Rookie trip Bebop have been getting a bit of press this month for being one of K-pop’s more promising new girl groups, but they’ve actually been kicking around since as far back as 2012.

They’re currently being marketed as a pop-rock girl band, but the trio (then a duo) first got their start with a couple of collaborations with K-indie electro-popper, Humming Urban Stereo.

Their first, a breezy dance track called “LOVE JAM,” was a nice foray into the electronic genre, but it wasn’t until the jittery “MAEM MAEM” that some real magic was made.

Striking the perfect balance between retro-electro beats and futuristic synthesizers, “MAEM MAEM” positioned Bebop as something like Korea’s answer to Perfume, with Humming Urban Stereo serving as their Yasutaka Nakata.

That’s not to say that the new Bebop isn’t worth a listen. Now boasting a former Girl’s Day member in their line-up, Bebop 2.0 are now approachable girl rockers with enough wit to lampoon female idol groups in the music video for their satirical debut single, “I’m The Best.”

It’s funny enough to put a smile on my face, but as far as manufactured pop-rock goes, I either like my music a little weirder (J-rock usually does the trick), or hookier and more melodic (something K-pop’s make ‘rock’ bands have down to a fine art).

I’ll take old Bebop over new Bebop any day, but you guys might feel differently. Let me know what you think.