Girl's Day Feature
Girl’s Day was one of my most anticipated K-pop comebacks of 2014, but then again, every Girl’s Day comeback is. I’ve been stanning for them hard since “Twinkle Twinkle,” and even love their pre-fame flops like “Tilt My Head” and “Shuppy Shuppy.”

As y’all know, God’s Day established themselves as the new representative sexy icons of Asia last year with the political feminist anthem “Female President” and the epic “Expectation.” I didn’t get around to doing a best of 2013 list, but if I had, “Expectation” would’ve been top three for sure.

Anyway, Girl’s Day are keeping the sexy theme going with their new single, “Something.” When you first see it, you’ll think that the song’s a SISTAR rip-off, but it’s really not — you just think it is because the music video’s such a SISTAR copy ‘n’ paste. The Duble Sidekick-produced song certainly shares some similarities to Brave Brothers’ work with SISTAR and Hyorin, but it sets itself apart with a heavy dose of early Max Martin bubblegummery. It’s like someone mashed up “Gone Not Around Any Longer” with T-ara’s “Cry Cry.

The music video, on the other hand, is a total fucking jack of “Alone” — among a small handful of other plagiarized sexy stuff. Half the video looks like a tribute to Park Ji Yoon’s “Coming of Age Ceremony” –probably the famous sexy concept in K-pop history–, while the ground choreography (best dance move of 2014 so far) screams Sunmi. The way they open up their dresses also recalls Dal Shabet’s flirty “Be Ambitious,” but saying Girl’s Day actually copied it is a bit of a stretch.

Girl's Day Drop

It’s difficult to fault the video when it’s one of the hottest K-pop clips I’ve ever seen and the legendary Sojin –a.k.a the most bombastic babe-o-licious plastic Gangnam unnie to slay the scene since Narsha– is positioned front and center as the star member, but I can’t help but feel a little let down by the unoriginality. Girl’s Day used to have their own style with their synthy dance-pop and comedic aegyo style, and they’re at a level now where they should be setting the trends for all the other girl groups instead of snatching weaves with recycled concepts.

With that said, I’m still decimated beyond all recognition by this comeback (I’m conveniently ignoring Minah’s awkwardly OTT facial expressions and Hyorin-lite vocal runs). “Something” may lack the emotional impact of “Expectation” or the goofy charm of “Twinkle Twinkle,” but Girl’s Day’s visuals alone are enough to take this entire thing into the stratosphere. All the members are tens, making them one of the few K-pop girl groups without a token fugly member to bring down the beauty average. Superficial, I know, but that’s life. The song is also an undeniable smash, even if the verses do spectacularly trump the chorus.

P.S. You’re ugly compared to Girl’s Day.

Minah Hyeri Yura Sojin

  • TerriDesu

    This song really grew on me and the video is stunning as well.

  • KingBeaArthur

    When I first saw the mv I loved the song, but when I heard it without the visuals it didn’t hit me as hard. BUT the live performance takes any doubts I had and puts two in the gut and one in the head!

    I love sexy GD but I prefer their old style a bit better. Here’s hoping they switch it up soon.

    • leesigh3

      “GD” is taken, yo!

      • byoing~byoing.

        So is being an unoriginal douche, but GD seems to like taking that away from Koreans too.

        • leesigh3

          Girl’s Day or G-Dragon? See, everything is so confusing now.

          • KingBeaArthur

            But…it’s not confusing at all since the post is about Girl’s Day and I didn’t mention G-Dragon or Big Bang prior to writing ‘GD’.

          • leesigh3

            I don’t think it’s clear whether byoing~byoing is talking about g-dragon or girl’s day. :-)

  • Reason

    I’ve been stanning for them hard since Nothing Lasts Forever. That said, I like TVXQ’s Something a bit more.

    • um

      TVXQs Something >>>>> It’s one of the most original Kpop songs in a long time and HoMin executed it perfectly. I’m kinda pressed that the review was about Girls Day’s track instead since TVXQ are legends and haven’t had a Korean comeback in over a year.

      • I’m going to post TVXQ relax just haven’t yet

    • oneclearnight

      Both are flawless imo. I have them both on repeat!!!

  • Kris

    Expectation was my #1 of the entire year. Snatched wigs and left dirty track lines everywhere. It was you who got me into GD so I have you to thank for that. I have this feeling that this was supposed to be that Minah solo project, but opted for a GD single to milk their 2013 slayage. Either way, this is pretty good and Sojin doing the drop it at the beginning: most iconic moment of 2014

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    Fucking love this song. So iconic! But yeah, really the mv is what makes u STAN for it. Not a fan of ripping off other artists but this was so well done u might aswell enjoy!

  • Shovy_V

    Minah is doing too many Hyorin vocal runs for my liking and the song lacks Hyeri but other than that its a stellar effort once again. #KweenSojin

  • Quang Phạm

    Tilt My Head is so trashy it’s good!

  • twerkdol

    i was instantly S L A I N from the moment sojin told me to ‘drop it’

  • Dub

    I can’t get aboard the Something bandwagon. It feels like such a rehash of everything that’s been done in kpop that I’m just indifferent about it. A big resounding meh for me.

  • That opening by Minah.Oof

  • James Smith III

    when i watched the vid i immediately thought of “adult ceremony”

  • Steve

    The fan chants are amazing! Hahahahahahaha!

  • LizzyG

    Oo I actually really like this and them, reminds me of my PCDolls that I miss so dearly. Proph I love how you said “even if the verses do spectacularly trump the chorus,” I call that bad verse syndrome, and in reverse which happens so much and drives me nuts is bad chorus syndrome, when the verses are amazing and the chorus is awful. However I didn’t catch either of those here, thanks for introducing me to more goodness!

  • Nicole Naeun

    I love love love “Something” from the start! And it gets better everytime I play it. The only think I’m pissed about the song is that Minah is on 90% of it when Sojin, my baby Sojin, is just as good of a singer.

    I’m glad they make Sojin the center most of the parts in this song though cause she’s so hot hot hot this era, even hotter than before.

    I’m 50/50 about the MV though cause it lacks of originality and that rooftop set which has been used so many times (SNSD flower power, Lee Hi 1234 etc etc), but that “drop it” dance in the beginning is so iconic (due to Sojin mostly) and Hyeri also looks so good eventhough her screentime is so short.

  • Aviator

    100% truth spoken here, Jacques. I’m starting to believe that every song titled “Something” ends up flawless…

    Are you going to talk about how Dal*Shalbet ripped on Nine Muses’ style for “B.B.B.” soon?

  • JustJam

    In my eyes, I see them being the new KARA now. Their rivals are Crayon Pop ;P

  • Tetramorium jedi

    I might be wrong of course, but I think one of the reasons Girl’s Day get bashed and labeled as slut (when SISTAR has done similar stuff before) is because all the members are pretty and cute. Is like netizens cannot handle that at all, but still their fame has risen, are one of the most beloved by the army fanboys. You can have both cute (Minah and Hyeri) and sexy (Yura and Sojin) at the same time. Because anyone calling Yura ore Sojin flat or sticks are blind or plain stupid.