Clara Invitation Feature
K-pop fans should know who Clara is (especially if you read my Popdust piece on her), but for those who don’t, I’ll give you a quick run down. She’s a busty super-babe and daughter of a famous Korean rock star who was slumming it as a low level actress until sky-rocketing to fame at the start of the year through a string of sexy publicity stunts — like flashing her cleavage during a variety show appearance, flaunting her bikini body on a TV drama, and most famously of all, wearing tight leggings while making the first pitch at a major baseball game.

Clara was quick to turn her infamy into real work, and now it’s no exaggeration to say that she’s dominating the entire Korean entertainment industry. She’s in TV shows, movies, variety, music videos, has her own reality series, is a fixed cast member on the Korean Saturday Night Live, has endorsement deals with major brands like Sprite and Toshiba, and fills the pages of every major fashion magazine, from GQ and Men’s Health to Esquire and Allure. And she was the most-searched celebrity of the year in Korea!

And now, THANK JESUS, she’s launched a music career.

Queen Clara’s featured on a discofied dance-pop record by electro duo, House Rulez. Her heavily-processed vocals sound like autotuned angels singing hymns from heaven, while the music video shows the songstress squatting, popping, and suggestively licking an ice cream. In the ‘live’ performances, the Korean beauty mimes a few lines (not all of them — she’s too beautiful to bother), bounces her huge bewbs up and down, and steals dance moves from Janet and Madonna.

Flawless KWEEN.

Shade this goddess all you want, but she deserves some credit for taking the Western blueprint of getting super famous overnight and implementing it in a society as conservative and rigid as Korea’s. “Miss World Cup” Shim Mina did it first, but Clara’s doing it better. I guess we can thank Paris and Kim for that?