Orange Caramel Catallena
The thing to do right now is to rave about how Orange Caramel’s “Catallena” comeback scalped, slayed, sliced, diced, squished and squashed 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation’s comebacks. I’m not going to say that because Mr.Mr. is life and I’ve already forgotten that Crush even exists, but I will second the general consensus that “Catallena” is everything and did not disappoint despite the high pre-release hype.

After serving up euro-trot (a genre they stole from Gangkiz’s “Honey Honey”) on their last official single, 2012’s “Lipstick,” Orange Caramel stick to campy euro-cheese on “Catallena” by mixing various disco genres together — namely Italo disco (also stolen from Gangkiz), Eurodisco, and classic string-heavy Gloria GAYnor disco.

In other words: Europe, disco, and Gangkiz’s IMPACT!!!

Gangkiz gif

To make things even camper, there’s a touch of lesbianism (also stolen from Gangkiz) in the lyrics.

Oh my, she’s so great, I’ve fallen for her
Even as a girl, I can see she’s so great
She’s temperamental but I want to see her
I want to know her, I want to dance with her

Poor t.A.T.u. must be wishing that they hadn’t pulled the plug on their comeback so soon, eh?

The chorus also throws some long overdue shade at the thieving Rainbow Pixie with a condescending “hoi hoi hoi,”  which in English translates to, “Bow down, you fuck-ass flop bitches.

Rainbow Pixie

Like Orange Caramel’s past videos, the “Catallena” MV is viral-worthy and would be sweeping the MTV VMAs if there was any justice in the world.  On the surface it’s just OC dressed as mermaids and sushi, but After School Daze has thrown together a nice analysis explaining it as a metaphor for girl groups in the music industry and the recent sexy concept craze.

OC isn’t the first girl group this year to use their music as a way to comment on female idols in the industry — STELLAR did it with the confronting “Marionette” (a point that was sadly lost on many), as did Rainbow Blaxx with “Cha Cha” (a point that was sadly lost on ME until I finally figured it out and repented a month later). However, OC’s the first to lambaste the sexy concept without actually doing a sexy concept, and their take is definitely the wittiest and most dynamic of the bunch.

Meanwhile, sewage-for-brains Blackjacks are currently over-analyzing that gaudy-sci-flop-Blade-Runner-wannabe-piece-of-garbage known as “Come Back Home” as if Philip K. Dick himself wrote the treatment.

When will these fools learn to appreciate K-pop’s true masterpieces, like “Catallena” and the Rainbow Syndrome mini-albums?

Anyway, nobody can ever say that After School are flops again after OC’s comeback. Not only is After School’s subunit more popular and successful than 50% of the girl groups in K-pop today, they also now produce the greatest J-pop to ever come out of K-pop since hooking up with Shinichi Osawa for “Heaven” and “Shh,” and their stripper pole routine won the 2014 sexy concept comeback battle even though it came out in 2013 and technically wasn’t actually a part of it.

P.S. “Bubble Bath” is still Orange Caramel’s best song and always will be.

  • amdary

    Best release of the year so far(at least until Crayon Pop’s comeback). Fantastic song, flawless concept.

  • ICONI3

    Obsessed with the song and I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw the hidden message in the video.

  • notrex

    haha you should also mention that this samples a song from “The Great Big Punjabi Wedding” called “Jutti Meri Jandiye” that no one has ever heard of

    the melody is the same in the bridge and the hoi hoi part is clipped from that song.
    or maybe they just jacked rainbow pixie lol

    • Vanderwaal

      Well, they actually say “Jutti Meri” (and Paula Mera, that maybe is related to her) like 50 times in the song. Anyone interested in knowing where that Jutti “gurl” (?) is, I’m sure they looked that up. Yes, it sounds like a girl’s name. xD

      • crystalangel252

        “jutti meri” means “my shoe” which is sort of like swearing in hindi

        • Vanderwaal

          I didn’t know that then, but 2 days ago (I think?) I listened to the original hindi song sampled, and looked to the meaning of the lyrics/phrase, but still, it sounds like a girl’s name for me. xD

          • crystalangel252

            lol yeah I guess it does sort of sound like a girl’s name :D

          • Sarika

            crystalangel252 is right. Its actually a folk song sung at weddings which portrays a girls vs boys battle. The girl is actually kind of swearing/expressing that she is not interested by saying jutti meri and paula mera. Its not anybody’s name. (I am Indian)

          • Vanderwaal

            “it sounds like” >>>
            Thanks for the explanation though. xD

    • Omo!na

      Actually, they confirmed that they sampled “Jutti Meri” in the video’s description, lol.

