Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Feature
I’m probably not the only person who doesn’t exactly view Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as an actual human being, right? With her outlandish harajuku garb and wonderfully demented bubblegum pop, she’s more like a living and breathing art installation — or at the very least, some stylish alien from another planet that crash landed in Japan 21 years ago.

Due to her otherworldly origins, it’s quite shocking to see Kyary deliver a very human experience with her new single, “Yume no Hajima Ring Ring.” The title, which translates to “My Dreams Are Beginning, Ring Ring,” is being released to time-in with Japan’s graduation season, when students everywhere will be packing up their school books and preparing to take the next step in their lives. You know, that optimistic stage when you’re filled with hope and think you have the whole world at your feet, only to later discover that adult life sucks and your painful teenage years were actually the best time you’re ever really gonna have? Yeah, that.

Goodbye teacher, my friend,” Kyary squeaks on the chorus. “Time to go, heart is pounding / Sour candy on my lips / Expectation in the unknown city.”

It’s the most radio-friendly single Kyary’s ever released, which I find funny considering how incredible it is. After all of Yasutaka Nakata’s totally out-there pop productions, who would’ve thought that a simple melodic pop ditty would turn out to be the best thing Kyary’s put out since “PONPONPON”?

“Yume no Hajima Ring Ring” on its own is touching enough to invoke some melancholy feelings within (even with the language barrier), but it’s the video that really tugs at the heartstrings (even if you have no heart, like me).

Kyary takes a trip through her life, starting as a fashionable infant, through to a fashionable student, and eventually a fashionable J-pop princess. After reaching her 20th birthday at the end of the music video retrospective, she’s sent off into the great unknown by a friendly polar bear (what else?).

Kyary recreates a number of her most memorable looks in the clip, which is insane considering that she’s only been around since 2011. I know we like to throw the word “iconic” around here, but seriously, this girl is ICONIC. She’s her own walking Hard Rock Cafe and greatest hits package in one, and she’s only been in the game for about three years.


The whole thing is more emotional than a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu song probably should but, but that’s what makes her so brilliant. She’s still surprising us, and now, as a fully-established star with two hit albums under her belt, Kyary’s evolving. Someone who initially started out as a novelty act is now becoming a real artist with a bigger future ahead of her than any of us probably ever realized.

She’s also really cute. How I live for her cuteness.