Ga-In Truth or Dare
Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In –also known as Asia’s #1 female solo artist until Utada returns– is releasing a new mini-album that will surely leave us all balled up and crying from the glorious slayage it will inflict upon all of humanity.

Lead single and title track, “Truth or Dare,” was produced by the BEG/Ga-In/IU hitmaking duo of Kim Eana and Lee Min Soo, who are also responsible for the album’s pre-release single, “Fxxk U,” featuring the oh-so-smooth Bumkey.

Other producers on the album include Lee Hyori, who left us all wigless last year with her self-composed hit, “Miss Korea,” and Mr. JYP himself, who did a song called “Q&A” (which I trust will be far better than Ivy’s disappointing “I Dance”).

“Fxxk U” drops on January 28, followed by the full Truth or Dare mini-album on February 6.

I’m literally so fucking dead right now.

Ga-In Truth or Dare Tracklist

  • ICONI3

    So Excited. I honestly don’t even know what to expect.

    I’m super curious about the mystery artist(s).

  • Kris

    I hope that the Q&A feature is no one other other than Kween Jo Kwon.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Fxxk me, I’m dead!!!!!!! I’ve become re-obsessed with Step 2/4 the last week [Irreversible a classic]. I can’t wait for Truth Or Dare!

  • Mandy

    I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting for this! But have you heard BoA’s new song yet?


    and omg my lesbianism is already on the rise!

  • D is for Danger!

    One of those “?” had better be Jo Kwon!

    Ivy’s I Dance was great!!! You take that back!!!

  • UncleFan

    Is it possible to have a finger fetish? I love Ga-In’s digits…

    • BadB*tch


  • Alex

    well i’m excited

  • Лизка вильямс

    I don’t like what you said about Ivy shes amazing and that song was amazing. Gain though, i agree <3 Can't wait