1PS Because I'm Your Girl
I haven’t written about the angelic Springtime sprites of 1PS (1 Plastic Surgeon) yet, but I have discussed them on social media with my little K-pop Twitter clique. I’ve been obsessed with these surgically-enhanced beauties since they spent a whole month doing pre-debut media play about how beautiful and pretty they are, but when I humbly presented them to my Twitter peeps, I was mocked, laughed at, and verbally abused to the point of feeling like a Guantanamo Bay prisoner.

Uncle Fan, King Bea Arthur, Nicole Naeun, Suzy Sooyoung, Twerkdol and many more ridiculed me for calling these delicate and talented angels the new Nation’s girl group, but guess who’s having the last laugh? MEEEEE! I AMMM! Because as of today, 1 Plastic Surgeon is now 2014’s highest-charting rookie girl group!

1 Plastic Surgeon’s debut single “Because I’m Your Girl” just debuted at No. 29 on the official Gaon digital chart, easily destroying all other rookie girl group songs in its path. 1PisS outcharted the likes of Kiss&Cry, Bebop, and Lip Service, as well as some of last year’s notable rookies like BESTie and Wa$$up.

They even beat STELLAR!

The only group that’s done better is MAMAMOO, but they don’t count because A) I’m not even sure if they’re meant to qualify as an idol group or not and B) Their singles featured Bumkey and Wheesung, which gives them an unfair advantage.


Now, do I think that 1 Plastic Surgeon’s agency used shady¬†sajaegi tactics to manipulate the charts so “Because I’m Your Girl” would become the new nation’s anthem? Of course I do. But it doesn’t count because we have no actual concrete proof, so 1 Plastic Surgeon simply slayed with their Whitney Houston-esque vocals and breathtaking visuals. It probably also helps that their single is a complete rip-off of A Pink’s legendary debut smash “I Don’t Know,” and that their concept is an A Pinkified version of those BESTie hookers.

1PS is the unnatural unnie version of A Pink and y’all will deal and bow down.

I actually still haven’t decided if I genuinely like these crooked queens or if it’s all just ironic joke stanning, but either way they just slayed your rookie faves so AHAHAHAHA and I stay predicting the star female rookies every year after my early Crayon Pop championing.


  • KingBeaArthur

    If you wanna throw down, Jacques, WE CAN THROW DOWN!! You and 1PisS can get it!

    (but really..) the song isn’t bad, but it didn’t help any that the first few times I heard it was during some lackluster ‘live’ stages. Good for them for charting, I guess..

    *goes back to waiting for Brave Girls and EXID’s returns*

    • I know what you mean it looks like a total joke when you see the live stages but the actual MP3 and MV is really good lol!

      • KingBeaArthur

        Agreed. The mv definitely helps. I’m not feeling the whisper voice of the girl that sings the verses, but the pre chorus is gorgeous and the girl with the short hair slayed near the end.

  • guest

    You know I’ve been into kpop for too long when I’m amazed that one girl’s tights actually touch

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    omg slayed LMFAO
    I cannot believe this random group with this more than average song got that chart position!

    • dumbass

      the song is so basic, literally. jacques you better hope they aren’t a one hit wonder omg

  • Steve

    I actually find this song incredible catchy and all the girls look absolutely gorgeous in the music video!!

  • lol… now i wanna be part of the twitter clique!! <3 ___ <3

  • Egbutts Egbust

    I love these gurls, they slayed harder than whitney and mariah. Even boram, the goddess of vocals in all of Korea was blown away by them, afterwards asking them to drop the name of their plastic surgeon so she can get a touch-up on her face.

  • dumbass

    lmao the first girl cant sing. this is literally worse than apink (one of the few girl groups that I absolutely cannot stan). i’m glad for your stanning, Jacques, since they need at least one fan.

    • yosafbridge

      Eunji is arguably one of the best female singers in k-pop. The rest of Apink are basic but Eunji alone is worth stanning for.

  • UncleFan

    LOL @ waking up to discover I’ve been “called out”. The reason I dissed 1PS so strongly in the beginning was because of their horribly shaky live vocals on their debut performance stage. Since then, 1PS has improved their live vocals to the point that I’ll give them a second chance. The song STILL sucks, but I guess I can’t blame the girls for that. And what about those outfits? They’re dressed like a bunch of nurses on their lunch break! These look like all the girls who auditioned for A Pink, but got rejected because they were too damned boring.

    I’ll stan for 1PS from now on because I promised Jacques, but I’m not sending them any rice wreaths until they come back with a better song and a hotter concept.

  • D is for Danger!

    Mamamoo, FapJizz&Cry, Lip Service >>>>>>>> 1Pizza. I didn’t think it was possible to be more generic and bland than A Pink, but somehow 1PS has managed to do so.

    Also, please review the best song of the year Catallena.

    • dumbass

      I live for ‘1Pizza’ omg


      and yes! i’m appaled jacques hasn’t talked about catallena yet. ANYWHERE!

      • D is for Danger!

        Maybe he just doesn’t like it.

  • William Love

    that girl singing the first verse can’t sing for shitttttttt but the song is still really good! I have an odd fantasy of these girls teaming up with Qri and Boram and forming some autotuned project group called like… “Electric Scalpel”

  • png

    I definitely see the “I Don’t Know” vibe from this song. It has that spring-like feeling which is probably why it’s doing so well. Songs that match the season of their release always tend to be really popular.
    MAMAMOO hasn’t even officially debuted so time will tell if they can keep up their successful streak. As much as I like them right now, they probably won’t keep featuring other singers but they also don’t seem to be an idol group so who knows.

  • nick

    just waiting for their slutty concept tbh