Brave Girls Exid Comeback
Two forgotten mismanaged K-flops are about to rise like elegant doves from the girl group graveyard and gingerly buzz-cut our weaves off.

Yasss bitches, EXID and Brave Girls are BOTH MAKING COMEBACKS!

EXID’s returning in March after a hiatus of almost a year-and-a-half, while Brave Brothers has confirmed that he’s working on Brave Girls’ new album.

In case you’ve already forgotten who the hell these nobodies are, let me give you a refresher. The Brave Brothers-created Brave Girls were one of the top rookie girl groups of 2011, along with A Pink and Dal Shabet. They were behind those two, though, and only broke through because Brave Brothers was buying back physical copies of their low-budget-but-still-perfect debut, The Difference, so they’d chart and receive exposure on music programs.

The girls rushed back a couple of months later with an iconic never-been-done-before rastafarian concept and an epic saxophone reggae single called “Easily.” It was pretty much the best thing ever (and the accompanying Back To Da Future mini-album still goes hard to this day), but nobody besides me was here for it and the girls disappeared for a while after that.

They returned in early 2012 with one of Brave Brothers’ flawless old dance-pop throwaways and a masculine concept that KARA would later steal for “Damaged Lady,” but it was a bomb and Brave Girls haven’t been seen nor heard from since.

Most of you will be more familiar with Shinsadong Tiger’s group, EXID, since some of their songs were actually hits. And like me, I’m assuming y’all are salty as hell at how poorly they’ve been managed, right?

EXID’s first single, “Whoz That Girl,” was the biggest song of 2012 among girl groups that debuted that year, but instead of building off that success, EXID disappeared and then underwent a lineup change. The three girls they sacked went on to form last year’s best rookie girl group, BESTie, while the revamped EXID returned with the so-so “I Feel Good” (the Hippity Hop remix version was way better).

After that didn’t do so well, they released “Every Night,” which I’m pretty sure I ranked in my top five best K-pop singles of 2012 list. It also turned into a bit of a surprise hit, garnering a lot of YouTube views and a hugely positive reception from K-pop fans, quickly becoming one of the best known rookie songs of that year despite being outsold and out-charted by a handful of other technically bigger hits.

Now, with a little recognition and success under their belt, you’d think EXID’s agency would’ve rushed the girls back out with something even bigger and better to keep the momentum going, right? What they did instead was crap out a useless sub-unit with a weird name (“Dasoni”) and a terribly generic song. Considering that EXID were barely established at this point, how the hell was anybody going to care about Dasoni other than EXID stans? To nobody’s surprise, it was a massive flop, and Dasoni’s single became the lowest-charting song of the EXID’s career.

Dasoni-gate happened exactly a year ago, and EXID’s been more-or-less inactive ever since.

It’s like every time EXID gets some steam, their agency fucks it all up. I’m assuming that they probably just ran out of money after losing everything on Dasoni and have spent the past year finding sponsors and having EXID perform at every campus and boardroom in Korea to make some bucks to fund their comeback, but since Dasoni should’ve never have even existed in the first place, it’s no excuse.

Anyway, I still don’t know which comeback I’m most excited about (I know EXID’s technically better, but I despise one of the members, so yeah), but I’m completely ready willing and able to stan for both with all my heart and soul.

  • ICONI3

    Excited for Brave Girls!! “Do you know” is one of my most played kpop song ever(Along with “easily” also being a song I really enjoyed). They lost me with their last concept. Hopefully BB will use some of his “magic” to get them a hit.

    IDk who EXID are.

    • Omg listen to Every Night I embedded it. It’s amazing, better than Do You Know. And there’s a flawless 80s version on the Hippity Hop album.

      • ICONI3

        Um..was not expecting that part towards the end(especially since I’m eating lol). Anyways, I like the song. Random, but it gives me a sorta en vogue vibe(I think because the scientifi-y mixing stuff reminds me of one of EV’S older vids).

