Crayon Pop Lady Gaga
I have no words right now, but I’m going to try and formulate a few sentences as best I can.

So, first of all, there’s this.

My first feeling was one of RELIEF, relief that I jumped on Team Gaga for the ARTPOP era and have been more or less supporting the album since “Applause” dropped (on top of making fun of it for flopping, of course).

My second feeling was LOVE, as Crayon Pop is a group with a HAPPINESS concept and Lady Gaga is the self-proclaimed GODDESS OF LOVE, so together they will be spreading love, peace, and joy across America and Canada, and taking the first steps towards WORLD PEACE.

My third feeling was ELATION, elation that my suspicions about Crayon Pop have now been confirmed: They are officially the Village People of our generation.

My fourth thought was SUPERIORITY, superiority in that I have supported them from the start, and still to this very day get people laughing at me for being a certified Crayon Popper. People treat them as a joke, or one-hit-wonders, or as simply “cute but nothing special.” They fail to see that Crayon Pop is actually a punk movement disguised as a K-pop band, but they’ll all see the truth soon. THEY’LL ALL SEE MWAHAHAHAHAH!

And my fifth and final thought was GLEE, glee at the MISERY Blackjacks will be experiencing right now as 2NE1’s plans for world domination are dashed once again, and GLEE at the PRESSEDNESS of all the LITTLE MONSTERS who shat on me back in the day for posting K-pop on this blog. Now they will taste my wrath as their PRECIOUS QUEEN forces them to experience K-pop in person on her ArtRave tour!

I’m always right about everything. It’s such a beautiful feeling :'(

Satisfied Gif

ArtRave: The Crayon Pop Ball tour dates. Milwaukee (June 26), Atlantic City (June 28), Boston (June 30), Montreal (July 2), Buffalo (July 7), Toronto (July 9), Chicago (July 11), San Antonio (July 14), Houston (July 16), Dallas (July 17), and Los Angeles (July 21 and 22).