Boys Republic
Because I’m such a hardcore girl group stan and don’t exactly update this blog full-time any longer, I often miss out on sharing my boy band faves with everyone. I think y’all know by now that I’m ride or die for TVXQ and B.A.P, and that I love me some VIXX, INFINITE, BIGBANG, and SHINee, but it’s been a while since I introduced my new faves to anyone.

Well, there’s a bunch, like NU’EST, Royal Pirates, and C-Clown, but my fave new boy band right now has to be Boys Republic. They first won me over with their debut single, “Party Rock,” which is so ridiculously generic that I don’t know how it manages to be as amazing as it is, but it does.¬†Then they almost lost me with their dance-rock follow up, “You Are Special,” but it turned out to be a grower, plus it came with an epic b-side called “L.I.U” that may or may not cause me to become sexually aroused upon listening.

However, it wasn’t until last week, with the release of the group’s new single, “Video Game,” that I became a full Boys Republic stan.

Produced by Park Geun-tae, whose impressive discography includes the likes of Baek Ji Young, Ivy, and Jay Park, “Video Game”¬†marries 8-bit arcade synths with ratchet hip-hop beats best suited for making it clap in a Detroit strip club. It’d be a total VIXX knock off if it wasn’t so damn hood underneath the glossy exterior. Lyrics rife with gaming references (“Your heart is like a maze,” “You can’t block me“) are the cherry on top.

Also, if you need another reason to stan for Boys Republic, just check out that outrageously suggestive photo of the group’s maknae at the top of the post. He’s 19 now, but was 18 at the time it was taken. I would like this photo to start a new trend of male idols doing slutty concepts in the same style of Girl’s Day, SISTAR, and After School. What I wouldn’t give to see a bunch of LEGAL K-pop boys shaking dat ass to AOA’s “Miniskirt” or something. There’s way too many beastly masculine male idols around — I want some dirty power bottoms that meet Gaysian stereotypes.

Anyway, here’s “Video Game.”

And here’s some other Boys Republic classics for all you fresh stans that I’ve converted.

  • Seriously don’t think I’d ever find out about any of the decent stuff some of these rookie groups put out. I largely ignore the debuts these days unless they’re from a big company. xD I like video game alot!

  • TerriDesu

    ” I would like this photo to start a new trend of male idols doing slutty concepts” AMEN!

  • Gaines


  • kadoatie

    yes! this post is exactly how i feel about boys republic from party rock rock till now. glad to know i’m not the only boys republic stan in the world lmao. supposedly video game is one of three parts of a “special project” so fingers crossed we’ll get two more songs!

  • BadB*tch

    you should go to homo hill in Seoul on a Saturday night if you wanna see some gaysian power bottoms shakin it

    • BadB*tch

      ALSOOOOOOOO, that pic is so fuckinggg sexy. I cant rub my vag cause I just got botox and no strenuous activity T-T

    • If such a place exists I’m buying a ticket to Seoul NOW

      • BadB*tch

        It does homo hill, in Itaewon

  • lildarien

    Been stanning for videogame since it came up on my youtube feed. Also that choreo where the background dancers turn into a tank gun? Flaw free!

  • Nicole Naeun


  • Suzy Sooyoung

    I really love Video Game. Such iconic cute little song.
    With that said, I hope in 2PM’s next comeback they pull a concept like the one you just described. They could pull it off so well since they’re a) legal and b) fucking hawt.

  • Allen Alexander

    I loved Party Rock! It was kind of a low-key jam in a really cheap way but it was totally serviceable thanks to the choreography and surprisingly well-done video. They do a really good job of spreading their budget out evenly I feel like.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Jail bait maknae & “L.I.U” >>>>>>

    I wasn’t exactly pushed into stan territory just yet but I see the potential!

  • izz-lee

    Is really sad that you dont like exo! But is life!

  • twerkdol


  • Allen Alexander

    If we need further proof, in Sunny’s version of the new weird-as-fuck teasers SME is releasing for SNSD, Video Game is playing in the background as clear confirmation that these boys are blessed by the goddesses themselves! All Hail!

  • I LOVE BOYS REPUBLIC SO MUCH!!! Video Game is awesome!!! I don’t think it’s similar to Vixx mv in any way because BR went for a TRON-like concept which is way more epic. Plus no concept in Kpop is original to, nor woned by any idol or group. Just like people were saying BTS “copied” EXO with the school boy concept. Where as groups like B.A.P, BEAST, NU’EST, etc etc did that concept way before EXO even debuted! So really who copied whom? Lol…so i just think in general, people need to chill out on that “Oh they copied this and that group” shizz.

    Bdw, i’m a fan of every single group i mentioned here! Haha.