Crayon Pop Hey 01
A comeback date has been set for Crayon Pop aka Crayon Punk aka Nation’s Girl Group.

The subversive ground-breaking anti-establishment non-conformist girl group that turned the music industry on its head last year will hold their comeback showcase on March 29, and officially¬†release their new single, “Hey,” on March 31.

Some photos from the set of the MV have already leaked, showing Crayon Punk sporting a never-been-done-before-by-an-idol ahjumma-in-a-hanbok concept.

How do I feel about all this, you ask? Well, I’m confused, excited, enchanted, bewildered, aroused, intellectually stimulated, and teary eyed. I also feel a little guilty, as I’ve really slacked off on my public Crayon Pop stanning over the past few months.

As Slayon Pope’s first ever stan who dared to support their controversial punk rock ideologies when no one else would, I feel like I should’ve been more supportive of the Divine Five this year, rather than putting my own life first by not blogging so much. I guess I felt that now that they’re the nation’s girl group who have surpassed Wonder Girls and Girls’ Generation in popularity and love from the public that I didn’t need to be there for them so much, but I now realize that I was wrong.

From this point forward, I will be hysterically stanning for Crayon Punk just like I used to in the early days and snatching back my crown as the Crayon Prince.

Crayon Pop 04 Crayon Pop Hey 03 Crayon Pop Hey 02 Crayon Pop Hey 01

[Via Crayon Pop United]

  • Crayon Punk breaking all boundaries! Thanks for the link!

  • Laurence Nope

    This is when Crayon Pop does a concept of North Korean propaganda posters that come to life and wander around Seoul marveling at the wonders of capitalism, and the song becomes really controversial for its politically subversive message but it also manages to find its way into the DPRK itself where it sparks an underground phenomenon that soon becomes a full-blown uprising that even the most steadfast Juche party members can’t resist due to the virulent catchiness and otherworldly cuteness on display, eventually culminating in the reunification of Korea without a single shot fired. When will your faves end a cold war?

    • YAS! THIS!!! all THIS!!

    • U_Wot_U_Wot

      we’re witnessing history here, people. “POP POP, CU-RA-YON-POP REEEADY? GO” will be screamed from the rooftops

    • CrayonPop SlaveSubs

      Nobel Peace Prize, here we come!

    • GBuster

      Someone just needs to end North Korea…..period.

    • Kpop_Love

      Seem legit lol

  • D is for Danger!

    The second outfit, with the blue head scarf definitely looks like a hanbok. The one with the read head scarf, not so much. They look like dental hygienists, or even massage therapists lugging their equipment around on their way to a client’s mansion.

    I’m still beyond excited though. The song will be produced by the guys behind Saturday Night and Dancing Queen.

  • zullului

    You better step your stanning game up then! Asian Junkie has gotten quite a head start.

  • eric

    Anyone got any info on a reported rumour regarding the songwriter for the album having his tracks pulled from the album and the albums demise ???
    Somebody is saying there is something big like a big piece of shit about to hit the fan but they won’t say what and don’t want it out in the public arena.

    • CrayonPop SlaveSubs

      It’s not that bad. Preemptive measures were taken.

  • Kpop_Love

    Crayon Pop!! Im ready!

  • Vanderwaal

    OMG SO EXCITED! Good that they let Orange Caramel rule the charts for a couple of weeks, because Crayon Pop will OWN the whole month of April (until RaNia come back with their biggest hit yet, you’ll see). :D