Ke$ha Fans Dr. Luke
Team Ke$ha are taking their Free Ke$ha movement up another notch. Ke$ha’s momma just tweeted a video rallying all the animals to get together and help free her daughter from Dr. Luke’s control, then followed it up by retweeting a bunch of “free Ke$ha” stuff.

Free Ke$ha now has an official Twitter and Soundcloud account, and whoever runs it (probably some stans the Seberts are close to) are encouraging everyone to keep signing the “Let Ke$ha have creative freedom” petition that’s been doing the rounds for a while.

I feel like we need to give Luke some nasty nickname considering everything he’s done to Ke$ha, not to mention that he produced Prism. We’ll call him Dr. Puke until one of you can think of something better.

Anyway, 2014 is a perfect time for God$ha to free herself from DR. PUKE. She’s this close to scoring her third number one single with “Timber,” and now that the EDM wave is dying down she’ll have more chance to do something outside of straight electro-pop and have it actually become successful.

And for anyone who thinks fan protests won’t do shit for Ke$ha, you need to check yo’ facts. Free Fiona got Extraordinary Machine released after fans pelted Sony HQ with apples. Maybe the animals can throw glitter bombs at Dr. Puke?

2014: The Emancipation of Ke$ha