Rainbow Blaxx
Rainbow change their style and sound so much that most of their supporters are just fans of specific songs, rather than the group as a whole, but I’m not like that. Other than their garbage debut, “Gossip Girl,” I’m down for almost any music Rainbow has to offer. From their glory days with Sweetune to their dance phase with Daishi Dance and last year’s underrated Rainbow Syndrome, Rainbow’s always had great music — it’s the mismanagement from their label, not the music, that’s blocked them from hitting the big time.

Rainbow’s never going to do better than “Mach” and “A” –easily two of the best pop songs of the past five years– but it felt like the girls really hit their stride with last year’s “Tell Me Tell Me” and “Sunshine.” Most K-pop fans (including myself) dismissed the double comeback tracks at first and unfairly compared them to the group’s work with Sweetune, but both songs turned out to be huge growers and the rest of the tracks from Rainbow Syndrome put most girl group albums to shame. Not to mention that Rainbow’s revamped image, which mixed cheeky girl-next-door sexuality with sugary aegyo, was the first time that they’d actually found a concept that truly worked for them and stood out as their own.

But instead of building off the foundations they laid last year, Rainbow’s decided to cash-in on the current sexy concept craze by launching a 19+ rated subunit called Rainbow Blaxx.

Most of you will probably remember Rainbow’s last subunit, Rainbow Pixie, and how it was a horrible rip-off of After School’s Orange Caramel, right? Well, Rainbow Blaxx is basically the same thing, just with sleaze over saccharin.

The quartet –which for some reason contains two members that were already in Rainbow Pixie, while two remaining members of Rainbow still remain unused on the sidelines– has pulled out all the stops to try and get some attention in the music video for their single, “Cha Cha.” The whole thing is non-stop fetish gear, girl-on-girl action, cleavage, and Rihanna-esque crotch grinding. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but there’s a fine line between being provocative and just plain desperate, and Rainbow Blaxx crossed it.

Yeah, AOA and Girl’s Day went pretty far with their recent comebacks, but there’s something about spreading your legs as wide as possible for three minutes and pulling focus to your vagina that just feels a little cheap to me. The whole thing is just, “HEY! LOOK AT MY SNATCH! LOOK AT IT! IT’S HERE! CAN YOU SEE IT?” It’s the kind of thing you expect from a trashy new rookie group that makes you stan for them half ironically, rather than an established act like Rainbow who are way above this.

Go back and look at “Mach” again: That song is a work of genius, comparing the Mach number to experiencing an orgasm in the throes of passion, all over pulsating production that sounds simultaneously ’80s and like some futuristic space beat you’ve never heard before in your life.

It doesn’t help that “Cha Cha” sounds like a Nine Muses b-side. Seriously, I’m surprised that it wasn’t plucked straight off of Prima Donna. I don’t know what the song is actually about, but after seeing the video, reading the translated lyrics, and knowing that “Cha Cha” is generally used as slang for pussy, I’m thinking it’s about fucking another woman.

Jaekyung 02Jaekyung 01

Rather than dropping this porno unit that’s already lagging behind Girl’s Day and AOA (both in quality and commercially), DSP Media should’ve either done a full Rainbow comeback or debuted Jaekyung as a soloist. Jaekyung is one of the hottest women in K-pop, and female soloists are back in fashion — especially sexy ones. Jaekyung should’ve been pushed as the next HyunA/Ga-In since “A” dropped. Women like her don’t just grow on fucking trees.

Anyway, here’s “Cha Cha” for y’all. Now excuse me while I got off and listen to AOA’s “Miniskirt” for the millionth time.

  • Blah

    i like it

  • ICONI3

    Ok well first off, I love “cha cha” and the Mv. I didn’t even know which one Jaekyung was until now, but she’s clearly my bias.

    I didn’t find too much of a problem with it until I saw the live performance(not the showcase, but the vid you posted) of the song. That lil intro is extremely cringe worthy and none of the girls look into it expect for Jaekyung. It really kills the vibe to see her smiling and being flirty..while the others look like lost sheep.

    The last thing I really liked from Rainbow was “Sweet Dreams”…at this point I don’t see them going anywhere.

  • Nicole Naeun

    This subunit is so trashy and rathcet and desperate that makes me LOVE it lmaooo! The thirst to get a hit is real. I love the dance especially when they open their legs and expose their pussies and were like “come lick it and do want u want with it”. And the video with food porn concept is awesome!

    Though I think it’d be perfect if they get rid of that plastic surgery gangnam unnie SeungA, she’s so ugly and doesn’t have any personality she should be sacked from Rainbow forever.

    • wagyummm

      Seungah looks quite similar to her predebut pics.

  • KingBeaArthur

    I honestly don’t get your distaste for this song! Maybe the concept is a bit much [I personally love that the mv is sexy & weird – I’m not a fan of the choreography though. They could & should have done better] but the production of the song is amazing imo.

    I 2nd Jaekyung going solo!

    • I think the song is fine but just not on Rainbow’s level. But I totally agree that it would’ve worked better if they’d toned down the outfits and choreography, coz the actual style of the MV and the way it’s shot is really cool.

      • KingBeaArthur

        I guess since I fall in the “fan of specific songs” category I don’t really see a huge discrepancy in musical quality. I’m putting the song up against what’s currently out and not Rainbow’s entire back catalog.

        When I first saw the mv I thought it was WAY over the top – I like sexuality when it’s done right and not just because – but the song saved it for me, personally.

