the album chart with 224,796 copies. Slay Yunho.

I also found some interesting T-ara tea that I thought I’d share with y’all since I don’t think anybody besides hardcore QUEEN’s picked up on it.

Check out this comment Boram made in a recent interview to promote the musical she’s currently starring in.

“We went through the good and the bad together throughout the past 5 years, our teamwork now is better than ever. We did talk between the members about whether we will be able to last for 2~3 more years in the future. Although we can’t last together forever, if we get the chance we might be able to do activities together as we do individual activities. If possible, we hope to work together for a long time.”

In other words, Jiyeon and Hyomin’s upcoming solo projects are laying the groundwork for their post T-ara careers. The future of T-ara is clearly something that’s being discussed behind the scenes right now, and let’s face it — Boram, Qri, and Soyeon aren’t gettin’ any younger!

I sent out a half-joke/half-serious tweet earlier today saying that I hope T-ara never dies and just keeps replacing members like the tragic Jewelry does, and after mulling over it a bit, I’m now completely behind the idea.

Despite what the haters say, T-ara’s still got a huge fanbase across Asia and could easily survive for years on some lowly level with new members replacing each departing original member. Although it wouldn’t be the same (T-ara’s mismatched member lineup is so imperfectly perfect that it can never be truly recreated), it’d still work in an ironic trash-pop kind of way because it’s T-ara.

Half the fun of T-ara is that the group’s a tarnished trainwreck that will repackage their repackaged albums, constantly recruit new members and then fire them, get copious amounts of obvious plastic surgery that they never even try to hide, and are so controversial that they can make a scandal out of eating noodles. If there’s any girl group destined for a disgraceful demise, it’s the one and only Slay-ara.

I wouldn’t be saying this if Hwayoung-gate had never happened, but since it did and Koreans still can’t get the fuck over it, ALL bets are off. Netizens thought they could kill T-ara, but T-ara’s gonna last for the next ten years and beyond! Eat it, bitchez!


  • Dhruv Angrup

    boa not doing well on japanese charts is really disturbing considering both shout it out and message are pretty good singles by jpop standards…..

  • T-ara the best

    Hoping To ara will stay as long as possible without secrefiying their personal life. One day. They need to get marry and have children too

  • T-ara the best

    I enjoy your writing a lot

  • Johnnyyy

    It’s a shame BoA’s flopping so hard these days. 10 years ago from today she was the queen of everything in asia…

  • miracleorange

    Well, we all know that BoA’s a massive flop in Japan now anyway, but her popularity was on a decline starting from OUTGROW all the way back in 2004 anyway, and spending her time in America didn’t help her career at all. At least she didn’t go like Ayumi and go on the sharpest decline ever, and she still has better music. Message and Shout It Out are JAMS and close to me is one of the best ballads she’s ever done, in my opinion. And she still slays in Korea, so there’s that, too.

    As for T-ara being Asia’s reigning revolving door trash-pop queens, I wholeheartedly agree.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Poor BoA :( I really like “Shout It Out”!

    But YESSSS @ TVXQ slaying with “Tree”!! It’s my fave album out of the T trio [Tone, Time, & Tree].

  • Josh Chinnery

    Po’ BoA… She was snatching wigs with Shout it Out and Message, so it sucks that it flopped so hard :( At least homegirl is not getting lazy with dem moves… You faves could never try BoA as a dancer :P

  • Egbutts Egbust


    • Egbutts Egbust


  • UncleFan

    I don’t know why “Shout It Out” isn’t getting more love, I’ve been jamming to it all week! It’s as if “Sneakernight” was performed by someone about 100 times more talented than V.Hudge… but maybe that’s not what Japan wants, go figure.

  • niyahhill

    BOA was dancing for her life in the beginning ROFl
    I like her song its good
    As for t-ara I never want the original member to slit or get replaced.
    If that happens then it wont be t-ara anymore.
    Soyeon,Boram QRI,Eunjung,Jiyeon,Hyomin all give somthing special to t-ara that why there so popular even after the scandal.