Crayon Pop Lady Gaga
I have no words right now, but I’m going to try and formulate a few sentences as best I can.

So, first of all, there’s this.

My first feeling was one of RELIEF, relief that I jumped on Team Gaga for the ARTPOP era and have been more or less supporting the album since “Applause” dropped (on top of making fun of it for flopping, of course).

My second feeling was LOVE, as Crayon Pop is a group with a HAPPINESS concept and Lady Gaga is the self-proclaimed GODDESS OF LOVE, so together they will be spreading love, peace, and joy across America and Canada, and taking the first steps towards WORLD PEACE.

My third feeling was ELATION, elation that my suspicions about Crayon Pop have now been confirmed: They are officially the Village People of our generation.

My fourth thought was SUPERIORITY, superiority in that I have supported them from the start, and still to this very day get people laughing at me for being a certified Crayon Popper. People treat them as a joke, or one-hit-wonders, or as simply “cute but nothing special.” They fail to see that Crayon Pop is actually a punk movement disguised as a K-pop band, but they’ll all see the truth soon. THEY’LL ALL SEE MWAHAHAHAHAH!

And my fifth and final thought was GLEE, glee at the MISERY Blackjacks will be experiencing right now as 2NE1’s plans for world domination are dashed once again, and GLEE at the PRESSEDNESS of all the LITTLE MONSTERS who shat on me back in the day for posting K-pop on this blog. Now they will taste my wrath as their PRECIOUS QUEEN forces them to experience K-pop in person on her ArtRave tour!

I’m always right about everything. It’s such a beautiful feeling :'(

Satisfied Gif

ArtRave: The Crayon Pop Ball tour dates. Milwaukee (June 26), Atlantic City (June 28), Boston (June 30), Montreal (July 2), Buffalo (July 7), Toronto (July 9), Chicago (July 11), San Antonio (July 14), Houston (July 16), Dallas (July 17), and Los Angeles (July 21 and 22).

  • talinekae

    “GLEE at the PRESSEDNESS of all the LITTLE MONSTERS who shat on me back in the day for posting K-pop on this blog.” that must feel soooooo good.

  • Tayiou

    I’m starting to think that Jacques is the mega rich boss of some shady corporation that’s secretly controlling the WW pop scene behind curtains.

  • Guest

    Blackhacks are commenting all over the barx3 video telling little monsters they should check out YG artists. It’s so pathetic. Their badly concealed butthurtness makes me happy :)

    • No shade to 2NE1 coz most people know I’m a hardcore CL stan but Lady Gaga is meant to represent art and creativity in pop culture, and 2NE1 is the fucking opposite of that. 2NE1 is like the Katy Perry of K-pop. Crayon Pop matches Gaga and the ARTPOP concept the best. They went against the grain and they did things nobody else was doing. Their music reminds me of ABBA and The Village People of today. I can’t think of a worse opening act for ArtRave than 2NE1.

      • haha not only 2NE1 but EVERY SINGLE YG ACT is the opposite of creativity. shall we not start on gag-dragon

        • Rubbly

          you know, GaGa tried to get teddy park to write her songs….

      • Luke

        “Lady Gaga is meant to represent art and creativity in pop culture”

        • gallbladder

          Her fans don’t “think,” they obey. There is nothing of substance or worth to her schtick. She is a typical run-of-the-mill bullshit pop star twatwaffle wannabe Renaissance girl.

    • Vanderwaal

      Not only them, but also SNSD fans and others. I guess some Blackjacks feel that 2NE1 have a closer style to Gags than Crayon Pop, but NO. It’s a big no. I’m a Blackjack, but I would NEVER want to see them open for her. Crayon Pop’s popularity overseas is still increasing, so it’s a big chance for them. :D
      And Jaques, NO. 2NE1 > Katy Parry any freaking day. xD
      CL is more like a less “whorish” mix of Rihanna and Minaj, but with actual talent. 2NE1 are closer to a talented artist/group rather than to Perry or GaGa, though.

  • ICONI3

    I didn’t even read your post yet, but I feel like I just had an epiphany.

    People are so quick to say their kpop favs are more “marketable” for the western world because they’re more similar and such to what is accepted over here.

    Maybe…the western world doesn’t want (cheap)carbon copies of what is already over here. That’s why artists like Psy and Crayon pop are making actual moves over here. People want something different not the same shit, but with FOB Asians…just sayin’.

