STELLAR Halftime Performance
Since surpassing HyunA, Girl’s Day, Brown Eyed Girls, and Lee Hyori as the nation’s new sexy icons, the majestic STELLAR has been in high demand across Korea. Lucrative university performances, fan signings, variety show appearances — it seems that these days you can’t go anywhere without experiencing “the STELLAR effect,” as the local media has dubbed it.

STELLegend took their soaring popularity to unimaginable new heights last week by performing at the halftime show of the Bucheon FC football team’s opening game at Bucheon Stadium. The prestigious event is considered to be the Korean equivalent of the American Super Bowl halftime show, and its said that many top artists were reportedly fighting for the gig until organizers finally settled on STELLAR.

The most desired quartet in all of Asia performed their No. 35-on-the-Gaon-chart mega-hit “Marionette” for the almost sold-out crowd of football fans, which was mostly comprised of hysterical military men who specifically came to see STELLAR and then left after “Marionette” was done.

I just hope that STELLAR can find time in their jam-packed schedule to start working on their next mind-blowing comeback. Preferably a repackage of the Marionette mini-album, followed by a repackage of the repackage. T-ara style, baby.