      “The title song “Catallena” is an Indian disco song which also inspired
      by ‘Jutti Meri’, a Pakistan’s ethnic group Punjab’s folk song. With a
      perfect harmony of funky guitar and the string sound combined with the
      lyrics about weird but somehow attractive character “Catallena”, this
      addictive song truly shows the unique style of ORANGE CARAMEL.”

  • UncleFan

    OC look really happy when they’re performing this song live, certain other girl groups look shamefully distracted in comparison…

  • KingBeaArthur

    Orange Caramel obliterated every other girl group release for me (from Girl’s Day to 2NE1). I’m not afraid to say that! I ADORE the mv and the message, and my love for the song was instant!!

    No flaws found.

    • My fave is actually still Miniskirt, song wise. I’m so fucking addicted to it. It’s now my third most played song of all time on LOL. But overall I’ve been really happy with all the girl group comebacks. I think 2NE1 was the only fail for me. Everyone else really slayed.

      • KingBeaArthur

        There were winners but OC is the victor for me, personally. I’m also (surprisingly) loving 4Minutes’ comeback as well! That mv is amazing!! – anxiously awaiting your Other & Princess Serena knocking write-up ^-^

      • Vanderwaal

        You just didn’t say that I’m not the only one still addicted to Miniskirt. xD And I agree with the “all girls win”, except that Crush, really crushed my charts (well, not really because the scrobbles don’t add up, but when that thing works, they’ll “crush” them).

  • Vanderwaal

    I’m loving almost all the girl-groups comebacks this year, so far. And even if Crush slayed for me, way more than the generic Mistah Mistah (that was quite good, though, but one of their worst singles, thank Nana that they’re releasing another album this year), I agree that Catallena is way too good. We don’t deserve it.
    Also both Rainbow Syndrome albums are soooooo underrated. Sunshine is actually one of my fave songs from last year, same as Chewing Time.

  • TerriDesu


  • D is for Danger!

    Orange Caramel’s sushi (aka pussy) brings all the boys to the yard!

    It might not be the best or most expensive sushi out there, but it leaves you satisfied like no other sushi can. At the end of the MV, the only one left on the conveyor belt is the 8000 Won octopus roll. Price doesn’t always guarantee quality. This holds true in real life too. Mr Mr and Crush were both quite meh, whereas everything about Catallena from the concept to the music is amazing. It’ll be hard to top this mini for me this year.

    Also, RIP Gangkiz.

    • Harumi Akatsuki

      Mr Mr the song itself i believe was a good move for SNSD since it brought back some of their older charms but their MV was like completely trashed by the filters and edits i mean we have almost a full video of instagram filters and old style crappy tv signal which was very annoying to watch

      • D is for Danger!

        I liked both Mr Mr and 2NE1’s Crush, but I haven’t found them really drawing me in and making me need to listen to them repeatedly the way the Catellena mini has. I agree that the MV for Mr Mr was a mess though.

  • roelm

    ,” Orange Caramel stick to campy euro-cheese on “Catallena” by mixing various disco genres together — namely Italo disco (also stolen from Gangkiz), Eurodisco, and classic string-heavy Gloria GAYnor disco.”

    My first impression is similar to yours in that I thought it was quite Eurodisco-sounding from back in the day; a bit like Donna Summer’s “With Your Love” but in an Indian/Southeast asian way. As to the strings, they were used heavily by the Eurodisco acts Silver Convention and Boney M. Not really familiar with Italo-disco. Anyway, this was quite a fun and creative mv.