    • bufallobiff

      Just reading in Billboard that R&B is fading away from the pop scene in the U.S………….but it’s kicking in S.Korea, check out Mamamoo, Brown Eyed Girls, Wonder Girls. K Pop isn’t “cheap carbon copies” of what already over here any more or less than the British Invasion was. It’s coming, like it or not…..

      • ICONI3


        First off, I’m a HUGE STAN of BEG so I already know that not everything is a carbon copy, but a lot of it is(just like the western world). That doesn’t mean it’s bad..I’m just don’t associate “originality” with kpop. There’s a sea of many different genres wrapped into kpop, but I’m talking specifically about the mainstream acts.

        Secondly,R&B is dying? Are you talking about traditional R&B music? Traditional R&B has been knocking on death’s door since 2006/7 so that’s nothing new. URBAN music(hip hop,mainstream R&B,rap) has been striving and making a comeback since early last year. Beyonce,Pharrell,Aloe Blacc,Jason derulo,John Legend,Robin Thicke,Drake,etc have all had huge hits between 2013 and now. Even an artist like Jhene Aiko is starting to climb the charts(As well as Sevyn, who scored a top 40). Urban music is making a huge IDK where you live, but the BILLBOARD CHARTS reflect that.

        Back to my original point, people put down CP as not being right to enter the western world because they’ll be taken as a joke. What people fail to realize is that the entertainment world still has trouble accepting Asians as a whole. Psy and CP stands out because they aren’t trying to be any but themselves. Groups like BB and 2NE1 will have a harder time making it here because they’ll be looked at as Asians appropriating black culture(let’s not add into the mix that most of them can’t even speak English).

  • UncleFan

    I hope I can catch one of the Texas shows, this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity!

    • Stan Baker

      My fellow Tex-jussi, I hope it is decidedly not a once in a life time opportunity, but rather a bow wave of K-pop breaking mainstream with our angels leading the charge.

  • NaSoo

    No Vancouver?! Bollocks.

  • ByronZ

    It’s my first comment ever in your blog Jacques, even though I follow you since the Prophet days, but this post deserves it!!!, died,

    You got me into K-Pop for the first time and I’m a super K-Pop fan now, I know what you mean in this post, Crayon Pop is fitting so good there, I’m not a big Gaga fan but I appreciate this, can’t wait for the girls’ new single!, :).

    • Please comment more often.

      – Crayon Prince

  • T-ara the best

    Other then T-ara. Pop is the next best option. Travelling along side with gaga must be fun. 2ne1 us not even relevent in asia. But do Check out mama 2013. See 2ne1 girls not even “looked” at pop girls when they bowed at them. That pissed me off.

    • Kitsu-Ken

      I’d even add maybe Orange Caramel as a third option, they’d have the quirkiness to work.

  • William Love

    LMFAOOOO today is a great day for crayon pop stans everywhere! While I liked their pre- bar bar bar music better than their newer stuff, I’m totally supporting these girls! Lady Gaga is an international icon and crayon pop can do nothing but benefit from opening up this tour. I’m hoping for two things: one, they sing live, and two, they slay all the pressed fans with their disco inferno flawlessness.

  • zullului

    The writing is still too tame in this post – that just won’t cut it if you’re aiming for Crayon Prince. I’ll expect some more aggressive worshipping with the next one.

    • Gimme a break I was in shock from the news, it’s the first thing I saw when I woke up and I was shaking and crying trying to compose this pose :'(

      • zullului

        I’m only harsh because I want you to succeed.

        Seriously though, I think we’re all still a bit in shock right now. That’s where we as humble readers are in need of someone to channel our feelings through beautiful, hysterical, no-punches-pulled stangasm* in the quasi-official long form of a blog like yours.

        *not a real word

  • Lmao the second I saw Gaga’s tweet I thought “JACQUES WILL BE SO PLEASED” because you’ve been talking about Crayon Pop forever. Bitches better hoove it to Japan.

  • AngK

    It was nice to see a reaction from someone who has liked them since the beginning. I was incoherent for a few minutes, and I’ve only liked them since August. :)

  • You literally,spoke my heart right now, i mean my skin is breaking in goose bumps,the monsters do not play and if their queen like something then its a wrap,i am so happy i have been with them from day one, i know some fandom are gagging with feelings of worthlessness,i know how to brighten your miserable day, pop pop cu-re-yon pop!!!!

  • Aquadeath

    [ I’m always right about everything. It’s such a beautiful feeling :’( ]

  • Kpop-Lover

    Crayon Prince.. damn i want that too!

