STELLAR Halftime Performance
Since surpassing HyunA, Girl’s Day, Brown Eyed Girls, and Lee Hyori as the nation’s new sexy icons, the majestic STELLAR has been in high demand across Korea. Lucrative university performances, fan signings, variety show appearances — it seems that these days you can’t go anywhere without experiencing “the STELLAR effect,” as the local media has dubbed it.

STELLegend took their soaring popularity to unimaginable new heights last week by performing at the halftime show of the Bucheon FC football team’s opening game at Bucheon Stadium. The prestigious event is considered to be the Korean equivalent of the American Super Bowl halftime show, and its said that many top artists were reportedly fighting for the gig until organizers finally settled on STELLAR.

The most desired quartet in all of Asia performed their No. 35-on-the-Gaon-chart mega-hit “Marionette” for the almost sold-out crowd of football fans, which was mostly comprised of hysterical military men who specifically came to see STELLAR and then left after “Marionette” was done.

I just hope that STELLAR can find time in their jam-packed schedule to start working on their next mind-blowing comeback. Preferably a repackage of the Marionette mini-album, followed by a repackage of the repackage. T-ara style, baby.

  • KingBeaArthur

    The amount of shade in this article!!!! I love you, Jacques ^o^

    That 3rd girl was KILLING IT 10 seconds in!

  • lildarien

    That one backup dancer tho… You know the one i’m talking about.

  • Steve

    Dat ass.

  • T-ara the best

    i like them

  • eyeliner

    lmaooo u deleted my comment ahahaha why u crying for??

  • eyeliner

    now i get it poor soul its okay keep deleting my comments

  • eyeliner

    jfc idk what happened to you tbh …all you ever do is talk about 2ne1 in every article you mention them, like why u pressed thoo? why u maD? was it cuz tara was going 2 claim the spot of the 2nd best girl group but b/c of that controversy theyre nothing so now your pissed huh? im not even an avid 2ne1 fan but their latest comeback slayed and people like you annoy me ugh pls stop mentioning 2ne1 everywhere

    • babylibellule

      Don’t be too serious ☺

      • eyeliner

        i didnt say anything before but now this is a bit too much, look at the articles name is this about stellar or 2ne1? i became a bigger fan of them through their recent comeback and im sorry but i just dont wanna see 2ne1 shade in every article

    • I didn’t delete your comment? WTF are you talking about?

      But I am gonna delete some of your comments right now coz you’re left like 3 or four separate comments saying I deleted your comments, LOL.

    • then stop coming to the site… problem solved!

      • eyeliner

        i actually liked this site but your right, ill stop coming

        • Anthony

          I don’t understand it either tbh. There is like 7 2NE1 related posts on the Popdust page where he “praises” even tho he thinks there flops. We get you don’t like them you don’t have to mention them in every post. I’m not even a huge 2NE1 fan but it gets annoying.

          • It’s just a joke, relax.

            And what I write on Popdust usually isn’t my real feelings, it’s just to try and get the site traffic, which is why all the 2NE1 posts there are positive, and the reason I post so much 2NE1 on Popdust is because they’re so Western mainstream so people who listen to Katy Perry and that kind of shit usually like 2NE1 too. Anything that’s too different from mainstream American music would freak out the Popdust readers lol.

          • eyeliner

            its not a joke if its not funny.. listen every idol in kpop has been influenced by western music whether you like it or not unless idk u listen to korean folk music. stop acting all high and mighty w the groups you stan. all i want to see is less of the 2ne1 shade b/c your making people feel uncomfortable.. whatever tho

          • You know I make these kind of sarcastic comments about EVERYONE right, and nobody has a problem with it except stupid fandoms like Blackjacks? All you do is make the 2NE1 fandom look like hysterical fools because nobody else ever says anything when I make sarcastic cracks about artists but when it comes to 2NE1 the Blackjacks just go crazy. Like thirty Blackjacksor something even attacked me on Popdust the week that “Mr.Mr.” debuted at No. 1 over “Come Back Home,” they went insane and didn’t understand the difference between No. 1 on Melon and No. 1 on Gaon (even though “Come back Home” ended up topping Gaon a week later).

            Anyway, you guys are frickin’ crazy. This ENTIRE post was basically sarcastic and made up, saying STELLAR surpassed Girl’s Day and Lee Hyori etc, and “the stellar effect,” but of course the only people butthurt are blackjacks. Blackjacks is really the worst fandom in popular music, including Western.

