T-ara may have been responsible for one of the biggest flops of 2013 with their underrated masterpiece, “What Should I Do?,” but they’ve still managed to find other ways to suck the fillers from Koreans’ plastic faces with their flawlessness.

Goddess Eunjung –world famous for her award-winning acting in White: The Curse of The Melody, her Mariah-like vocal runs in “Falling U,” and for having the thickest thighs in showbiz– teamed up with 5dolls stylist Hyomin last week to deliver the most defining Immortal Song performance since whatever the hell the last thing Narsha did was.

T-ARA69 performed a slutty version of some old trot song, and they heated up the stage so severely that they reversed menopause for every ancient ahjumma in the audience. Even Hyomin repeatedly telling the audience to “crap” wasn’t enough to stop the slayage of K-pop’s new lesbian power couple.

Besides T-ARA69’s blinding beauty and stage presence, what I loved about this was that we got to hear that Hyomin can actually sing and do stuff. Besides loyal QUEEN’S, I don’t think many people realize that Hyomin is talented outside of just putting together epic airport fashion.

Now, I would never want T-ara to stop doing their signature singing style of blending all the voices together until they’re one indistinguishable blob to everybody except QUEEN’S, but it’d be nice to highlight their individual skills some more. T-ara N4 needs to be disbanded ASAP if it hasn’t already, and be replaced with a Eunjung and Hyomin unit –tentatively titled T-ARA69 until an official name is selected– that focuses on vocals and mature sexy concept. (A lesbian t.A.T.u. concept would be much appreciated.)

Anyway, T-ARA69 >>>>> SISTAR19, INFINITE-H, GD&TOP, Davichi, Trouble Maker, 2YOON, etc.