Danity Kane Bye Baby
I wasn’t particularly interested in Danity Kane’s cumback until earlier today. “They’re just a bunch of overrated reality TV has-beens that got lucky with a few hot songs once upon a time,” is what I’ve been telling myself, but I’ll need to check my salty attitude at the door now that I’ve heard the foursome’s new buzz single, “Bye Baby.”

No idea who produced it, but whoever did totally jacked everything Pharrell did last year, like “Get Lucky” and “Blurred Lines.” This song is so steeped in retro goodness that not even Aubrey’s embarrassing oversinging can ruin it.

While on the topic of struggling girl groups jackin’ Pharrell, After School’s “Heaven,” anyone?

This just goes to show that Pharrell is the source of all good music — always has been, and always will be.