Neon Bunny It's You
If you’ve been following Arcadey since it was The Prophet Blog, then you might vaguely remember my ardent stanning for Neon Bunny’s breezy and beautiful debut, Seoulight, way back in early 2011 (oh God, has it really been that long already?). Since then, Neon’s moved further into the world of electronica; first with 2012’s 80s-inspired Happy Ending EP, and then with sporadic collaborations with cool K-DJs like Demicat and Smells.

While all of her output has been faultless thus far, her new digital single, “It’s You,” takes the cake as her best release since her transformation from Seoulight’s trendy coffee shop songstress to the Pitchfork-friendly dance diva of Happy Ending.

Like Banks or Kelela gone downbeat dream-pop, “It’s You” sees Neon dialling back the harder EDM of her recent work for twinkly electronic wobbles and shimmering synths. Her airy voice is most effective when it isn’t pushed, so all she needs to do here is ooh and coo to take us to church and the heavens beyond.

However, the truly spectacular thing about “It’s You” is just how good it actually is. As indie music rises up the charts again, we’re beginning to reach a point where it’s all starting to sound the same — just like pop music did during the recent era of radio-friendly RedOne jaunts. Neon Bunny manages to take many of the sonic signatures that all the cool girls are using ad nauseam these days, and package it as something fresh and enticing.

Unlike her contemporaries, Neon doesn’t need to be gritty or gloomy to fit in. Like Róisín Murphy, she’s effortlessly chic, and right now that’s the best quality an indie diva can have.