Crayon Pop Hey
Crayon Pop aka Crayon Punk aka The Holy Crayolas of Narnia and the Heavens Above just performed their new single “UH-EE!” at their official comeback showcase.

It sounds like the Vengaboys remixed an old Korean trot song.

It’s so good that I’m now suffering from acute angina.

Crayon Pop are now the best dancers in Korea, if not the world.

Crayon Pop’s countrified Korean fashion is the new must-have look for 2014.

Lady Gaga has been removed from the ArtRAVE tour bill. Crayon Pop’s been upgraded to headliner, and 2NE1 and Beyonce are opening.

PopeĀ Francis just stepped down. Soyul will replace him. She will be called The Pop. Crayonity is the new religion; it’s trendier than Kabbalah, more serene than Buddhism, and edgier than Nihilism.

Future No. 1 highest-selling song of 2014 on Gaon yearly chart.

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[Via Crayon Pop United]