MBLAQ Be a Man
I consider myself to be a semi-fan of MBLAQ. I’ve never really hated anything they put out, I stan for the whole Sexy Beat mini-album, I think G.O. is one a fierce bitch and I want Seungho to slay the hell outta this ass all night long, so yeah, I’m a solid semi-fan.

Because I want Seungho inside me I enjoy the music of MBLAQ, I’m generally interested when the boys make a comeback — so I was surprised when just yesterday I discovered that they’d actually made one last week. I blame poor pre-release promo, which is probably why the group’s new single, “Be a Man,” is floating around between 90-100 on Melon.

Yes, it’s seriously flopping that hard. Songs that are outselling it right now include EXO’s “Growl,” 2NE1’s “Scream,” and various album cuts from A Pink’s Pink Blossom.

It’s such a shame, because “Be a Man” is pretty amazing. It sounds a lot like *NSYNC’s “Gone” (hence the whole being amazing thing), borrowing from both the moody modern R&B of today and the turn-of-the-millennium boy band balladry of *NSYNC and Co.

Seungho’s manly crooning and G.O. giving his best Justin Timberlake impression by singing falsetto are standout moments, but the vocal performance is stunning and nuanced all round. Not surprising considering Wheesung composed “Be a Man,” but the fact that MBLAQ were able to do it justice is impressive.

Also, you’ve gotta give a K-pop ballad extra points every time it doesn’t veer off into paint-by-numbers OST territory. For that, MBLAQ, I thank you.

One other thing: I totally dig the manly concept (yass daddy Seungho!), but why is the rapper dressed like some Samcheong-dong coffee shop nerd? Not here for him.

  • JammySmoochie

    YAS! This album is slaying me for a week now. Probably my favorite comeback from them since… “Cry” although I quite liked “Smoky Girl” too. I’m really happy that while they have been flopping from some time now, they’re still churning out really good songs. Stanning for this now-nugu group tbh!

  • Don’t you dare come for Mir! Lol.. I am always here for him!

  • Nicole Naeun

    I hate the rapper too Mir, he’s so corny…

    Anyway, I don’t hate the song anymore, I like it but I still hate that bridge part where Seungho suddenly changes her voice into this big awfully-sounding over-dramatic voice.
    Oh, and I hate the manly concept cause it’s not sexy at all. And the title reminds me of this show in my country that’s about turning drag queens into manly men. Yeah, it’s called Be A Man.

    • That show sounds iconic!!

      And the manly concept is hot. Seungho oppa is all man so he needs a concept that reflects his unique colour.

  • 364Leinad

    Fuck, I seriously need to become a rich Korean ajusshi so I can pay G.Od and Thunder to have a sex with me

  • KingBeaArthur

    J, imma need you keep your hands of my Seungho!!!!!!!!!! Please don’t make me wreck your pretty face.

    I absolutely love “Be A Man”! From Joon’s rich vocal delivery on the verses to G.O.’s falsetto to Seungho’s EVERYTHING to Thunder filling out very nicely! [I like’um thick. Sue me.]. I disliked “Smoky Girl” but this mini turned me back around and reminded me why I fell for MBLAQ with “Stay”/”Cry”.

  • Sunny

    kinda late but god you have good taste! my favorite is all of them except Mir