Tinashe 2 On
When that over-hyped plagiarizing hack Beyawnce dropped her self-titled-exercise-in-great-marketing-but-shitty-trend-hopping-music album last year, the first thing I thought was, “Bitch, Tinashe been doin’ this shit ten times better than you for the past three years so take a seat and take your fuckin’ Beytards with you.

Luckily for all of us with ears that love good urban-pop tunes, Tinashe’s mixtape hustling led to a deal with RCA Records, and now she’s officially debuted with her first major label single, “2 On.”

Queen Tina brings some pop flavour and a little more complexity to one of DJ Mustard’s typically ratchet rap beats, to the point where it really doesn’t sound much different to her mixtape work — and that’s definitely a good thing. Part of me is surprised that RCA didn’t fuck with Tina’s sound, but on the other hand she’s been ahead of the curb for years, so now it’s just like all the majors finally caught up to her.

One thing I’ve noticed lately is that choreography is making a comeback in Western music (fuck yeah!), and Tinashe serves some decent dance moves in the just-released “2 On” music video. She delivers everything with such energetic enthusiasm that you almost don’t notice that she isn’t doing anything beyond pussy popping and some remixed twerking, which I guess is how Beyawnce fans have felt for the past fifteen years straight.

This better smash, and if it doesn’t then the bigwigs at RCA can go kill themselves.