BESTIE Thank U Very Much
For a rookie group that hasn’t been able to chart a song higher than No. 84, BESTie sure does get a lot attention. I guess being professional SISTAR impersonators has helped them out in that regard, in addition to their divine Goddess-like flawlessness and impossibly perky derrières.

After stealing SISTAR’s “Push Push” concept and energetic pre-“Alone” personalties on “Pitapat” and then following it up with one of Brave Brothers’ scrapped SISTAR leftovers from 2010, “Love Options,” BESTie’s back and still working through Hyorin and Co.’s discography one song at a time with their new “Loving U” knock-off, “Thank U Very Much.”

Before you ask, Duble Sidekick produced both “Loving U” and “Thank U Very Much,” proving that he could very well be the next Brave Brothers if he keeps recycling K-pop hits like this.

Queen BESTie jacked the “ooh ooh ooh~” chorus and booty swivel dance move from “Loving U,” while one member added to the thievery by copying Eunjung’s iconic T-ara N4 “Countryside Life” wardrobe.

Also, it just clicked with me that even BESTie’s name is stolen from SISTAR. Here’s proof.

Of course, me acknowledging this severe case of K-pop theft isn’t shade — the final product is amazing, as expected from BESTie by now.

BESTie’s sheer shamelessness in stealing from other artists makes them ideal for ironic stanning, while everything else –the talent, the visuals, the great bops and the polished music videos– makes them perfect for actual genuine stanning. Plus, the idea of pitting them against EXID (you know, the bitches that birthed BESTie before tossing them aside like trash, only to have them return with a vengeance like the T-1000) as official rivals only makes rooting for the struggling quartet even more appealing.

But to be realistic for a moment, BESTie isn’t gonna get anywhere until they can come up with something original and stop all the snatchin’ and swipin’. It works for giggles and media play, but it’s done jack shit for them as far as the charts go.

“Thank U Very Much” is already another massive flop (even STELLAR’s month-old “Marionette” is outselling it on Melon), so my advice would be for BESTie to go back to the drawing board, keep the peppy energy but come up with an original song and concept for once, and then time their comeback to match EXID’s for media play purposes.

B.E.S.T. BESTie!