          • eyeliner

            okayyyyyy someone has issues.. i just told u im not even an avid 2ne1 fan but ok.. bye

          • Then stop complaining. Who gives a fuck if I mention 2NE1 or other artists? I always mention the shittiest most overhyped pop artist at the time until someone new comes to take their place. It was Beyonce, then it was Katy Perry, and currently it’s 2NE1. Soon it’ll be someone else. Get over it.

          • Vanderwaal

            Then why are you not throwing shade at EXO? :/ They’re not even musicians and they put them on the same level of ~other chinese legends pretending to be korean~ :v

          • I like EXO’s songs even though I’m personally not a fan of the actual group

          • Vanderwaal

            Of course you’re not a fan of them! You’re not dumb xd but I want more shade on other big groups, not only 2NE1 :$ (not Nana/OC or Soyou/SISTAR though :v )

          • stellar_queenz

            The only people he’s making feel uncomfortable are insecure Blackjacks like yourself. Take a good look at yourself if you’re allowing yourself to get this upset over someone’s thoughts on the internet.

        • stellar_queenz

          Byyyyyyyyye! Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!

  • U_Wot_U_Wot

    I wonder if STELLAR actually will be relevant with their next release.

    Have they just frog-leaped Dal “who are these girls anyway” shabet and EX “where the hell are they” ID to the top of the lower middle tier?! power of the booty and a catchy tune. #catchingtheGirlsDaytraintothetop

  • justpassingby

    I almost believed this article, until I watched the video and realized you’re being sarcastic lol

    But isn’t it normal for idols to perform in these kind of events? Don’t know about other groups, but I know for sure Crayon Pop did in the early days.

  • Vanderwaal

    The anorexic rapper dances way better than I remember, guess she ate that week. It’s good to see them becoming relevant (until RaNia come back in 3 weeks), but this era reminds me of a better and sluttier version of Girl’s Day’s Something somehow…
    BTW the shade was good, but I agree, there are lots of (female) acts to talk about other than 2NE1, you remind me of a friend of mine that, as he knows I used to be a huge 2NE1 fan (and I had lots of fun throwing shade at his all-time-faves Hyuna ~and her bitches~ and T-Ara -until he changed them for 9Muses) he spent the whole day throwing shade at CL and the others and praising SNSD as at that time were the only group that could beat them (now even SISTAR can xD).
    Oh and also, you could talk about, I don’t know, the best selling female groups of this year so far, or make a post about female rivalries, or something! <3 But as long as you talk about any Asian singing vagina, I'm fine with it (ewww that sounded too straight I think).

  • Nicole Naeun

    Slutty anorexic member and Moonface 2 were killing it here! I love Slutty anorexic member she’s got confidence everytime she popped them ass. I wish all STELLAR member have different characteristics so they are more fun, the other two are too bland.

    • Nicole Naeun

      Omg I can’t with that boring member with the hairband. Wtf was she doing straightening her pants to cover her ass??? If it was Slutty anorexic member she would’ve let them ass just pop out.

      • Noo, trust me hairband member is ICONIC, she’s the maknae and she’s very edgy. I was watching STELLAR’s interviews and she has the best personality, she’s like Nicole Naeun come to life.

        I saw one interview and she said “although I have sexy concept I’m actually very innocent and fragile so please look after me” in aegyo voice, and then I watched the next interview and she was like “I’m STELLAr’s sexy maknae!” and got up and started doing the booty dance and all the members said she was the only one who was excited to try an erotic concept LMAO

  • ***Lotus

    I can’t @ their name “Stellar” and their complete lack of FUCKS given!

    They literally barely even moved their lips. That offended me, being a huge Britney fan (Queen of Lipping it!)

    Dance moves were great, girls are stunning….but damn. I get the feeling they are in it for the money, or literally have been kidnapped or starved because they can’t even fake a smile.

    I went to see the same song performed by Stellar on other shows and they look just as dead. I feel bad for them.

    I’m just getting into K pop, Girls Gen is amazing, 2ne1 is taking my favorite spot over GG, Big Bang is the shit, I like that they try so hard, so reading your review I was ready for some slayage, and this shit made me feel sad. Like I was watching a “Bad Romance” meets “Taken” scenario where the girls are kidnapped and now dancing, waiting for a rich man to bid on them.

    How the fuck are they causing a stellar effect. Girls Generation “I Got A Boy’ and BoA’s english videos and sick dancing got me into K pop but this group WOW. They serving some Britney 2008 SET ME FREE realness.

  • Mattey

    That Minhee closeup on her ass though xD