Tinashe 2 On
When that over-hyped plagiarizing hack Beyawnce dropped her self-titled-exercise-in-great-marketing-but-shitty-trend-hopping-music album last year, the first thing I thought was, “Bitch, Tinashe been doin’ this shit ten times better than you for the past three years so take a seat and take your fuckin’ Beytards with you.

Luckily for all of us with ears that love good urban-pop tunes, Tinashe’s mixtape hustling led to a deal with RCA Records, and now she’s officially debuted with her first major label single, “2 On.”

Queen Tina brings some pop flavour and a little more complexity to one of DJ Mustard’s typically ratchet rap beats, to the point where it really doesn’t sound much different to her mixtape work — and that’s definitely a good thing. Part of me is surprised that RCA didn’t fuck with Tina’s sound, but on the other hand she’s been ahead of the curb for years, so now it’s just like all the majors finally caught up to her.

One thing I’ve noticed lately is that choreography is making a comeback in Western music (fuck yeah!), and Tinashe serves some decent dance moves in the just-released “2 On” music video. She delivers everything with such energetic enthusiasm that you almost don’t notice that she isn’t doing anything beyond pussy popping and some remixed twerking, which I guess is how Beyawnce fans have felt for the past fifteen years straight.

This better smash, and if it doesn’t then the bigwigs at RCA can go kill themselves.

  • TerriDesu

    I’ve been playing this song on my ipod ever since it dropped,I thought she couldnt top ”Ecstasy” but she did <33

  • Pez

    One of my biggest dissapointments since the site’s (somewhat) shunning of western music is your reaction to the near universal acclaim Beyonce received (not that I ascribe to it).

    It would’ve been to glorious.

    • Actually the best thing about shutting this down was I didn’t even have to be part of the Bey hysteria. I’ve only heard parts of the album when it’s been played at the cafe I get my lunch from every day, or some stuff I saw on Youtube coz I had to write about it on another site I write for. It all just sounded like rip-offs of all the alt-urban I’ve been into for years! As usual Beyawnce was late as phuck to the party. Even Rihanna arrived early with Unapologetic.

      • Pez

        See? Comedy gold.
        You should gather every snippet on bey you’ve ever written into a huge ass tome. It would be your magnum opus and would sell like hotcakes.

    • BadB*tch

      LMAO stupid bitch “shunning of western music” NOO its just there hasnt been any western music worth this blogs time. Or do I smell a simple minded Katy fan?


    Very Aaliyah-ish. Loves it.

  • Vanderwaal

    Not bad for being black. :v Let’s see if Rihsus comes back with something big for the next era or she’ll end up like Yawncé, living off her husband’s name.


    The fact that she hasn’t had like 5 #1’s is beyond me. Of course this is gonna flop though, the U.S. wouldn’t know good music if it sat on its face. But I will try to hold out hope because the Janet Jackson of our generation deserves to blow!

    • BadB*tch

      Did someone say face sitting?

      • MIKEE

        My second fave past time.

        • BadB*tch

          I’ll sit on anyones face anytime, anywhere. I keep it squeaky clean but who doesn’t like a lil sweat?

          • Juujuu

            Tinashes music is not even all that I mean come on guys

  • KK

    CING Cassie was here like 8 years ago. K Thanks Bye.
    “Thats why I’m outta here. Left you. Giuseppe’s smell like jet fuel. Bitches exit stage left, couldn’t stand in my left shoe!”

    • LizzyG

      I love me some Cassie but she dropped the ball. I wanted more of her Me & U sound but it never came. If this girl can bring it then let her.

      • BadB*tch

        Besides King of Hearts which was amazing. That snoozefest R&B SUCKSSS

        • LizzyG

          Agreed, King of Hearts was an acceptation that the audience completely missed out on!

  • Josh Chinnery

    *mercilessly slain by dat choreo* I’m gonna need more music from this one… Like, now XD

  • LizzyG

    Thank you, love it! If you say she’s a trend setter, hopefully she can bring back this sound that’s been missing from the top 40 game for years now. It deserves to be recognized. Chill shit. Love her voice.

    • LizzyG

      I personally love Beyonce for what she is. Her talent can’t be denied but she’s not fresh anymore. This girl has a fresh, down to earth, authentic vibe.

      • BadB*tch


  • Evan

    Is it just me or does it seem like we’re going back to the early-mid 2000s when hip hop and R&B was big? I think this song and a lot of the stuff out now could have came out in like 2005 and it would have fit right in. It seems like the European dance trend was relatively short lived, which is sad for me because I’m not really a hip hop kind of gay. I hate EDM and lot of the dance music was becoming really generic, but I love Euro-dance, electropop and synthpop in general, so I’m gonna miss it. I like R&B-pop, but more so the older stuff like Janet, not really stuff like this.

  • ByronZ

    I just came home from Beyoncé’s concert in Barcelona, I have to say that she is a good entertainer, I really enjoyed the show but I didn’t know any of the new songs or maybe just some random sentence. I didn’t checked her new album, lost interest long time ago.

    Anyways, nice song!.

  • vanitys

    i love this blog!!!!!!

    • BadB*tch

      I miss the good ol proph days though T_T

  • Why do I get throwback feelings because of Tinashe? … reminds me of the time when r&b pop like this was ‘hhhhhot’

    • Is that a young Columbus Short? YASSS!

    • Taylor Brune Siri

      Ok Tinashe is like Nodesha? She’s going to faded real Far away

  • She did the Yayo… I’m with it

  • Nicole Naeun

    Omfg how come you never blog about her? Can u recommend me some of her songs? I love this one, it’s very Cassie!

    • I have posted this queen before <3

  • gawd i’m in love with this!

    where can i download her stuff jacques? i can’t find ’em anywhere :'(

  • reone

    Why have I never heard of her? Too good. I just downloaded her mixtape from 2012. Can’t wait for more.

  • Voz Vibrante

    Remix. This is Tinashe in a proper pop dress. M.E.L.O.D.I.C. voice!

  • Anon Amos


  • thecodefather

    Not sure if OP is serious, or troll