AoA Miniskirt feature
I usually stan for 99% of all Asian girl groups right off the bat, but AOA never totally clicked with me until now. I loved them when they debuted with that Sunny Hill knock-off, “Elvis,” but stopped actively following them after that. Probably because they change their sound with every comeback and have no real identity, or maybe I was just confused by their bloated back story about being angels and how one member’s a “half angel” and half the group is meant to be a faux rock band like Josie & The Pussycats and blah blah blah.

Anyway, none of that matters now that I’ve been scalped and decapitated by “Miniskirt,” a.k.a. a song so defining it’s got Jesus bumping ‘n’ grinding next to the pearly gates as we speak.

“Miniskirt” is the kind of song that makes you feel guilty as a K-pop fan for liking it because it’s another one of Brave Brothers’ recycled productions.  We’ve already heard him do this exact same song with SISTAR, Hyorin, U-Kiss, TEEN TOP, Dazzling Red, and my great grandaddy down in Oklahoma, not to mention that the entire concept is just another take on SISTAR’s “Alone.” But as far as recycled K-pop goes, it’s one of the best darn rehashes I ever did see.

In AOA’s defence, “Miniskirt” also sounds like one of Primary’s urban jams, so it’s not strictly 100% Brave. I know that’s a bit of a reach, but I’m using the Primary thing to make myself feel better about praising Brave while hypocritically shitting on Western producers when they do the exact same thing. (The Western songs all sound like fucking shit, though, so that’s how I justify that.)

Plus, every Korean girl group song for the past three years has essentially just been a reworking of T-ara’s “Roly Poly” or SISTAR’s “Alone,” so if we judge AOA for following the trend, then we’ll have to virtually dismiss the entire K-pop industry, and you can bet your life that I ain’t about to do that.

Anyway, the “Miniskirt” music video looks like AOA just sat around watching SISTAR, Girl’s Day, and Dal Shabet clips and then conspired on how to make something bigger and racier. They unzip their skirts, they bend over and seductively gyrate their derrières, they tear off their dresses and stockings, they writhe around in bed and on the floor, they shower in slow motion, they use chairs as props like exotic dancers do, and they eat strawberries covered in whipped cream.

On paper it sounds desperate and extra (like the fifty trillion teasers for that trashy Rainbow BLAXX unit), but AOA executes the 19+ concept with surprising skill. Sure, on stage they still look like a bunch of little girls playing dress up in mama’s sexy outfits, but they nailed it in the music video and that’s what counts (just ask Girl’s Day).

Speaking of Girl’s Day, Hyejeong rolling around on the ground is the new Sojin “Something” floor crawl! Who agrees?

As outrageously unoriginal as “Miniskirt” is, it’s still the best girl group comeback of January so far, and that’s the bottom line.

I’ve since downloaded AOA’s entire discography and have been getting my life to it for the past three days. “Moya” and “Get Out” slay so hard, and Empress Jimin, Kween Choa, and Icon Hyejeong are my biases. Consider me an official AOA stan from this point forward.

  • Kris

    As much as I appreciate you stanning for the kweens known as AOA, this song is…how shall I say…this isn’t the song that should have made you a fan. It’s very boring and I’ve seen the butt/leg dance thing so much that it’s just cringe-worthy coming from them. You also forgot that they took a note from Nine Goddesses Gun…

    • I actually was their fan at first though but I just lost track of them. I needed something to catch my attention in a big way and this did it. It’s doing really well on the charts now (by AOA standards), it was No. 3 on Instiz yesterday, so I’m glad they’re getting more exposure now.

  • KingBeaArthur

    I’m on the fence with them. I like “Miniskirt” (I also liked “Confused” minus the chorus) but I feel no connection to the members at all. I was over Miniskirt the second I saw them bend over in the teaser (I’m pretty much done with sexy concepts atm until SISTAR or After School return), but like most Brave songs, it dug itself in and made me repeat it a few more times.

  • Nicole Naeun

    The song has grown on me. I always like their singles like elvis, Moya, and Confused except Get Out (which is atrocious imo). This is actually their second attempt in emulating Sistar (the first being Confused) but I think this one is an improvement.

    Anyway, I stan Kween Hyejong so much since watching her in Romantic & Idol (that legendary show that’s been unfairly sacked) she is so beautiful especially with red hair!

  • leesigh3

    I really like the other full song on this single album. Very pretty.

    • oneclearnight

      Yeah, that song slays. I like it even more than Miniskirt tbh and it showcases the group’s solid vocals better.

  • UncleFan

    Loved the MV! My two favorite bits:

    1) The chick with the short black hair busts out with that squeaky voice like she’s the Korean Jennifer Tilly. What’s her name?

    2) The fat orange cat jumps out of nowhere at the end like he’s about to rape that poor girl… MEOW!!!

    AOA has definitely redeemed themselves after their bumpy start. I just hope they forget about the fake rock band shtick and never come back to it.

    • MissG

      Jimin :D

  • Laurence Nope

    Alone Once Again

    • Dub

      Where have I seen that before?!

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    I couldn’t care less for the members alone but this song and mv slayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyed my soul right now!

  • disqus_QiJmIhm9Oe

    Whyl can’t Brave Brothers produce a song like this for BRAVE GIRLS, they always get his alternative stuff which doesn’t make them loved…

    • Stephen

      I feel Brave Girls disbanded or it’s just Yejin and Yoojin .. because there’s been 2 occasions where Brave Girls have been mentioned and it’s only those two

  • Yeah I pretty much ignore them after their debut (which slayed) because I found it all boring but this is great! Tbh I don’t mind the Brave rehashes because he does actually change it up enough each time to not make it boring.

  • Dub

    Snooze!!! Dal Shabet’s Bed Bath & Beyond shits all over this. Elvis was a great debut, but AOA have really lost me ever since. There’s nothing original about them anymore, be it concept (Be Ambitious, Love Sick, GUN anyone?) or song (Alone rehash #1 million). Jimin’s voice is particularly excruciating to listen to in this song as well.

    • i totally disagree with the rest of your comment but you had me at “dal shabet’s bed bath & beyond”…there said i love you for that! LMAO

  • Stephen

    I think the entire thing is just reminiscent of Son Dambi’s “Crazy”, I don’t get Alone by SiSTAR from this at all. Plus half the members are better singers than Dasom and SoYu anyway

  • James Smith III

    Does anyone know why there are only six of ten peforming aren’t there usually seven of them?

    • johnnybravo831

      Seolhyun hurt her leg the week before they were going to make their live comeback.

  • “a song so defining it’s got Jesus bumping ‘n’ grinding next to the pearly gates as we speak.”


    i love your crazy arcadey reviews and am very glad that we match on taste because it’s delicious to read such things about the k-pops i’m into.

    in the opposite of you i’ve stanned AOA ever since “elpis” – a song i tried to hard to hate, but it’s hard to ignore when they’re singing “elpis” while grabbing their pelvis! and then the same happened with “get out”. besides, their besides are as gorgeous: “temptation” from the first single-album and the beyond gorgeous “under the street lamps” from “miniskirt”… uhg i love them.

    and YES jimin is my ultimate! while yuna comes right after.

    as for “miniskirt” i love it, but i still prefer “confused”.

  • JustJam

    Brave Brothers produced it? No wonder why it sounds amazing!