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Arcadey is sorry that he called Rainbow Blaxx’s gaping “Cha Cha,” and I quote, “a trashy mess.” (No, I will not link you to the original post because I’m ashamed of it now.)

It took some time, but RB’s misunderstood masterpiece has slowly grown on me to the point that I’m now obsessed.

I misunderstood the sleazy avant-garde fairytale concept, which is obviously the European art film equivalent to K-pop’s other American blockbuster sexy concept comebacks. Or at the very least, it’s the Showgirls of K-pop.

It also finally clicked that “Cha Cha” just sounds like the porno-pop answer to the sweeter sounds from the fucking flawless Rainbow Syndrome albums. Amazing.

As usual, Rainbow were just too ahead of the game for most people, including myself, which is something that’s been happening with them since “A.”

By the way, I just found this comment posted on the “Cha Cha” Youtube video. And no, the person who wrote it is NOT me.

“Where can I find lingerie like that?  I am originally a man, but I love dressing like female kpop idols.  I gave up my gender to become more like these female kpop singers.  I do this to support them. Yes, I wear the clothes, makeup, long hair and everything.  Please, this is a serious question about the lingerie since it is important to me.  I feel like I can support Rainbow Blaxx by dressing and looking, singing and dancing like them. Thank you.”


  • Sunny

    its okay beau, sometimes we all don’t see whats flawless at first….

    like Wa$$up *_*

    • Bitch I always loved Wassup!

      • Sunny

        not me. i used to hate them XD till i saw the light!

        chi chi chi chi bang ♪

        • Louisxvi

          I don’t get the hate for Wa$$up amongs Kpop fans. The tweaking concept was great and I liked them dropping it low. They looked hot.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Oh-ho-ho: the “I told you so” currently brewing in my guts is world-ending!!! I finally have one over you after all these years ^-^

    I stand by the routine being a total mess live, but I’ve loved the song & the mv since my first viewing.

    • Well you can have ONE over the ten thousand I have over you!

      • KingBeaArthur

        One is enough! I’m not greedy~

    • Nicole Naeun

      SMH! Someone still hasn’t seen the light. Everything about this comeback is perfect, including the iconic pussy spreading routine!

      • KingBeaArthur

        Girl, stop! That routine is basic beyond belief!

  • Nicole Naeun

    If you’re really sorry, we demand you post a dance cover of Cha Cha, with you doing the iconic pussy spreading choreo. The pussy goddesses of Rainbow Blaxx won’t forgive you until you give what we want!

  • CY

    OMG this post
    This is exactly what happened o me, I’m addicted to the song now

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    LMFAO! Love it!
    Cha Cha, Cha Cha Cha Cha Cah

  • D is for Danger!

    Cha Cha was the best of the sexy comebacks in January. It was the only song that wasn’t a Brave Brothers retread *cough* miniskirt *cough* something *cough*

    It was fresh, original and most of all fun.

    Repent for your sins!

  • James Smith III

    i have just recently came around to love everything that queen of RED jaekyung does…hunty goes hard

  • 364Leinad

    Great! All you you have to know is reflect and disband and all the k-netizens will forgive you!

  • Marhaebwa

    Repent, Jacques, repent!

    “Cha-Cha” is and remains one of the most misunderstood and underrated K-Pop gems of 2014. They just came out at the wrong time, that’s it.

    Everything was sleazy pussy-pop-don’t-stop-my-neck-my-back POIFECT!!!

  • Quang Phạm

    If only they made the plot in the MV clearer…

    • Andi

      Ummm, the plot is pretty fucking clear: they’re whores (idols) making money (royalties) for their pimp (company), and all that matters to their pimp (manager) is that they look good. Pretty easy to figure out…

      • Quang Phạm

        I already figured it out. But base on what I saw on Youtube comments people are confused as fuck. Either the plot is not clear enough or those people are not so bright…

      • Tbh I didn’t even get the plot and just ooh’d and ahh’d and camera angles and diamonds.

        But I love that you mention that because this is basically the same thing STELLAR did, except they did it from the point of view that they were doing what the public wanted, not their agency made them do.

      • AND the pimp is clearly that creepy old lesbian lady! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Strawberryicon

    I told u it was a slow grower!

  • Andi

    I knew you would eat your words one day! Proud to say that I’ve loved the RB BLAXX era since the beginning, and glad to see that you’ve finally joined the team <3



    really! if that guy is true i feel very compassionate for his transgender happiness and i really hope he finds his lingerie!

    as for your chang of heart, i’m slightly glad and feel a pinch of “i told you so” even if i actually haven’t! hehehehe the thing is i love “cha cha” since the body scanner teasers and that lesbo freakshow fetish MV was for me like the k-pop version of “justify my love”.

    and what about the rest of the single? i love “last word” and wished they had also released that one. i mean, woori gives so many levels of perfection in that song and in “cha cha” that it’s incredibly disappointing that they don’t give her more screentime or rap lines.