  • Nicole Naeun

    “I’m always right about everything. It’s such a beautiful feeling :’(”

    Um…. no.

    Yay for CP tho, been loving them since the very first start! I hope they’re comeback is something like Bing Bing cause that song is a banger!

    • But I repented and publicly recognized the error of my ways within a month so technically I’m not wrong if I make up for it <3


    god i love you! when i saw her tweet i instantly remembered you and was anticipating for this report.

  • Vanderwaal

    They deserve it. I would have gone with another Pop slut, but I guess it wouldn’t fit the ghetto image of RiRi or the pure image of Miley. And it’s hilarious watching Exotics, Blackjacks and Sones come together to bash them. They are so retarded. -.-

  • Lee James

    “EAT SHIT, HATERS” LOL! Your headlines are getting funnier. :D

  • Josh Chinnery

    All of the SONEs, Blackjacks, VIPs, etc are just pressed as fuck that acts like PSY and Slayon Punk have a chance in America, while their basic faves could (literally) never. Time to face facts guy, no one cares about K-Pop unless it’s funny or weird!!

    • bufallobiff

      GG didn’t win Youtubes video of the year with American votes….the girls are buying million dollar condos in Gangnam and popular as ever in Asia. I don’t think the U.S. market is the plum you might think it is….

      • Josh Chinnery

        I think you might have misread my comment, bro… Acts like SNSD are as irrelevant as they come in mainstream American and will more than likely stay that way. I have no idea why you even brought their YTMA win, because I said absolutely nothing about that.

  • Johnnyyy

    I’m happy for Crayon Pop. I’m not a huge fan of Lady Gaga (in fact, i’ve lost all my respect for her after her recent incident) but it could definitely be a stepping stone for Crayon Pop. Their fanbase in America will definitely increase after that!

    As for 2ne1… you know i just hate them. And i don’t say that because SNSD is my favorite group… it’s just like… i hate them. They are fake and I can’t stand their music.

  • AlanaKang

    what does crayon pop going on tour with lady gaga have to do with 2ne1?
    you think yg or 2ne1 caring or thinking about that shit? lol
    2ne1 debuted on hot 100 albums with no promotions in America…whats more of an accomplishment? opening act for lady gaga or debut on billboard hot 100 album?

    • Because Blackjacks on Twitter, allkpop, and Youtube have been bashing Crayon Pop and complaining that 2NE1 should’ve got the spot because they apparently suit Gaga more because they’re more Western and ‘fierce’

      • kpopfanatic93

        but 2NE1 is on tour….so they wouldn’t be able to obviously… my follow BJ’s sorry for saying this but “are you dumb”?

        • It’s a small tour with a couple of dates every month. They could easily have worked around it.

          • kpopfanatic93

            but either way LG PICKED crayon pop…..she picked them herself….so IDK why ppl are getting upset….

    • it’s to do with blackjacks therefore…

    • Powerful

      It wouldn’t have been an issue at all and no one would’ve even brought 2ne1 into the topic had some blackjacks not went on a tirade about it. The BJ’s posting 2ne1 videos on Gaga’s Facebook to convince her that she chose the wrong group was embarrassing and desperate. I’m a fan of both CP and 2ne1 and found it distasteful.

  • D is for Danger!

    My prayers have finally been answered! I’ll finally be able to see Crayon Pop live, even if it means having to attend a Lady Gaga concert. Never doubt the impact of the Crayon POPE.

  • leesigh3

    I just hope NA audiences are nice to the CP girls!

    • bufallobiff

      How could you not love them ?

  • bufallobiff

    Village People, they reminded me of Devo with their helmets. Someone is giving these girls some decent tunes to sing and their choreo is impeccable. Remind me of f(x) back when they could dance…….

  • Egbutts Egbust

    I would only ever go to a Gaga concert just to see these girls slay. Don’t like Gaga personally.

  • Guest

    So shameful Crayon Pop opening the ArtRave..

  • Rubbly

    Lady Gaga has always copied asian style and the fans that don’t know that are stupid, She is not original either. Being original and 100% creative is impossible for artists…or at least once that want to make money.

    I’m happy 2NE1 isn’t opening for her because then I would have had to buy tickets to see Lady Gaga. Shes talented, just not my taste…

    Crayon Pop is dumb.

    I don’t know why people would want 2NE1 to open for lady gaga, it doesnt make sense. Not because of creativity, but because the music just doesnt relate enough to each other in my opinion.