Girls' Generation Mr Mr Review
Between the “Mr.Mr.” music video delay and the early album leak, Girls’ Generation’s comeback has been a total mess so far, but it hasn’t bothered me until now. Why would it? As I pointed out in my “Mr.Mr.” single review, the song is totally spectacular and continues Girls’ Generation’s unspoiled seven-year streak of perfect pop hits. And while the behind-the-scenes issues seem to have severely hurt the Divine Nine as far as promo and sales go, it was a non-factor to me as long as the product was good, which it was. But now the “Mr.Mr.” MV is out, and now I am a little bothered.

Conceptually “Mr.Mr.” hits all the right spots, just as I knew it would the moment the Grindhouse cover art came out. It’s over-stylized B-movie trash that looks like SNSD took Planet Terror and coated it in lurid fuschias and glitter. It’s obvious in the most perfectly garish way, with the girls taking the song’s lyrics way too literally by playing doctor and giving a guy a bejwelled heart transplant. Cheap and intentionally misplaced cuts of the Divine Nine dancing in the hospital’s parking lot only add to the amazingly shlocky Grindhouse feel.

Yes it’s bad, it’s gaudy, and it’s awkward, but that’s the point — one I that I think will probably be lost on a lot of younger K-pop fans who get their life to Disney’s Frozen rather than Tarantino and low budget pulp-horror fare.

The mistake that “Mr.Mr.” makes –and it’s one that’s big enough to derail the entire video– is that there’s virtually NO DANCING. The whole fucking point of the song is that it’s a throwback to vintage Janet Jackson and early MTV while serving you modern ARTPOP electro realness — and that means that you’re supposed to have choreography! Lots of it!

If there was EVER a time for SM Entertainment to do a generic dance-in-a-box music video, it would be now.

The only time we ever see any real choreography is during the breakdown (which, might I add, The Underdogs jammed in specifically for the purpose of a music video dance break), but even then the video cuts away and doesn’t deliver the whole show.

I was looking for Paula and Janet at the 1990 American Music Awards, and what I got was some flawless Grindhouse tribute — which would’ve been amazing if it wasn’t so completely unfitting for the song.

What makes this even more frustrating is that it’s the exact kind of music video that I’ve been waiting for f(x) to do for one of their more left-field hits like “Pinocchio.” SM Entertainment is the best agency in K-pop, but sometimes it’s like they have absolutely zero understanding of their artists.

How the fuck are you gonna push f(x) as some hip avant-garde pop act then make all their music videos formulaic dance-and-strut fashion shows, then give Girls’ Generation some top forty banger that sounds like it was created solely to highlight the group’s choreography and then go film some glam bubblegum version of The Blob to go with it?

So many conflicting feelings right now.

  • Mathews Araújo

    maybe they had an amazing dance version of the mv, but it got lost when the data file went to trash, and they refilmed it hastly and we got this mess of a mv

    • dumbass

      I think what happened if the data loss was true, was that the original dance break for the first chorus was lost, which is why the garage scene was there. If you saw the video from Marchen Fantasy that a fan uploaded, you can see the girls in the garage – the original concept of the song, basically 2014!BadGirl. Someone said SM called for a re-shoot, so I think that the dance scenes were supposed to be either the guy-drag or the tux!dresses, and too much of the data got lost so they filled in from the old video; hence why it’s really out of place.
      SM screwed up big time :(

  • UncleFan

    This is definitely going to be one of those MVs that needs a dance version to save it. Ga-In’s “Truth or Dare” is another recent example of this. I’m convinced that when the dance version of Mr.Mr. arrives, it will be obvious that they had to re-shoot it.

    BTW, please let there be a version with the fedoras!

    • If the data that was lost was all the dance stuff (which I think it was) it would’ve worked better to have like “drama version” with NO dancing and all Grindhouse ish, and maybe a ridiculous intro and outro of them working on this guy to save his life, make it all hilariously dramatic, and then they could have a dance version with the Drag King look only and epic choreo to go with it

      • UncleFan

        Yeah, that makes sense, if they had just told everybody the dance version was coming later, it would have averted a lot of hand-wringing, especially by Hyoyeon stans.

        • In a way the video totally works because many of the early grindhouse movies were unintentionally bad, so SNSD succeeds on that level! It stayed true to the concept in ways it didn’t even intend to!

