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Arcadey is sorry that he called Rainbow Blaxx’s gaping “Cha Cha,” and I quote, “a trashy mess.” (No, I will not link you to the original post because I’m ashamed of it now.)

It took some time, but RB’s misunderstood masterpiece has slowly grown on me to the point that I’m now obsessed.

I misunderstood the sleazy avant-garde fairytale concept, which is obviously the European art film equivalent to K-pop’s other American blockbuster sexy concept comebacks. Or at the very least, it’s the Showgirls of K-pop.

It also finally clicked that “Cha Cha” just sounds like the porno-pop answer to the sweeter sounds from the fucking flawless Rainbow Syndrome albums. Amazing.

As usual, Rainbow were just too ahead of the game for most people, including myself, which is something that’s been happening with them since “A.”

By the way, I just found this comment posted on the “Cha Cha” Youtube video. And no, the person who wrote it is NOT me.

“Where can I find lingerie like that?  I am originally a man, but I love dressing like female kpop idols.  I gave up my gender to become more like these female kpop singers.  I do this to support them. Yes, I wear the clothes, makeup, long hair and everything.  Please, this is a serious question about the lingerie since it is important to me.  I feel like I can support Rainbow Blaxx by dressing and looking, singing and dancing like them. Thank you.”