After School Shh
It looked like After School were pretty much done in Japan until their last single, “Heaven,” came out, giving the group their second-highest first-week sales in Japan ever. I was hoping they’d do even better with their FUCKING AMAZING PERFECT FLAWESS OMG IT’S SO GOOD new single, “Shh,” but alas, that hasn’t quite happened.

The vintage minimalist avante garde EDM masterpiece, produced by the genius that is Shinichi Osawa, just debuted at No. 12 on the Oricon weekly chart with 16,101 copies sold. It ties 2011’s “Diva” as After School’s lowest-charting J-pop single, but on the bright side, it has higher first-week sales than the two double A-side singles After School released in 2012: “Rambling Girls” / “Because of You,” and “Lady Luck” / “Dilly Dally”.

So, this is either bad news or good news, depending on how you choose to look at it.

By the way, “Shh” has fallen out of the top thirty of the Oricon Daily chart, so the chance of its sales total increasing are pretty slim unless the group has some kind of promo or fan-signing event planned that I don’t know about.

I’m kind of become re-obsessed with After School again since they dropped “First Love” and then became the greatest foreign musical act in Japan with “Heaven” and “Shh,” so I’ve started watching their sales like a hawk. I’ll be keeping a close eye on March, when the group will release their second Japanese album, Dressed To Kill, and Orange Caramel will make a comeback in Korea.

Anyway, did anybody listen to the “Shh” b-side, “Rock It!”? That song is so perfect that it could be an a-side.

  • comekpop

    Tis a shame, the beat to “Shh” is awesome.

  • 364Leinad

    As much as I love the flawless, holier-than-your-fave, After School, I honestly could not give two shts about their or any group’s chart performance. Let the slave drivers at Pledis and other K-Pop companies worry about that shit. I’m only here for the music and the girls.

  • AlanaKang

    the devil is a liar!
    this video/song was one of my favorite pieces of music/visuals to come out in the past year!!!

  • since i’m sorta new to k-pop and the first after school comeback i followed was “flashback” – but i knew all of their actual songs till then [i never count OSTs], “first love” kinda just renewed my devotion, especially because the group showed it can be greatly interesting in spite of queen kahi’s graduation.

    “shh” is one of the most iconic songs released last year. it makes me wonder really hard why these high profile pop bitches – from the likes of madonna, lady crapa or even flop-tina – insist on working with washed-up lazyass western producers to come up with new and inspiring sounds. japan and korean have been doing the REAL reinvention of pop and it feels like these monrons aren’t watching

  • MusicBreaks

    I think Avex sort of screwed up by announcing the new album before “Shh” was even released…only the super-dedicated fans will buy “Shh” then while most wait for the album…luckily, these numbers aren’t bad and must mean they have a big support system in Japan.

    But that must indicate big numbers for “Dressed to Kill” (which is shaping up to be Album of the Year tbqh!!!!) I can’t wait for them to slay the charts

    • btw, what a GORGEOUS album title! i hope there’s a homonymous song even more fantastic than the ones already released.

  • BadB*tch

    i wanna rocket!!!

  • norimix

    AS is so mismanaged.. All the member changes hurt the group

  • roelm

    it’s unfortunate it didn’t do better on the charts … “Shh” and “Heaven” are my kind of music … an example to other composers/producers/artists out there.

  • KingBeaArthur

    “Rock It” SLAYS!!!!!!!

    I’ve decided to see their position at #12 as a positive! Nothing but positive energy for my girls ^-^

    Is there anything concrete on Orange Caramel’s return?? Pledis kind of fucked up not having them drop at least a digi single in the back half of 2013!

    • and pledis is weird this year… by this time in 2013 we already had a nu’est mini-album and a confirmed hello, penis comeback… everything’s so quiet about it so far. maybe they spent all their money on the stellar comebacks last year and now is fucked up.

      • KingBeaArthur

        All the more reason to throw OC back out there! If Pledis is hurting for cash OC are really the only alternative – other than Uee.

        • hell yeah! besides we deserve some quircky sexiness like OC’s! all these sexy concepts are getting way too serious and repetitive. lol

          besides, i was just presuming about pledis money situation because 2013 was very busy year for them. hello venus had a comeback and live album recorded on a fan meeting, nu’est had two minis out and even came to brasil in november! son dam bi and kahi had that tv show about fashion going on and queen kahi made a comeback… and well after school and its stellar return to the great limelight of k-pop.

          we all know pledis artists aren’t the greatest sellers so… i dunno, maybe jacques could correct if i’m wrong about this… but i was just presuming indeed.

          so yes an OC comeback would be more than welcome!

  • lummy

    oooh Mondo Grosso..always love his works, hope he continue making song for AS

  • Windy ..

    Man I’vs been like wayyyy into AS music recently when I listened to Heaven :)) It was sooooo good and catchy! Gotta love the beat and rhythm of the song it’s a shame that I miss their promotion… their FLAWLESS pole dancing make me wanna beg Soshi to do some RISKY COOL dance for their comeback ;-; …
    Guess there are ppl who has been digging into their misuc just like me :-)

  • roelm

    “Anyway, did anybody listen to the “Shh” b-side, “Rock It!”? That song is so perfect that it could be an a-side.”

    Incidentally, I just found out Lipps Inc also had a song named “Rock It” from 1979. AWESOME song. Don’t know if After School’s song had anything to do with the earlier song but perhaps the earlier song served as a sort of inspiration.