    • The italo disco is that electronic current you can hear when the verses start (34 seconds onwards on the MP3).

      I actually didn’t know about the Indian sample until everyone mentioned it in the comments here. Wish I had!

      • roelm

        I actually did not notice the Indian sample until I read about it in the youtube comments. I think that Indian element is what makes the song distinctive and dare I say it, eccentric and even cheesier. :) A bit like “Dayang Dayang” which is actually southeast asian

  • Johnnyyy

    Aww Gangkiz ): whatever happened to them…

    Orange Caramel’s Lipstick album was so ridiculously good *_*

  • Andi

    I kind of wish they would have released “So Sorry” as the title track, but only because it has a slightly more commercial sound and would have garnered OC more fans. However, “Catallena” has been doing so well that I guess it doesn’t even matter! Orange Caramel: slaying your faves and snatching their raggedy weaves since 2010.

  • Nicole Naeun

    Stanning for this comeback so hard!!!

  • GagHalfrunt

    I’m surprised that Candy Boy by TREN-D seems to have passed you by. Surely rollerskating Italodisco idols would be right up your street…

    • This song is actually pretty fun!

    • D is for Danger!

      This was such a great release! The live stages with the kids were really cute too.

    • Trust me I fucking love Tren-D I just never got around to posting these icons! I also love TINT.

      • GagHalfrunt

        I look forward to reading your ode to the Roller Disco Kweens of Korea. :)

  • Namrah Shafiq

    hehe i feel proud, its a song sampled from my country

  • Chris Joseph

    This article shouldn’t even be published, The writer doesn’t even know what he is talking about. “Hoi Hoi Hoi” wasn’t Korean, it was Punjabi and it doesn’t have a meaning. The tune of the song wasn’t even Euro at all, it was retro Indian/Bollywood.

    • Sarika

      First of all Everything Indian is not Bollywood, its like saying everything Korean is kpop. Its actually a folk song sung at weddings. Various versions of it have been made by singers and marketed to be played as wedding song.

    • Vanderwaal

      He didn’t say Hoi Hoi Hoi was Korean. He just said in a pretty sarcastic way that Orange Caramel sung “Hoi Hoi Hoi” on some parts of the song as a way of getting back at Rainbow Pixie (their debut single is called Hoi Hoi, which flopped and the sub-unit disappeared and went back to Rainbow) for “trying to steal” their concept of being a 3-member group based on the aegyo/kawaii image. It wasn’t that hard to get, I think. :/
      Also the tune is a mix of Indian/Punjabi, Eurodance and retro disco music. :/

      • Sarika

        I was simply commenting on the part where he called it retro Indian/Bollywood. Like he says in the first part, its simply Punjabi folk.

        • Vanderwaal

          I was actually replying to Chris Joseph, as he seemed kinda pissed off about the article, but anyway, great song no matter which genre it samples. :P

  • Sarika

    This is not the first attempt at this kind of fusion though. Has anyone heard “Elephunk” by Black eyed peas or even “Don’t phunk with my heart”? Both of them have inspired by Indian film songs and the first one even features a portion from the oringial song itself.

  • mux

    Loved Catallena. Also loved Come Back Home. I mostly liked your post, but didn’t like your divisive tone.

    Why does everything have to be one thing obliterating another?

  • Pez

    I just discovered this so I’m commenting. Uh, that’s it.

  • Jouzou

    Okay I respect all of Kpop artists and as a “so called fan” you should too. Even though I’m a huge YG stan, I still support other artists because I respect them. Tbh yes I liked this song by OC! It was cute and even had some parts of my language in it lol. And then “fans” like you on the other hand just want to disrespectfully bash other bands. I’m not mad at 2ne1 loosing, its just the fact that their are people like you who totally bash other artists just because their biases are their favorites. I don’t think OC wants you to bash other fellow kpop artists of theirs, so just saying, please respect other fandoms and not just bash other well respected artists.
    Btw, the “Hoi hoi hoi” part of the song is actually a metaphor in my language, it does not mean anything like that. Please mind that that comment can be racist.