TVXQ Something
It was so hard going through 2013 without a new Korean album from TVXQ. Even though many of my faves –from B.A.P and T-ara to Nine Muses and SHINee– all made multiple back-to-back comebacks last year, they just can’t compare to TVXQ. The undisputed Kings of K-pop and world’s best performers are in a league of their own and the slayage they serve with each comeback and the bulging flawlessness in Yunho’s pants is unrivalled by all.

The duo’s new album, Tense, marks TVXQ’s tenth anniversary (a staggering milestone for any pop act, especially a K-pop one), and you can immediately tell that SM Entertainment’s gone the extra mile this time ’round to mark the momentous occasion. The album’s much tighter and stronger than Catch Me, and the jazzy concept they’ve used for the lead single, “Something,” is a lot fresher than the powerful commanding hunks they played during their last two albums. Not that those concepts weren’t FUCKING AMAZING ORGASM INDUCING UTOPIAN PERFECTION, but doing it for the third time in a row would’ve been too easy.

Following in the footsteps of brassy retro records like Girls’ Generation’s “Twinkle” and Ailee’s “U&I,” “Something” sees TVXQ swan diving into big band bubblegum and swing music. It’s deliciously brazen like the best K-pop always is, but there’s an air of sophistication to “Something” that positions it above the competition. The cocky chorus is just as sticky as any great SM hook, but it’s the bridge –which drops into bepop guitar doodling and then launches into a jitterbuggin’ breakdown– where “Something” really shines.

But enough about the song — I’m really just here for the performances!

TVXQ is the kind of artist that you watch on stage and then wonder how you can possibly even like anybody else besides them. For the “Something” stages, they’ve dialled back on the outrageously difficult choreography of their last few releases and shifted the spotlight onto glitzy fun and showmanship. This time they’re using mic cords as performance props, incorporating them into their choreography before ending the show with the ropes suspending them in an otherwise impossible pose . And don’t get me started on the solo dance breaks — especially Yunho’s, which did things to my body that I didn’t even know were possible.

As if this comeback couldn’t possible get any better, the whole Tense album is a smash. Much stronger than Catch Me, and on par with the best SM releases of the past year. Of course it’s no Keep Your Head Down, but then again, nothing is.

While SM’s other relevant veteran act, Super Junior, is still primarily holding on thanks to a large built-in fanbase and not much else, TVXQ still feels just as relevant as ever. Here’s to the next ten years!

  • byoing~byoing.

    The entire time I was watching the M/V for the first time I was thinking: “Can I just sit on Max’s face? Thanks.” God. I don’t think an Asian man has done it for me so much. I really like that they didn’t have Max belting too. His beautiful vocal chords aren’t built for such screaming.

    • KingBeaArthur

      You need to back away from MY Max as quickly as you can…

      • Xxvxx

        Get in line folks

    • Chwangbambi

      Are you me? he is fucking gorgeous and talent

  • KingBeaArthur

    I live for “Thirst/Smoky Heart”!!! SM always kills it with smooth r&b.

    Yunho in those houndstooth pants for that Inki performance o.o YES

  • Nicole Naeun

    I love this comeback so much. “Something” is soo good! The album is definitely better than the last two, but it’s still no Misconception or Pink Tape to me. I still had to delete some songs from my drive that just didn’t click on me. But overall, the album is def way better and “Moonlight Fantasy” is awesome.

  • um

    Yunho is the sex god descended from the heavens here to give us orgasms just from one glance.

    This song is literally everything. SM stepped up their game so much for this release and your article was A+.The choreography was so simplistically intricate that it makes it interesting to watch but without the over the top crazy of Catch Me – it was distracting from the subpart dubstep, and this song needs 0 distractions.

    Though I do have a feeling SM just wanted to reuse parts of the My Oh My video set.

    I feel like Super Junior could come back from the almost dead if they release something this strong later this year after Cosmetic Prince Leeteuk returns from his service (and hopefully after Shindong goes in, making this the ultimate best SJ line up possible – no line hogger Yesung and no Shindong – but with plenty of Leeteuk, Kween Heechul and the owner of the best butt in Kpop, Cho Kyuhyun – Winning!), but this release is literally so perfect Super Senior won’t even compare; and this is coming from a SJ fan.

  • hana

    ‘While SM’s other relevant veteran act, Super Junior, is still primarily
    holding on thanks to a large built-in fanbase and not much else, TVXQ
    still feels just as relevant as ever. Here’s to the next ten years!’

