After School Shh
It looked like After School were pretty much done in Japan until their last single, “Heaven,” came out, giving the group their second-highest first-week sales in Japan ever. I was hoping they’d do even better with their FUCKING AMAZING PERFECT FLAWESS OMG IT’S SO GOOD new single, “Shh,” but alas, that hasn’t quite happened.

The vintage minimalist avante garde EDM masterpiece, produced by the genius that is Shinichi Osawa, just debuted at No. 12 on the Oricon weekly chart with 16,101 copies sold. It ties 2011’s “Diva” as After School’s lowest-charting J-pop single, but on the bright side, it has higher first-week sales than the two double A-side singles After School released in 2012: “Rambling Girls” / “Because of You,” and “Lady Luck” / “Dilly Dally”.

So, this is either bad news or good news, depending on how you choose to look at it.

By the way, “Shh” has fallen out of the top thirty of the Oricon Daily chart, so the chance of its sales total increasing are pretty slim unless the group has some kind of promo or fan-signing event planned that I don’t know about.

I’m kind of become re-obsessed with After School again since they dropped “First Love” and then became the greatest foreign musical act in Japan with “Heaven” and “Shh,” so I’ve started watching their sales like a hawk. I’ll be keeping a close eye on March, when the group will release their second Japanese album, Dressed To Kill, and Orange Caramel will make a comeback in Korea.

Anyway, did anybody listen to the “Shh” b-side, “Rock It!”? That song is so perfect that it could be an a-side.