Girls' Generation Lips
Generally speaking, most K-pop fans tend to favour Girls’ Generation’s Japanese releases over their Korean ones. I don’t (and I think their Korean music is underrated and under-appreciated), but I get why the more top forty-driven electro-pop of their Japanese stuff appeals to the international fans better.

With that said, Girls’ Generation’s self-titled Japanese debut album is definitely one of the group’s strongest releases ever — primarily thanks to its lucky inclusion of three of Girls’ Generations greatest tracks, “You-aholic,” “The Great Escape,” and “Mr. Taxi.”

The Divine Nine’s J-pop follow-up, Girls & Peace, had some super strong cuts but was ultimately a bit of a let down. Luckily, they’ve got their mojo back with their latest album, Love & Peace, which you should already be somewhat familiar with through iconic jams like “LOVE&GIRLS” and “Galaxy Supernova”.

The standout track has to be “Lips,” which sounds like Foxy Brown’s “Foxy’s Bells” re-imagined as a glittery slice of Japanese K-pop. The splutterly synth-hop production is out-of-this-world amazing, and the lyrics name-check John Coltrane. Who else but The Divine Nine could plagiarize a ’90s rap diva and sing about one of jazz’s most iconic figures? The musical diversity of the world’s No. 1 girl group truly knows no bounds.

I’ve already crowned “Lips” the official successor to “The Great Escape” as far as perfect SNSD J-pop originals go. The fact that songs like these are delegated to Japanese album filler and not title track status is a crime against pop music, and I’m sure y’all will agree. While we’re on the subject, I think “Romantic St’ and “Express 999” from the I Got a Boy album both needed MVs and promotion, too!

  • Tetramorium jedi

    I love “Lips” but to me the most outstanding track in the album is “Gossip Girls”. Weirdly additive. And you’re right, “Lips” instrumental are so 90’s rap style, I feel nostalgic listening to it. The vocals are sublime on it.

    • James Smith III

      gossip girls is everything

    • oneclearnight

      At first I thought Gossip Girls was incredibly annoying, but now I love it. It gets better and better the more you listen it tbh.

  • Lin Yang

    Their first album was amazing, and each album becomes more disappointing :(

  • CY

    The Great Escape >>> GGIII >>> GGII

  • justifymysound

    what about Karma Butterfly…that shit is outstanding as well.

    • I love boobs & legs

      it sounds like DJ Got Us Falling In Love rip-off.. Gossip Girls sounds like F(x)’s song style. Flyers sounds like Himnae 2.0. personally I like Galaxy Supernova the most.

  • Strawberryicon


  • Strawberryicon

    This album is a bit of a letdown. I was expected better like their other 2 jap albums. I listened 2 the album 5 times thru and the songs still feel out of order and very random. The album is missing a theme.I hope snsd makes a better korean comeback dis jan.

    • I think the songs are good but it’s true that they’re lacking a theme. They tried too many different things instead of sticking with one or two.

  • Johnnyyy

    Their first Japanese album was beyond words… Girls & Peace, however, was a lot stronger imo! I loved it and still play it every single day!

    • i totally agree! most of their first nihon album is based on k-pop translations. i love those songs but for me they just make the album sound repetitive and unimaginative.

  • HAAA i know you’d love “lips”! it’s also my favorite track, although i think that “beep beep” is the peak of the album.

    that said i’m not into this album like i instantly was with “girls & peace”… at least until now. i’m not actually keen to the fact that most of the fillers were released before as b-sides from the singles and the lack of a title-track per se is so weird – i read that “gossip girls” [PERFECTION!] would be the lead single for the album, but practically every other track has been already released as a single. this feels more like a compilation than a proper album.

    furthermore, i agree with you that their korean music is beyond underrated, especially because they made their girlie music niche evolve into something that is young and feminine while not exaggeratedly aegyo like some of their past hits [gee, oh]… it’s girlish but not totally infantile.

    “romantic st.” and “promise” are my favorite fillers from IGAB, and i think that the very sophisticated “talk talk” deserved to be a single.

  • Their first japanese album is still their best. The IGAB album was really good and then this comes in third for me. Most of their korean albums are pretty boring though

  • 364Leinad

    SNSD’s Japanese albums have got to be some of the highest quality albums in musical history. I thought GAP was fantastic and this looks absolutely great as well. Only T-ARA’s Breaking Heart could possibly have a chance at rivalling these gems.

  • Dub

    I wasn’t too keen on “Leaves” at first, but it has grown on me. Same with Karma Butterfly. I still think Gossip Girls is the best cut on the album. I just love the frenetic energy of the song. The worst tracks would have to be Do The Catwalk and Everyday Love, with the latter sounding an awful like a Ryan Tedder song.

    10/12 ain’t bad!

  • Random SNSD Fan

    Love this album more than GIrls & Peace.

  • Aviator

    Thank you so much. When I said “LIPS” was the best track on another site and they blasted me to hell. But that old school sample goes hard. And the chorus is sweet and catchy. I am pretty sure I’ve said “this must be what crazy feels like” eight times in the past 12 hours.

    Most people are disappointed because some of the tracks were b-sides to their singles, but on the whole, this album is strong. Shoutouts to “Gossip Girls” for slaying me, and “Karma Butterfly”‘s chorus for sounding like Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette”.

    • Don’t they know that’s how ALL J-pop works, though? LOL. The formula is you release singles with b-sides, then compile them all and add a couple new tracks to create the studio album. That’s the J-pop way.

      • i actually didn’t know that! lol thanx for the info

      • Aviator

        I’m not gonna say any names, but let’s just say that J-Pop is new for some bloggers.

  • Justy

    This album is pretty hard to rank. you have duds like Beep Beep and My Oh My, and tracks like Flyers and Lingua Franca that stick out like sore thumbs. But at the same time, you have really strong cuts like Lips, Motorcycle, and Karma Butterfly, which are arguably their best japanese songs since The Great Escape and you-aholic. The album is just really divided and uneven, which is a shame. If they got rid of all the fillers and replaced them with stronger, electro-pop tracks, the album would have been a lot better and more cohesive. it could have even outshined their first Japanese album.


    Is it just me… I think the girls are just maturing into their music and new avenues. A little change helps bands develop. They are a strong enough group already and maybe biased but after a month I would then decide if it is their best.
    I think its great anyhow!