Narsha Eunjung
The two divine kweens of Korea ~Narsha & Eunjung~ have emerged as the two standout stars of Seoul Fashion Week according to every single media outlet in Asia.

Natural beauty Narsha played up her image as Korea’s No. 1 cougar by wearing a sheer shirt-dress underneath a vintage girdle and suspenders. It was an outfit that expressed the duality of the Brown Eyed Girls legend, with the white colouring representing her God-like divinity and purity, while the sheer material and suggestive suspenders referenced her lustful, passionate side.

Meanwhile, over at the exclusive A-list Sue Comma Bonnie event, world-renowned singer and actress Eunjung embraced her lesbianism by wearing a chic masculine ensemble of a white shirt and grey trousers. As K-pop’s representative LGBT idol, it was a concept that only she could pull off.

Following their fashion slayage, it’s now rumoured that Anna Wintour is considering the stylish pair for the next American Vogue cover.

An insider from Wintour’s entourage exclusively revealed, “After destroying Vogue’s reputation with the tacky Kimye cover, Anna is now scrambling for a quick-fix solution to turn the magazine back into the prestigious luxury brand that it once was. She’s been desperately scouring the globe for fresh cover stars that can embody the elegance and sophistication that Vogue was once known for, and she feels that there’s no one out there that can do it better than Narsha and Eunjung.

In other news, 2NE1 was reportedly banned from every single Fashion Week event after they refused to wear anything but Jeremy Scott.

The Comeback

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