      • rochelle.bernard96

        Actually, that’s what I thought we were getting :( , when SME said “a surprise” I thought it’d be a mini movie. *again, sadface*

      • meteor

        Jacques, I don’t believe SM really lost their “data”, they took YG up on their challenge and made up a random excuse so that they could have a head to head battle instead of going ahead by a week. I mean 2ne1 was struggling last year, with a good song SNSD could beat them blindfolded. An album leak or an MV delay would not have made a difference with an insurmountable wall that is SNSD if the song had been popular with the public. In this case, the song just didn’t cut it with the people in Korea and this is probably the reason why they only made an allkill on their first day and dropped to 2nd on the 2nd day and it all just went downhill from there.

        I think SM’s purpose in this video is to make the girl’s as visually entrancing as they could be and they were. This is a video where anyone could say that ALL these girls are absolutely beautiful. They just didn’t count on the MR MR not being that popular with the Korean public. But in terms of visual, this MV was perfect. They looked like dolls (in a good way).

        • UncleFan

          I’m going out on limb here, but I have a theory: I don’t think SM *cares* anymore if Koreans like SNSD’s new songs. I think SM is tailoring these songs for a global audience, which means taking some risks that the home audience has no taste for.

          • James Smith III

            exactly, the girls go number one in korea all the time its time to move them to the global stage

          • That was 100% the case for “I Got a Boy,” which stupid K-pop fans did not understand no matter how much I told them that the song was not aimed squarely at their generic tastes, but I definitely think “Mr.Mr.” was meant to be safer and more radio-friendly to appease Koreans, but was also produced in a style that international listeners could appreciate too.

          • D is for Danger!

            I think SM is trying to reach a middle ground with MR MR. It’s almost an amalgamation of their two previous singles.

            The Boys was your run of the mill generic American pop song, which the Korean public ate up, but wasn’t as well received by western fans.

            Then they released IGAB, which was a k-pop song gone berzerk, that was praised in many western music outlets, but not so much in Korea.

            Sadly, this whole campaign could have been handled better. Hopefully the live performances will give them a much needed boost.

        • dumbass

          I think most of the reason the song did so poorly is that SM fucked up in terms of promoting them. They didn’t hype it half as much as the IGAB mess last year. This song is better, in my opinion, and the MV was a lot better too (again my opinion) and should have slayed. YG basically coming for SNSD’s weave didn’t help, but ever since the TVXQ messes in January (not changing the title of their song when they heard girls day was releasing ‘something’ too, pulling TVXQ from shows because girls day and b1a4 were beating them) SM has been making bad decisions. Plus now they released TVXQs flawless repackage single on top of this too. It’s apparent SM only cares about EXO now. What a waste. :(

          • omg… i was reading your comment and thinking the same as you but wondering “why’s sm so messy about its best groups?” and suddenly comes the dreaded answer: EXO!


    • James Smith III

      they need that dance version ASAP

  • Nicole Naeun

    I love the MV and I think it’s really cool, and the girls looked absolutely stunning. But this comeback is CURSED!!!! Everything is such a mess (with the exception of the song itself), and I agree with the lack of choreo scene in the MV, it’s also bothering me.

    Honestly, I’ve been thinking that SNSD should just promote the song for 1-2 weeks then go to Japan or something. I just want this era to end, and they come back in September or October and slay again a la The Boys era.

    • I think I’d rather them rush out a repackage album lol

      • Nicole Naeun

        Sadly SM doesn’t do repackage for mini albums. Btw, I just remembered something: TTS is supposed to comeback after this, I hope they slay!

        • Riley Biers

          ugh NOT looking forward to this new uber-confidant tiffany shrieking

          • Marhaebwa

            Trust me! TIffany must think she’s like the 2nd leader. I love me some SNSD and Hyoyeon all day errday but some of the girls are really starting to grind on me. Tiffany including.

            That said, I’m falling in love with Jessica. I’m gonna need a Jessica-Sunny-Hyoyeon sub-unit immediately.

          • leesigh3

            I would enjoy watching that group flop.

          • Marhaebwa


          • Bob A

            You have to realize that you have basically listed the bottom 3 vocalists in the group (hyo, yoona and soo). You definitely need someone to carry the group vocally

          • OMG YES! i’ve always loved tiffany and her star turn with TTS was amazing, but gawd girl is so overexposed i’m starting to get sick! and the majority of “love & peace”‘s songs is all about TTS, especially stiffany.

            that said i totally agree that has-been snsd queens jessica and sunny are deserving better treatment because they’re simply slaying with the ridiculously little screen time/lines they’re getting lately.

            and since QUEEN HYOYEON is my ultimate snsd bias and you mentioned the delightful wishful thinking of her sub-unit, i think that it should be better as a HyoYuSoo group, especially because of THIS:


            and because hyoyeon and yuri are the HOTTEST things in the world i like to imagine them engaging in faux-lesbian activities a la SHARKira/POThanna <3

          • Marhaebwa

            Please receive a cookie for “stiffany”, looool.