  • Dhruv Angrup

    do not care a bit about the mv…love the song :)

  • Laurence Nope

    DSP definitely fucked up by teasing this song for ages while in the meantime Girl’s Day, Dal Shabet, and AOA came in and quenched the thirsty uncle fans and made everyone else sick of sexy concepts. Just awful timing, which is Rainbow’s MO at this point. It also doesn’t help that it’s a completely unnecessary subunit. But I think the song itself is the best of the January sexy girl group songs, maybe tied with B.B.B. Of course if we’re including Japanese releases then obviously SHH >>>>>>>>

    • NOTHING in this world overcomes shh’s flawlessness… including girls AND boys.

      • Laurence Nope

        The really funny thing is that After School ends up looking the classiest, even though the lyrics to SHH are way raunchier than anything a Korean release could get away with:

        Even if you lay me out atop the desk

        I’m overwhelmingly charmed

        With my heartbeats that throb violently

        My actions quicken

        With that dangerous “Line” of his…

        He violates me

        And I find a new me, that I’ve never met before

  • Reason

    I too prefer Miniskirt, as recycled as it may be, over Cha Cha. Wonderful review as always. I especially share your sentiment about Rainbow Syndrome being an underrated grower.

  • 364Leinad

    This sub-unit was a definite failure from the moment it was decided Princess Jisook would not be a member.

  • 364Leinad

    Also, I fail to see why valuable blog space is being wasted by Rainbow Bleugh’s forgettable comeback whilst The SeeYa continues to utterly obliterate all of your pathetic inferior faves



    • D is for Danger!

      Their new single is really great. The MV is cheap as fuck, but the song is really good. Too bad it won’t get the attention it deserves.

  • Andi

    I like both the song and MV… Kween Hyunyoung >>>>>>>> all of AOA

    • AOA’s Jimin >>>>

      • Andi

        Girl, bye! She looks like a pug.

        • Marhaebwa

          LOL, but a cute pug and that swag doe…

        • Unique kween with never-been-seen-before charms.

          Bitch just owned your faves http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKy4sv_H5Bk

          P.S. Hyunyoung looks like a gangnam unnie witch

          • Egbutts Egbust

            Jimin is my favee out of those faux stripper/hookers. They all look like gangnam unnie hookers, and that’s okay, when Jimin busted out her rap for 10 seconds during the acoustic version of minislut (which is much sexier btw) you knew she was finished with the other two hos, your faves could NEVER! Korean Uma Thurman in this house, watch her eyes spread further apart than her legs. Even Ga In was pursing her lips, jealous of how smouldering Jimin looked, and she got all her training from the baddest unnie bitch himself, Jo Kween.

        • hahahahahah really laughed out loud with the pug thing! pug’s are so cute!

          i’m with jacques here… queen jimin slays hard with a single fleeting look at the camera

  • well… it is trashy indeed! lol and i agree with most of what u said about rainbow and dsp’s mess… but i couldn’t help but love this song and the weird sexuality displayed on the video… that indeed seems desperate when you come to think about it (i didn’t when i first saw it)… but well i still found it very fun lol

    maybe it’s cos i don’t fuck in ages and am actually starting to feel like that crazy lady taking the girls’ measures. lol

  • t-errorist

    I was so upset at how cheap they made them look, and not in a good way. The song sucks. The visuals suck. The choreo is appalling. WHYYYY. It went all downhill for them after To Me! Gonna Go should have been released in Korea. That song and image suited them.

  • Kris

    The song I like, but I was already over the sexy 19+ concept once BBB came out and AOA followed up with mini skirt. I think the subunit is being used to draw attention from the whole Kara thing going down.

  • UncleFan

    Firstly… not here for Rainbow without Jisook.

    Secondly, this song would have been (just) OK, but they released it at the worst possible moment. This reminds me of when “Wyatt Earp” came out right after everyone had already seen “Tombstone”. What were they thinking? SMH. Meanwhile, I still listen to Sunshine and Tell Me Tell me every day.

  • D is for Danger!

    I don’t really find the concept to be too sexy, at all. The video is fantastic and quite impressive on an aesthetic level. The colours really pop and I love the idea of eating pastries and puking up gems. It is much more creative than all the other girl group MVs released this year.

    If I had to rank them, BBB>Cha Cha

    >Miniskirt >Something.

    Come to think of it, there’s one song that is miles away better than everything else released this month and that’s new girl group Mamamoo’s pre-release track, Don’t Be Happy.


    • 364Leinad

      Okay whilst Don’t Be Happy was absolutely great that song at the 2:44 mark is absolutely CAREER destroying! Does anyone know what it is?

      • D is for Danger!

        The studio version of Don’t Be Happy is quite different. Bumkey has a much larger part in the song.

        I really hope the song starting at 2:40 will be a full track. Unfortunately it sounds more like an intro. There really isn’t any information on it at the moment.

  • disqus_QiJmIhm9Oe

    I feel like Rainbow was supposed to be some big-sister version of Kara, which didn’t work that well. Some girls are so unknown that if you would replace them with new members people wouldn’t even notice. Their best vocalist is good but not somethat that makes them stand out. I always feel bad for rainbow, my pity group :p

  • JustJam

    They actually gained lots of new young fans from their Rainbow Syndrome albums last year. Now all those ‘new’ fans are angry that they took on a 180 degree image change and are complaining about it on YouTube. It seems like they’re ignoring the fact that BLAXX is a sub-unit. Btw, the song isn’t that great and the dance moves are nothing ground-breaking compared to ‘A’. They need to find another composer for their next title track.

  • Strawberryicon

    I didn’t like dis song at first but now I love dis song !(and mv)
    it’s def a grower!