      • disqus_QiJmIhm9Oe

        Don’t forget this generic gem “When It Rains” by Brave Girls. Which probably would have scored better than the alternative reggae-pop Brave Brothers gave them. I never understood why Brave Brothers would give them music concepts with ‘Black vibes’ while Korea loves to be as pale as Snowwhite…

        • I’ve always LOVED this song. 24/7, BAH BAH BAH BAH BRAVE GURLZ

      • dumbass

        The version on the Hippity Hop album >> Every Night tho

  • Quang Phạm
    This song by Dasoni is pretty good!

    • i loved all about dasoni lol but jacques is pretty accurate when he says only exid stans cared about them. that “common words” ballad is beyond beautiful and that stage versions is all types of scrumptious.

    • I love that song too, but the title track was a mess

  • who do you hate from exid? the maknae who can’t sing shit? lol

    i wasn’t here on k-pop life to see brave girls happen, but i pretty much saw exid rise from nowhere with that flawless “every night” song and its k-pop artsy video. i was still listening to “hipity hop” on full mode when dasoni was out therefore i stanned for them pretty hard.

    it’s amazing these two are finally coming back and i hope brave brothers change up a bit of his sound rut with their orginal girl group and give them a different interesting sound for us to rave about.

    • Hyerin. She’s the worst LMAO

      • i kinda don’t even remember her lol

      • Egbutts Egbust

        Good thing you didn’t say Junghwa, besides TRUE baddest unnie SOULji, Junghwa gives me life with that smile of hers, the dance practices are always cute with her in them. And of course then you got Soulji next to her doing that smize that can ignite a flame within your loins in 2.435 seconds (I timed it)

      • doremineko

        worst? why! her singing is ok

  • James Smith III

    which member do despise

  • Auntieruckus

    Damn i tought i was the only one who lived for every night and easily,im psyched and i hope their agencies finally get their sh!t together.

  • byoing~byoing.

    Oh my fucking god. I’ve been waiting for the day that the 3 kweens of EXID (Solji, Hani and LE) will bless us with us their presence.
    I couldn’t honestly give two shits about the other two. Seriously, Hyerim or whatever the hell she’s called just… ugh, why?
    Anyway, I honestly hope Shinsadong Tiger gives them perfection this time like he did with Every Night. The concept, styling and song were solid, but they’re definitely going to need a Lovey-Dovey/Volume Up/Now to catapult them onto the radar and into stardom where they truly belong.

    Unf, Hani is perfection!

    • afhäofhä

      It was actually LE herself that composed “Every Night”. But yeah, hope she has a few more of those.

      • yummy8n

        She Co wrote lyrics which might of just been her raps. She had no credits for the productions. #checkyofacts

        • afhäofhä

          Nope, she did compose it. I don’t have the single so as to check how it’s credited there, but look at the wiki for “Hippity Hop”:

          The lyrics and music of “Call” as an album track -of which “Every Night” is just a rearranged version- were both credited to LE.

          Then the description of the official upload of “Every Night” goes: “EXID’s new digital single ‘Every Night’ is a new arrangement of the song “Phone bell’ from the album “HIPPITY HOP”, originally sang by the member LE. It is newly arranged into ‘Every night’ and words and music is done by LE again. Shinsa Dong Tiger helped producing to make it better.”

        • love_lip_smile

          She wrote the original song, dear.

      • byoing~byoing.

        ah the more you know! Cheers dude! :D She’s ultra talented :)

    • Rachel McGee

      Bitch, Hyerin is the second-best singer in EXID. Without her, the group would have been fucked with Solji gone. Plus, she’s hilarious on variety.

  • KingBeaArthur

    OMFG!!! I’ve ben waiting for this day for so long! :’) “Why So Often” is BG’s signature jam and I adore it still to this day! And of course my baby girls EXID <3 Count me among the salty when it comes to their management. Let's hope they can get another hit!

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    omg SO excited for these 2 flop faves of mine to make a comeback <3 I hope they're both nothing but perfect songs!

  • BadB*tch

    Wasn’t EXID supposed to be the next 2NE1? BraveGirlssssss hmmm I liked NowadaysYou, other than that…Im lost

  • dumbass

    BESTie’s comeback date has been announced too!! February 28 – so they may end up promoting at the same time as EXID. I can’t wait to see who flops harder tbh