Goriki Ayame Anata no 100 no Kirai na Tokoro
I first learned of Ayame Goriki’s existence after seeing her ‘win’ second place on a list of Japanese actresses most hated by women. She looked cute enough to me despite Japan’s negative opinion of her, and after a little investigating, I discovered that the unfair hate against the 21-year-old primarily stemmed from her being overexposed (just like Goddess Clara in Korea) and for having short legs (neither of which are crimes severe enough to warrant the harsh reception she’s received).

Princess Ayame does it all, dominating TV, film, radio, variety, modelling, and best of all, music. Homegirl works so hard to be all up in Japan’s face 24/7 that she’s apparently even mastered the art of eating while sleeping.

Her first single, “Tomodachi yori Daiji na Hito,” was mildly charming, but her just-released follow up, “Anata no 100 no kirai na tokoro” (roughly translates to “The 100 Things That You Hate“), is a big step up.

It’s a happy marriage of generic dance-pop and impossibly sunny Japanese idol pop, with Ayame dropping what sounds like adorable gibberish (“Lub me, lub me! *Japanese* Baby, baby! *Japanese*”) over a spluttering electro beat.

The music video is sugary sweet without being sickening, and the choreography is a tonne of fun. It’s like Janet Jackson’s “Alright” set in some cartoonish candy land.

Ayame better smash the Oricon charts with this and show JPN who really owns the throne.