Nine Muses Glue Feature
I just can’t with Nine Muses and their otherworldly perfection. The Supermodels of K-pop have released exactly eight proper singles since debuting with the infamous and legendary “No Playboy” back in 2010, and each one has been the kind siren song that could only be created by the musical Zeus known as Sweetune and performed by his mythological daughters, the Nine Muses. Even “Gun” and “Wild,” which seemed a bit underwhelming at first, ended up becoming eternal classics after a week or two — both still get about fifty plays per day through my Spotify app.

After ripping off Rainbow’s “A” and single-handedly reviving the surf-pop genre with “Gun,” the Glamour Unnies have gone with a different approach for their new single, “Glue.” They’ve returned to the disco-influenced sound of their retro masterpiece, “Figaro,” but pulled it into the nineties and noughties by mixing it with the sleek electronica of Daft Punk and Jamiroquai.

With “Glue,” Nine Muses have created a chic and luxurious musical atmosphere that only they can do, and have therefore officially snatched Daft Punk’s helmets with sheer grace and femininity in a way that’s never been done before. There’s now talk within the music industry that multiple publications, from Rolling Stone to Time, will be amending their year-end ‘Best of 2013’ lists to replace “Get Lucky” with “Glue.” Nine Muses also out-boobed and out-bodied every attractive pop star in the game with the 25+ rated “Glue” music video, which contains an aura so sensual and enticing that no heterosexual male can watch it without experiencing premature ejaculation.

The only thing I’m pressed about is that they’re pushing Hyemi of all the Muses as the visual of this era. Kyungri or the living legend that is LEESEM should be Nine Muses permanent visuals — even plastic surgery addicts Sungah and Erin would be better than Hyemi. Hyemi is supposed to be the innocent Muse on the side that you think could maybe be the group’s sole virgin — not the sexy fucking centre member that opens and closes the performance. Give that back to Leesem, and while you’re at it, give the bitch her rap lines back too! Eunji can’t fill Leesem’s Jimmy Choos and we all know it.

Other than that, “Glue” is another iconic comeback from the Nine Muses, one of the few groups (along with Slay-ara and Brown Eyed Goddesses) that never disappoints.