            But you know what I mean? you are even saying TTS, but Seohyun is getting moved over too you know. It’s more TT. Oh dem TT’s.

            That will always be my favourite SNSD video of all time. Hyo, Yul and my boy Henry! THAT should be a unit. Right now, I don’t care what medium Hyoyeon is next released in but can it be QUICK, and can it have more than 10% of Hyo, please? Cheers.

            LOOOOL They could be named HOEyeon and PUSSYuri as their stage name. But real talk, I have a feel Yuri would be all over that ;)

          • haha i’ve read somewhere yuri’s a major lesbian and likes to party a lot.

            that video is fun right? hyo girl can rap well, as far as idols can go through that route.

            maybe it’s cuz i’m biased, but i don’t think her sole purpose in snsd is to solo on the dance breaks. homegirl has grown up and even if her voice sounds like a feminine daffy duck, she could bring some different sexy flavour up in a sub-unit where she’s the leader.

          • Marhaebwa

            HyoLeader! YASSSSSSSS.

            I live for that day. She’s got too much going for her to be shaded otherwise.
            – Angelic Daffy voice.
            – Swag Dance Moves
            – Exotic Visuals
            – Beautiful Personality

            …I think I’m obsessed. But with good reason, though, right?
            If she was in a group with Yoona, Yuri and Soo, it would be a flat-out crime if she wasn’t.

    • dumbass

      even 2neflop is doing better on the charts right now. SM dun goof’d big time.

  • talinekae

    TL;DR: Love the video, but not with the song. And I agree completely.

  • 364Leinad

    I actually think that this is but far the best music video SM Entertainment has ever released. But I definitely agree that more dance cuts are needed, particularly that Drag King sequence.

    • leesigh3

      Yuri looks so good as an oppa.

  • jack thomas

    Wow I was half-way through watching Paula Abdul vs. Janet Jackson when I started reading this review, great minds

  • Johnnyyy

    “And while the behind-the-scenes issues seem to have severely hurt the Divine Nine as far as promo and sales go”
    How is the song doing chart-wise?

    The saddest thing of all is that they will only get to promote the song for 3-4 weeks because their new Japanese tour starts in April. Which means we’re not gonna get a re-package this time either.

    Hyoyeon was everything in the dance-break even though, yes, it was a shame how they’d cut away from the dancing…

    • jack thomas

      SM doesnt repackage EP’s anyway

    • queens hyoyeon and yuri could be EVERYTHING for this mess of an MV, but instead we get foreber lesbo-bored taeyeon and stiffany – ALL THE TIME!! god, i hate this video! lol

  • I really love the video. Maybe it would have been nice to see more dancing but that’s what the live performance is about.

    KPOP fans expect too much, Every new song, video, dance has to be better than the last and then they live in disappointment.

  • TerriDesu

    I’m no snsd stan,but I really wanted snsd to kick 2no1’s ass this time around so 2no1 fans could stfu about how 2no1 is so godly.but no SM decides they want to fuck snsd in the butthole with this shitty mv and lacklustre song.and everyone seems to be in love with 2ne1s comeback which is just as generic as snsd’s but whatever.fuck you sm :)<3!

  • iAmAwesome

    omfg @ 2:44 when the dance break got cut to show that over-the-top heart transplant scene. I haven’t felt more betrayed since Britney’s Circus MV and that fucking elephant.

  • I’ve watched this mess about 4-5 times hoping it would get better but it just got worse. I thought they made up the data corruption but clearly they didn’t because the put this hodge-podge of like 5 different MVs together.

    I don’t even think that the whole “horror nurse medical thing” was not meant to be in the video. I think they filmed that stuff for the teaser but ending up having to put it in. SM teaser’s are normally different to the actual release (look at f(x)/SHINee’s latest releases) and the teaser was not an MV teaser but an “image teaser”.

    I just want a dance version, every time I was getting into it, it cuts back to them lying around looking stupid. MESS MESS MESS. and it makes me so sad :(

  • Lady

    Let’s just hope they make a dance version out of it. The song is still flawless just like SNSD are. Can’t wait for their live performance.