Crayon Pop Hey
Crayon Pop aka Crayon Punk aka The Holy Crayolas of Narnia and the Heavens Above just performed their new single “UH-EE!” at their official comeback showcase.

It sounds like the Vengaboys remixed an old Korean trot song.

It’s so good that I’m now suffering from acute angina.

Crayon Pop are now the best dancers in Korea, if not the world.

Crayon Pop’s countrified Korean fashion is the new must-have look for 2014.

Lady Gaga has been removed from the ArtRAVE tour bill. Crayon Pop’s been upgraded to headliner, and 2NE1 and Beyonce are opening.

Pope Francis just stepped down. Soyul will replace him. She will be called The Pop. Crayonity is the new religion; it’s trendier than Kabbalah, more serene than Buddhism, and edgier than Nihilism.

Future No. 1 highest-selling song of 2014 on Gaon yearly chart.

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[Via Crayon Pop United]

  • UncleFan

    Weeping right now. Soyul’s dance moves >>>>> Martha Graham’s whole career.

  • JammySmoochie

    I don’t deserve this kind of perfection. I really don’t. SOYUL, you saved my soul!

    That flawless choreography, trend-setting outfit, and of course that life-affirming song. I couldn’t ask for more.

  • ICONI3

    Honestly the song screams big hit. I really hope they do well.

  • pyonbot

    “It sounds like the Vengaboys remixed an old Korean trot song.” I thought I was the only who thought so!

  • omg they’re so pretty it’s exciting to see them!!!


    • For real especially when lesser minds couldnt grab their concepts from jump,they are some dancing bishes i tell you what…

  • Lin Yang

    Crayon Pop has died for our sins, and now 3 days later resurrected, and gave us “Uh-ee”.
    They have cleansed our ears from the filth that we have been listening to, and we now have a second chance to enjoy music again.

  • zullului

    K-pop is officially over. What’s left to do after this? Everyone in the biz should just pack up now and go look for a job.

    “She will be called The Pop” ? Now THAT’s more like it! I will stop bullying you now for not sounding devoted enough.

  • Db

    Everyone drop on your knees and say 15 Hail Ellins in gratitude for having The Crayon Pope bless us with their heavenly music.

    Praise the Pope!

  • Fucking it up!!!!!!! My life is so fucking complete yall… Im going to see them in la april 12, if i am still alive then and not slayed by their awesomeness!!

  • SleepyK

    “She will be called The Pop.” Too good. Can’t wait to see her in that hat.

  • SleepyK

    I see lots of the Delinquent Unnie dance in there!

  • byoing~byoing.

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS^53248593248092384302758913740128309175402850943250983402375892374098123049832095823905 !!
    THIS is what I live for in Korean pop culture!! Is anyone group as well timed and synced as Crayon Pop apart from the flawless Nine Muses?
    I appreciate the polish of a lot of the groups out there, but Crayon Pop just has so much Charisma and just undeniable talent to make someone smile, laugh and love everything when they watch these girls take to the stage.
    Seriously – their concepts since their debut have just been out of this world and so far removed from what we’re given from all the girl groups. I’m so, so SO glad they’re getting this recognition now! I do remember when it honestly seemed like there was a handful of people giving love to Crayon Pop and now they’re touring with one of the biggest Western stars at the moment and are creating fads in both fashion and dance in South Korea!

  • AOI

    It sounds like an anime OP! They’re serving Megumi Hayashibara realness!

  • justpassingby


  • twerkdol

    “Pope Francis just stepped down. Soyul will replace him. She will be
    called The Pop. Crayonity is the new religion; it’s trendier than
    Kabbalah, more serene than Buddhism, and edgier than Nihilism.”

    lmfao i’m so done with you…


  • U_Wot_U_Wot

    I imagine this would destroy AKB48/Morning Musume in Japan as well. Let us learn to love the illusive 6th member of CP! ALL HAIL THE HYPNO POP

  • BadB*tch


  • I love how the Popjusshi’s already started the fan chants before the end of the performance. This is going to deafness inducing when they actually perform it on the live shows. I feel bad for the other artists because their fdandoms could NEVER!

  • ByronZ

    What?, I’m still recovering from this, I just feel happiness :D.

    So proud of what they’ve accomplished with hard work!.

  • 364Leinad

    Why do scientists waste all there money o

  • Vanderwaal

    OMG I think I already have (another) favourite comeback of this year (yet). I mean, I still haven’t listened to the whole song, but the first minute and a half, I’m liking it as much as I liked Catallena on the first listen, or almost. xD
    I’m not even joking.