    This, that’s why TVXQ will always be the king of Kpop.
    I still respect suju tho

  • Guest

    when i listen to the #동방신기 #TENSE album,I can see very well that they`re improving in singing day by day! all tracks are amazing! full of harmony ^_^ no wonder! we know .. they`re KING 8-) and this is KINGS COMEBACK 8-) #Something fightiiiinng O/2014.01.09 오후 7:47 | 삭제

  • RaHa Gratia

    when i listen to the #동방신기 #TENSE album,I can see very well that they`re improving in singing day by day! all tracks are amazing! full of harmony ^_^ no wonder! we know .. they`re KING 8-) and this is KINGS COMEBACK 8-) #Something fightiiiinng O/

  • love loooooove “something”… but the album, TO ME, feels as boring as every other tvxq album i’ve listened so far. although i highly agree that TENSE >>>>>>> catch me! [that managed to be even messier than suju’s “sexy free and single”, something i never expected possible].

    i’m definitely not a tvxq fan, but i fully enjoy and stan their performances. they’re simply impossible not to love onstage and i feel highly ashamed for not liking their music more.

    i’ve tried, honestly! :(

    • hana

      what? catch me is a good hard song to sing, not a cheesy song like sexy free and single.
      I appreciate your comment anyways

      • i meant the ALBUM… i actually like the catch me song… nah, actually i like it because of the performance lol

  • BadB*tch

    I love TVXQ, they’re sexy as fuckkk BUT their albums are not my thing. They have great title concepts and their singles are always flawless but their album songs are just so boringg. They’ve never released a single that I haven’t liked but beyond the title song I can think of one non-single from either their Japanese or Korean release’s that I’ve liked.

    • You bitches shading their albums @lucaswoodstock:disqus need a good scalping. Tense and Keep Your Head Down albums fucking slayed. Mature but catchy pop and ballads shitting effortlessly on the competition.

      • BadB*tch

        haha maybe I need to re-listen to Keep Your Head Down (awesome song) cause it’s been a while but Tense, don’t get wrong they are talented, was boring with a capital B (the exception being Something, which I love). I don’t mind the occasional ballad but there was nothing original on the rest of the album.

        • greg

          Have you heard Catch Me? Not to saying that you haven’t, but if not, then you’ve missed out lol.
          Search TVXQ Viva.

          • BadB*tch

            I love Catch Me!

          • greg

            Awesome! Which is your favorite song?

  • UGoGirl

    I might be the only one whose not loving this song !
    TVXQ are in the game for 10years now, I wanted a song that says “Yo bitches we are here since 10years, y’all -insert random boys band name- can sit down! The song is good but Im not feeling the 10years !
    But their album is perfect tho… Ten and Smoky hearts are my jam !

  • Dub

    TEN is so good. It should have been the single. The rest is just not really my thing. I’d much prefer another Catch Me than Something.

  • Isthatapuppy234

    I still can not get over the fact that they made Max’s Pants and socks WAAAAY to long in the first dance scene… he looks so nerdy

    • Chwangbambi

      a sexy nerdy if I must say

  • Kris

    This album is the first K-Pop one that I’ve enjoyed almost all the way through. I was just disappointed with the last track, it was too cheesy for my taste.

  • leesigh3

    I wonder how many comebacks Yunho has left before the inevitable enlistment.

    • maldita

      If he’s gonna push the limit and enlist at 29 (Korean age 30), he still has up to 2015. But yeah, I think this is the last, if not second to the last, Korean promotions he’ll be doing. Maybe SM will squeeze out one more album before he leaves.

  • been days after its release and this album is still playing in my player. i just can’t get enough of it! since the first teaser of “something”, i knew this will be a whole different album. turned out i was right. there’s still reminiscent of tvxq’s good ol’ smooth rnb with smoky heart, slow song with rise, and anthem like always with you. overall it’s a fresh new sound. very similar to 80s-90s albums i used to hear when i was a kid (it’s like mixing jacksons 5, bruno mars “unorthodox jukebox”, and whitney houston’s albums, replace the lyrics with korean). so so good.

    can i praise coordi nuna a bit for their outfits? aside from the tats, for once i don’t have any urge to replace their outfits, hair, and make up in mv ;-;

  • Drawings

    “Something” is indeed something. Their verses before the dance breaks were amazing. Great comeback by the Kings of K-Pop.
    Moving on to TENSE as an album……fucking fantastic. It was just a really strong album. “Beside” and “Moonlight Fantasy” are my jams. Listened to the pair 7 times in a row because it was that fantastic.

  • Chwangbambi

    I wish someone here in the staff writer could be a Changmin bias, write about his orgasmic voice and fabulous body but oh well…

    • cher

      I wish that too.