Nine Muses 2014
Every time things start going good for Nine Muses, something always comes along to fuck it all up. Like how the chart slayage of “Dolls” tricked us all into thinking they were on their way to the top, only to have “Wild” and “Gun” both flop afterwards.

Now it’s the start of 2014, and Nine Muses are finally somewhat established in the eyes of K-pop fans after making back-to-back comebacks throughout all last year, only to have Star Empire announce today that both the legendary Leesem and that flop Eunji are “graduating” from the group to pursue careers as MCs or some shit.

Yes, Leesem and Eunji will both be GONE BY THE MIDNIGHT :'(

Eunji can rot after she shaded her bandmates in the award-winning Nine Muses of Star Empire BBC documentary, but LEESEM?! She’s the undisputed KWEEN of Nine Muses! She’s the GLAMAZON that your fave aspires to be. She’s the reason Nine Muses are known as supermodel-dols, and she’s the one that goes to expensive dinners after hours with rich sponsors to ensure that Star Empire’s bills are paid.

Leesem Gif

I should’ve seen this coming after Kweensem was unjustly removed as the group’s rapper after the iconic K-reggaeton smash, “Ticket,” but I’m still in complete and utter SHOCK.

Star Empire says Nine Muses are going to continue on as 7 members, but I’m not here for that unless the group’s name changes. I only just now got over that embarrassing period when Nine Muses had 7 and 8 members, and I’m not about to go back to that. The agency needs to either change the group’s name, or add two new glamorous Muses to the mix. The group’s always had member changes since debut, so doing it again won’t really be a big issue in my opinion.

Anyway, no matter how you look at it, this is TRAGIC news that’s on par with 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, World War 1 and 2, and Britney and Justin’s split. We all need to band together and PRAY that the new Nine Muses can keep their current position as the best girl group that never quite made it. I don’t wanna hand that title over to BESTie just yet.

R.I.P. Kweensem.

[Via AKP]