Dal Shabet BBB Feature
If you’ve been following my K-pop posts for a while then you’ll probably know that I’m a bit of a Dal Shabet stan. They’re one of the strongest girl groups when it comes to concepts and music videos — so much so that they’re easily able to compensate for the occasional dud song (“Mr. Bang Bang,” “Be Ambitious”) solely with the silly grandeur of their typically over-the-top visuals.

But as much as I personally love watching them gun down ex-boyfriends in a sea of pink blood or being chased through space by gorillas, none of that stuff really caught on with the public, so for the first time since their debut, Dal Shabet have classed shit up and gone all sleek and sophisticated for their comeback single, “B.B.B. (Big Baby Baby)”.

The first thing you’ll notice about “B.B.B.” is how Dalegend’s clearly been studying the iconic Nine Muses on how to correctly execute a sophisticated concept with unrivalled class, elegance, ferocity, and sex appeal. The second thing you’ll notice is how they’ve blatantly stole Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” beat and just remixed it with the disco version of their own underrated flop, “Have, Don’t Have.” Since both Nine Muses and Eurythmics are flawless, I wholeheartedly approve of Dalegend’s theft and will hear no criticism of the matter.

I mentioned before that Dalegend slays with all their visual concepts, but just in case you didn’t believe me, the “B.B.B.” music video proves it. It’s one of the best executions of an ’80s concept I’ve ever seen in K-pop, bringing the stylish sensuality of a GQ shoot to a breathless MTV dance-off. It’s “Glue” with a bigger budget and less T&A! Dalegend are so amazing that they even manage to make Girl’s Day’s “Tilt My Head” plastic wigs look like the chicest thing ever (if that isn’t a modern day miracle, then I don’t know what is).

Despite the song and concept borrowing bits and pieces from multiple sources, “B.B.B.” never feels too unoriginal. As expected, Dalegend’s put their own stamp on all the things they’ve taken — which definitely can’t be said for Girl’s Day’s “Something.”

“B.B.B.” may not carry the shuddering impact of “Hit U” or the quirky charm of the rest of the group’s discography, but hearing the girls power through ’80s dance-pop while rubbing their pussies and repeatedly moaning “big bay-beh bay-beh” is a whole lot of fun.

“B.B.B.” is currently doing okay on the digital charts by Dal Shabet standards; not well enough to call it a much-needed breakout hit, but enough to justify the group’s continued existence. If “B.B.B.” doesn’t turn into the next “Expectation” like Happy Face Entertainment clearly hoped it would (and let’s face it: it probably won’t), then I hope that it’ll at least show people Dal Shabet’s visual diversity and that the group can effortlessly conquer a chic style with just as much skill as they did with their cartoonish concepts of the past. If they can do that, then maybe the next single will be the one that does it for them?

P.S. YASSS @ Nine Muses being flops yet still setting the TRENDS for other groups to copy. When will other mid-tier groups??