Troy Green Light
Given the popularity of Primary/Zion.T/Bumkey/Etc over the past couple of years, it was only a matter of time before someone formed a boy band version to bring Primary’s signature sound to idol fans. The boy band I’m talking about is TROY, Bumkey and Kanto (from this gem) are members, and their Keeproots-produced debut single, “Green Light,” sounds like a smoother, more subdued Primary.

It’s the kind of song you feel like you’ve heard a million times before (because you have), but if you like the whole Primary movement and all of its offshoots, then that isn’t a problem.

Anyway, you know the real reason I’m covering this song is to stan for T-ara, right? These TROY nugus copied, or should I say, PAID HOMAGE, to T-ara’s slept-on shoulda-been-a-smash single “Do You Know Me?” in their “Green Light” MV.

TROY jacked the bar scene, the alleyway scene, some of the more distinctive lighting effects, and certain outfits for the female extras — like Boram’s pink skirt and Hyomin’s headband. One guy even faithfully recreates Eunjung’s Tony Award winning solo by singing into a broom stick.

So, as you can see, even though “Do You Know Me?” flopped on the charts due to a sajaegi conspiracy between the likes of Starship and YG Entertainment, its crushing impact is still being felt throughout the Korean entertainment industry today.

Since T-ara’s iconic never-been-done-before musical concept was the best concept of 2013, I’m sure that we’ll see many other idol groups paying homage to T-ara’s underrated masterpiece as the year goes on. It’s gonna be the post “Roly Poly” disco craze all over again.