Ke$ha refrigerator
So, I have some good news and some interesting news. The good news is that Ke$ha just scored her third No. 1 single in the States with her country-dance anthem, “Timber.” I think maybe Pitbull is featured on it too or something? IDK and IDGAF. Anyway, it’s Ke$ha’s first chart-topper since “We R Who We R” and her first post-Warrior hit, so it’s kind of a big deal.

Now onto more pressing matters: Ke$ha’s momma and BFF, Pebe Sebert, has done an interview with Celebuzz to set the record straight over rumours that her daughter’s in rehab for alcohol abuse, and not an eating disorder like originally reported.

Pebe calls the rumours B.S., clarifying that Ke$ha’s been suffering from bulimia since moving to L.A. to become a star and signing with Dr. Puke, and that the facility she’s currently staying in actually specializes in eating disorders.

But here’s where it gets interesting: Pebe thinks that Dr. Puke and his cronies leaked the alcohol abuse rumours after fans and the media started pointing the finger at Luke for causing Ke$ha’s bulimia.

Pebe says, “I would think it was Dr. Luke’s people trying to put that out because he’s been getting a lot of the blame for her eating disorder.”

She then goes on to say that a comment Puke made about Ke$ha looking like a “refrigerator” is partly to blame for Ke$ha’s disorder getting worse.

The comment was ‘Can you make her not look like a refrigerator?” she said. “He said that to someone we were close to. It was said to someone else who made the mistake of telling me and I told her (Ke$ha).

Three months after she signed with him she had been dieting and he [Dr. Luke] told her she wasn’t in shape enough.”

She was dieting and she became bulimic. I remember over a period of a few months she got really skinny and she said she was running Runyon Canyon and just eating well,” she added. “The truth is she was throwing up. I didn’t know until much later because she said she would quit. I think it’s gotten worse recently because after the ‘refrigerator’ comment, which was about a year ago, I think it kicked into high gear.”

That’s fucked up, but Puke doesn’t deserve all the blame for Ke$ha’s bulimia. Okay, so he said she looked like a refrigerator and needed to lose weight, but this is pop music — you won’t make it far if you don’t look the part. Considering all the negative press Ke$ha’s physique attracted after she debuted, I’m not surprised that Puke brought it up — she’s basically his employee, after all. Ke$ha’s a talented artist, she can sing, she can write, and she can play instruments, but she made the decision to become a commercial pop star, and pop stars aren’t people — they’re products. Products are made to be sold, and to sell they have to look as perfect as possible.

Not that Ke$ha didn’t look good before, and not that she’s to blame for naively signing a record deal with Puke as a teenager, but this is just how showbiz works. The sad part is that by the time Ke$ha really wised up during the recording of Warrior and wanted to start moving out of the mainstream pop scene, it was too late — Puke already owned her, hence the “Free Ke$ha” campaign that’s currently raging.

It’s been pretty obvious that something was going on with Ke$ha since the Warrior era started. She’d gotten in shape and started living a healthier (or so we thought) lifestyle which was great, but she was also pushing a sexier image on the red carpet and in her music videos. I knew from the second the “Die Young” video dropped that she was just trying to prove to the world that she wasn’t ‘ugly’ after all the hate she received during Animal and Cannibal. Not only was that something she didn’t need to do, it was also something that just didn’t suit her. We love Ke$ha because she’s REAL, not because she’s a hot blank barbie like Katy Perry or fakes being perfect like Beyonce always does.

Fingers crossed that “Timber” is her last ‘sexy’ music video, and her next one has her back to doing what she does best — playing a rock star in a pop star world.

Anyway, as a hardcore Ke$ha stan, I’m feeling quite positive about her future. On a personal level I’m happy to see her taking care of her problems so she can continue to be a relatable inspiration to many, and as a fan who wants to see her slay the charts again, I’m happy that this eating disorder battle is going to make her interesting to the public again and reinvent her image. Her career really needed something like this. The same goes for the whole Dr. Puke drama, which is going to work out really well for her IF she can work out a way to get released from her fucking slave contract.


[Via Celebuzz]